Thursday, 21 August 2014

Scan/Nvidia Summer Event

Finally the big night arrived the Scan/Nvidia two day party for the launch of the Nvidia Shield. I've been to a few parties to do with games in the past but not one of them has meant as much as this did to me. Not only was I allowed to go meet new people (employees and visitors) I was also part of the event crew which is called "Team Scan". The company know about this blog and are very supportive and have let me be apart of this event so thank you for letting this blog be apart of this event and hopefully to be apart of the next.

Friday 15th August (Lock-in session)

I missed the first 5 mins of the start as I was still working my shift and needed to get ready, but it was guest that was arriving into the marquee really but they was greeted by Scan's very own DJ called Penrar. I have to say he is very good. Many people that I spoke to at the event was saying how good he really was. When asked about genres Penrar replied "underground uk funky, garage, bass house, bassline and mutant bass in terms of genres"

Links to his music;
Penrar does weekly shows on this site
So please check him out.

Next up was a band called "Day Old Hate". They are a British alternative rock band that formed in 2012. The won a competition that was called Velocity 2014. They was picked winners by Record Producer / Mixer called  Romesh Dodangoda. He has worked with the likes of; Kids In Glass Houses, Funeral for a Friend, Twin Atlantic. I'm not really a person that listens to alternative rock, I mainly listen to metal of all sorts from heavy to extreme/black metal, but they sounded really good and if your into that kind of music I would check them out, they did sound really great and I stayed to watch them for their slot.

Another DJ hit the stage again I think was another employee from scan called "The Autobots." His genre is Drum & Bass, Breakbeat/electro

After the set was over it was time for the legend himself Marshall Jefferson. He has been around for at least two decades and he hasn't given up on doing what he loves and that is house music. I managed to have a great talk to him and he loves gaming. He spoke few time of liking Fable.
Left: Peter Bassett. Center: Marshall Jefferson. Right: My Boss.

Move Your Body also featured on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Which is my favourite video game of the series and you will find his song on SF-UR radio station on the game.

During the live band and DJ sets there was a small tournament of Call of Duty... Well you can't have gaming events without Call Of Duty being part of it at some point, so there was a competition on.
The night went so well and I really enjoyed it. The only down side was that I had to leave early to catch my bus home, was a great night. They had the Shield there for visitors and employees to go on but I decided to pass on the opportunity for the next day.

Saturday 16th August

After a night of musical entertainment with the DJ's and watching a live band, meeting new people and taking photos it was time for the big day. With prizes glory, gaming competitions, and playing on Scan Computers own 3XS high powered pc machines it was a gaming nerds perfect paradise where excreting in you your pants was done probably by more than few people.

People started to arrive early and que up for the event, think the first set of people came around 8:45 which shocked me in a good way of course, as I really didn't think these events would mean so much to people, turns out these events that Scan Computers host means everything.
The Hot Dog couple
Scan's pulled out all the stops there free food voucher was given to every person which entitled you to a free hot dog or pizza. I had a hot dog with my voucher and it was really good, think I ended up buying another as the voucher could only be used once for food. Free drinks from Rockstar to keep you going. Dj Rasp was there on the decks and boy was he good on the turn tables wowing the audience, which scratching on the record vinyl, I really wished I recorded more of it.

(I had to upload this to my youtube channel to get this on here)

Fifa, Street fighter, Grid Autosport and league of Legends was the game competition that was on for the day. League Of Legends is always one for the competitions and was only available for if you had a team.

Prizes on offer for the winner was as follows;

Fifa 14 Prize

  • Gigabyte football table
  • Razer BF4 Blackhawk headset
  • Razor sabertooth controller
Grid Autosport Prize

  • 600W Be Quiet PSU
  • Shadowrock 2 CPU Cooler
Street Fighter 4 Prize

  • Asus 24" VG248QE 144Hz 3D Monitor
League Of Legend Team Prize

  • £1000 split between top 3 teams
  • 3rd Place £40 each
  • 2nd place £60
  • 1st place Team would get £100 between 5 of them
A great prize for doing something that you enjoy.

As the event crew was setting up I had nothing really to do as they had all the staff that they need to set the computers and other technology that was to be present on the day. So this gave me a great chance to get my hands on the Nvidia Shield and its controller, when it was set up before the Guest came in.

Nvidia shield Specs

  • Nvidea Tegra 4 quad-core mobile processor with 2 GB RAM
  • 5-inch 1280x720 (294 PPI) multi-touch retinal- quality display
  • Integrated stereo speakers with built-in microphone
  • 16 GB Flash memory
  • 802.11n 2x2 MIMO 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • GPS
  • Mini-HDMI output
  • MicroSD storage slot
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with microphone support
  • 3-axis gyro
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 2 cameras front and back
  • Android KitKat 4.4.2 OS 
The Tablet comes with Trine 2 loaded on the tablet. I didn't really play on the game alot not enough to say about it anyway, apart from it is just made right for the tablet as it uses most of the features of the tablet and the controller. The controller is well made doesn't feel cheap and really for the price it shouldn't as it has a price tag for around £40 for the controller alone. The controller is very ergonomically designed to fit in your hands, and it feels right also. The controller for me is like having the Xbox One and the PS4 controllers built into one. Plays like a PS4 controller but feels and designed mainly like the Xbox One controller.

During the event the Nvidia sent two spokesmen out but people that I spoke to at the event just called them "The Nvidia Guys" They was there to present and show off the machine of what it is capable of. The controller doesn't use Bluetooth like other console controllers, it uses something called wifi direct which is helps reduce latency which "The Nvidia Guys" claimed that there is no latency at all... Hhhmmm that is not what I spotted. It is quicker with the reaction agreed but their is latency only a small amounts that unless you went looking for would affect your gameplay but when playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 we did notice a small delay as Call Of duty is a very quick paced game and we went looking for it, as part of a test.

The controller even has a headphone socket in it so you can also chat to your friends whilst gaming, you literally are taking your pc with you and playing pc games via a tablet it is that simple and with the 4G Shield coming out soon you won't miss any opportunity to play online games ever again, so you could play a game of Call Of Duty on the bus for example.

When playing on the Shield the graphics was crisp, sharp and just utterly impressive making this gadget one for all gaming geeks to have. With all games and gadgets that I review or talk about I always do a "who is this recommended for" so here it is

The Shield is a tablet that plays android games as well as streaming PC Triple A titles, so it can serve as a everyday purpose from using Facebook, YouTube, internet browsing and android gaming. With this being a tablet on steroids it can handle next tablet gaming.
The tablet for me serve a purpose for if you house share, living with family or living with a girlfriend or have a wife and family. They can now use the computer and it won't stop you from gaming as you can now take your pc pretty much anywhere in the house... or even to another friends house providing they have a wifi internet connection.

After all the competitions have been played, food had been consumed the event was over, Everyone that I spoke to had a great time and had a fantastic day. I feel very privilege not just to be there but behind scenes and watch everybody that was involved play there part and enjoy it. A big thank you to Scan Computers for inviting me along and hopefully I will be at another one they host soon. It makes me so proud not just be apart of this event but proud to be employed by them. They really know how to throw a party and give something back to the community.

Thank you for your support

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I want on of these Simulators 

Pictures throughout the event.

Showing The Shield tablet and controller off like pros
My favourite car of all time Nissan GTR

Brilliant set of lads hope you had a great time

Nice Photo Bomb

Guy in the centre decided to add the Rockstar props Thank You