Saturday, 5 July 2014

New Job

Would firstly like to apologise on the delay of my Watch Dogs Review and putting the finishing touches of my E3 post, this is due to a new job change and having gruelling shifts at my last job. The shifts I got was all over the place from doing late shifts to mids then to earlies making it impossible for me to sleep.

I'm not sure that I have mentioned that my full time job was at McDonald's... Yes I worked their for eight years mainly for job security as I didn't want to leave for another job then for the company to go under. I now have a new job and just done my first week.

I know work at Scan Computers in Middlebrook (Bolton, UK), which sells computer parts, DJ equipment, computer builds and loads more, they also hold class to show you how to over clock your computer, they even hosted a over clock session using nitrogen, they also do gaming competitions, and I have been given permission by my HR department to go along and write about it. So when I have sorted myself out with the reviews the E3 post I shall go to these events.

I hope that my blog will be able to work with Scan and the staff to make some new material or exclusive videos, I will be seeing my HR department a week on Monday to see what we can do in the near future.

Some of the system builds they do are totally amazing, this is my favourite called the "swordfish" it is a few years old now but I'm sure you get the idea of how it goes.

Hell yes I want one