Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gamescom 2014

I have briefly watching Gamescom but the space of a few days as it works out that I have time for one conference per night. Last night 12/4/14 (UK date) I watched Microsoft and I have to say yet again I feel that they played it safe. The hype is mainly about Halo and for me was the best part. I'm not a Halo fan. I loved Halo 3 and that was it really ODST should have been DLC but was sold for £29.99 and for me was a rip off, Halo 4 for me was turd. Halo is in the same boat as Gears Of War I only started to play from the third game. I have played a few of Halo 2 muti-player against my friends when I was at their house but that is it really. Gears Of War I have only ever played the third one and that is because of I was challanged to do reviews it. I was hoping I would be right on that one and say it was turd but it wasn't and I will be playing Gears Of War 1 & 2 some time.

Microsoft announced three bundles and one of them was a white xbox that was bundled with Sunset Overdrive and the other two was really modded cases for Call Of Duty and another one I think was for Fifa 15. It was announced that Tomb Raider was going to be a Xbox One exclusive. I feel that is a kick in the teeth for PlayStation fans as I remember my brother playing the game for the first PlayStation.

I feel that EA might as well just give PlayStation fans the fingers and show them their arse because Xbox One has EA's new service called "EA Access." From what I have read it is like Netflix but for games. It has a massive library of EA games. I think Fifa 14 and battlefield 4 is included. You will get 10% of extra content and play Battlefield: Hardline and Fifa 15 a week before it comes out. Not only that when the game expires when you by the game you will be able to continue where you left off. How much does this service cost? In the UK £3.99 per month. Which I think is a good price and is awesome if you you like EA Games.

Another one is the pre-download games. If you pre-order the game it will download the game and install it to you r console before the game comes out and when the game comes out you play it so at 00.01am. Fifa 15 and another game think it was Battlefield. Shows how much attention I was really paying attention... Which I wasn't really as I was writing my last post for yesterday, and I didn't care as I knew Microsoft was never really going to bring much new stuff to the table.