Sunday, 11 May 2014

My Ninendo

The 3DS I now have
It has been a while since I wrote anything to do with games, and even when I did of the past 6 months I didn't really enjoy it, and I have decided to take a step back from all gaming and plan other projects such as adding videos, maybe a series of stuff all depending on other people that want to be involved. I have been hard at work away from this blog concentrating on my health and other issues that came up. One issue to do with me ended me up going onto blogs and I started getting chatting to two people that inspired me to re-buy a Nintendo 3DS. I have had a 3DS prevous but was disappointed in the lack of games that was being produced as I'm not a Mario or Zelda person, Donkey Kong was good and so was Kirby's Dreamland and I can't forget Pokemon. A game that I have always loved and spent many hours on the game. The 3DS was promised loads of features within its first year which didn't happen. Also the price drop within 6 month really did my head in, they put us on a ambassador program and 20 free games, which I thought was good but at that time I moved forward with the generation of games not back and the games offered was not really the games that I would play. Similar thing happened when the PlayStation Network after it was hacked they offered free games but they was to old where you forgot about them or you had them and traded them in. I sound like an ungrateful douche and I was a gamer at the time that moved forwards mainly, I tended to play games that was new but I did go back a couple of years, to go back even more the game would have to be just awesome for that to happen, Its good that companies want to say sorry and offer compensation but if they do wants to offer me a a gift for compensation I would rather have money off than choosing a game that they think that I would like. I would rather have a couple of £/$ than a full game that when I use it it will go on something that I will enjoy.
Donkey Kong Land (not sure which one though) 
After getting the game many of my friends have asked me to review more games for the 3DS and even do a write up on the 3DS and I will. Challenges on playing games that I would never play one being Zelda which will happen. The game has been bought just waiting to be played and will have to wait to the summer before I play it. Not looking forward to it as the game/series has no interest to me at and never has The question is; Will Zelda have the same effect on me that Gears Of War did? I bought Gears Of War as it was challenged to me to play it and finish it by a number of people and when enough people pasture me to do something I end up doing it just so I can turn around to them and say it was turd... That didn't happen with Gears Of War. Will It happen with Zelda?  and which Zelda game?

Find out in the summer!

Also I forgot to mention Smash Brothers will also be coming out in the summer I can't wait for that and the main reason why I got my 3DS in the first place as I now have it and will hopefully be free from the other games by the time it comes out in the summer. The only game that could stand in the way is Watch Dogs.

And finally Mario Kart 8 which I might do at some point which will mean getting a Wii U.