Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Going On sabbatical And Scan Event

Hey all after thinking long and hard I think it is time for me to take a break away from doing this blog. Since April this year I have had loads of personal problems that has affected my life and my life style and has delayed a few things that I need to do, also I have started a new job that is within the gaming industry, which is good for me but unfortunately the hours that I'm working are right in the middle of the day and with me getting home late at night I am unable to keep up with gaming reviews and other projects. It isn't just to the working hours I have expressed my concern as I want to move in a new direction anyways and cut down on the reviews. at the moment I'm around 6 months behind and had to cancel some projects.

It isn't all bad for me though. This week end the place I work at called Scan Computers International, are holding a event. They have teamed up with Nvidia to hold a summer party for the launch of the Nvidia Shield Tablet. I have been given permission to be their and be behind the scenes but most of all I will find out if I'm part of the event team. I will be taking pictures maybe videos and will be posting them here. I can say this is probably one of the biggest events Scan has ever done as they are setting up a big marquee yesterday (Tuesday). The event will be hosting gaming competitions for League Of Legends, Fifa 14, Street Fighter IV and Grid Autosport. That is for the Saturday.

For the games as far I am aware you need to register which are still open for you to do so, the website will be listed just make sure you can get to the building before you  register. Friday night party finishes at 11pm as public transport will be hard to get hold of and last buses are after 11pm. The bus to Wigan I think finishes at 11:23pm. Buses to Bolton I'm not sure. Their is a train station near by as well has a hotel. 

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet demonstration on Saturday 16th August at 10am. For more information please visit the site. Working at scan has given me the chance to be at these events and even though I might be taking a break from this blog I will post events like these as for reviews I really can't say I won't be closing the blog down as I do plan to come back. I do have a Facebook group which for some reason you have to ask to join, I'm not sure why I can't remove this setting but I will always add new people. We are a small quiet little group so you won't get spammed with rubbish like some groups out there, and when I see offers on (mainly) games or software I will post the link to the site/s .

Thank you all for viewing my blog and keeping tuning in

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