Thursday, 22 May 2014

News and Reviews

It has been a while since I did a review and since the likes of DriveClub and Watch Dogs  got put back yet again ( Watch Dogs only by a couple of months) their has been little for me to do. The small movie that was being filmed has had to be put back or might be cancelled due to the people that was due to help has had other priorities and commitments and I have also had personal things that have taken up around nearly two months of my time.

With all that past me I can say that two game reviews will be happening soon which are Watch Dogs which is due to come out on 27th march which I have pre-ordered for PC @£24.90 from This also comes with the DLC;

  • Breakthrough Pack: Vehicle Expert Pack
  • Untouchable Pack: Chicago Outfit and Tommy Gun
  • Cyberpunk Pack: Gun and Skin
  • Club Justice Pack: Driving Boost and Chicago South Club Skin 
The normal PC version will Retail around £34.99 for pc at GAME (online) might be £5 more in stores. For me that is a huge saving as I will need bus (getting there) + Taxi fare (for the ride home) + food and drink while waiting outside of GAME which saves me around £29.89 (including money saved on the game) maybe more depending on how much food and drink I consume while waiting which normally works out around £7 (providing I don't go to KFC or McDonald's etc)

The next game that I never thought I would buy is Kirby: Triple Deluxe. This was a last minute choice as I have only played one Kirby game and that was Dreamland 2 (I think) I loved it and was something that I couldn't put down when I was younger The music was another aspect of the game that I loved, I drove my parents nuts which was also another good thing, but it just stuck in my head. Kirby Triple Deluxe retails for around £34.99 (I got mine from GAME) but if bought from the Nintendo Store (think it's the same price) for a limited time only you can get Kirby's Dreamland 2 (I'm sure it's that game)free.

The next game I'm looking into getting is Tomodachi Life, which is to me seems like a bit of The Sims (the older games) and Animal Crossing rolled into one, but using your Mii avatars. I like Animal Crossing and I love The Sims so it is like my ideal game... Don't think you get to kill people though. Yes I killed the kids out of the Goth family, Its not because I have a thing about Goths I just hate those kids on the game as they just annoy me.