Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Kirby Triple Deluxe Review

Kirby is a game that I've not played in many years, I think more than 10 years ago. I loved the music, Kirby was just cute even when the game was out for the Gameboy (which was the bigger cartridges ) I just loved it but the problem that I had was I sucked at platform games. Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic The hedgehog these types of games I stay away from as the rage just gets to much which I tend to break stuff.

Kirby is the hero that you play that saves the world that he resides in, he isn't the superhero that you would image though. He's small, he's round, He's pink... And so cute. For me it kind of makes me think did Masahiro look at his one side of his ball sack one day when he high on drugs and watching Captain Caveman at the same time to get Kirby. The round pink ball really does reminds me a bit of Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels. Captain Caveman or Cavey (nickname by his friends the Teen Angels) reminds me or Kirby as they both are petite and have small mouths that can open to the size of the whole body sometimes more than. Cavey also has massive pockets that can even pull out massive objects that are bigger than him, Kirby can suck full trees from out of the grown and sallow them whole and also anything else that is in the vicinity of the suction that protrudes from Kirby's mouth.

Masahiro Sakurai

Masahiro was born 3rd August 1970 in Tokyo, Japan. He created Kirby at the age of 19 and Dreamland a short time after. He is the person that was behind creating team of Super Smash Bros.

Masahiro was working for HAL Laboratory at the time which developed the Kirby games and Super Smash Bros. Masahiro Resigned from HAL Laboratory 5th August 2003 because of comments he made on Nintendo about Kirby Air Ride for the game cube. This still didn't stop Hal Laboratory as they still make the Kirby games including Triple Deluxe.

Masahiro did keep hold of the Super Smash Bros, and made his own company called Sora Limited which is owned 72% Nintendo and 28% Sora Ltd.

The Review

Kirby isn't Nintendo's most famous platform characters but you will find that it is still a solid platform game. Over the years we have seen games that have moved away from the traditional platforms with the likes of Mario (some of the mario games in my opinion) comes to mind. Kirby Triple Deluxe really makes awesome use of the 3D screen and is something that I recommend you use so you know where everything is as some creatures are not where you think they will be, and this will save many live, and getting frustrated.

The game is unique in every kind of way from  its layout, colouring and very good levels where you need to think about the puzzles that have been thrown in, the game is put together well and has very clever moments, but the best thing I like about it is that it never comes away for being a platform.

You get introduced to the games 3D aspects early on and they never really stop throughout the game. You jump around smashing boxes and making it a pain for you enemies by just swallowing them whole, even just digesting them to get their powers to use against your enemies or just spitting them back towards their friends.

Random things happen in the backgrounds that will prepare you for what is to come, you will see tanks shooting at you, fish jumping towards you, birds flying, monsters walking casually and boxes to break for when you get round to them, as they are out of reach. What I do like about the game is that it has a built in tutorial that doesn't take you away from the game or have annoying menus that stop you from playing the game. As you progress through the game it will get harder as you learn more on tricks, moves and general how to play the game. The game is full of tricks so check every where even flying high when you can sometimes as their will be a reward most times. During the game you will bump into floating stars and they will transport you to the other side of the map that you couldn't reach before to get your enemies, keyrings or stars that you need to unlock the world's boss stage. I will say be careful as sometime the star that transports you might not reappear and also when you down the creatures as soon as that place where they was are out of shot they will respawn quickly. which also can work to your advantage if your weary enough.

It's clever how the 3D side to the game has been put together as objects will come in thick and fast but it doesn't overwhelm you. During the game you will use most of the 3DS's  features such as the motion controls, to set off rockets to down enemies or to blow up blocks to obtain a star to unlock the boss level, or mainly to unlock doors, which you will then need to get the travel star. I do like the Boss levels, they get trickier every time, from getting bitch slapped by a tree, or even having a picture of a paint brush looking thing... yes a paint brush thing looking painting your screen so you can't see where it is for a brief period, yes our Kirby will hit many bosses that are strange but the are brilliant to play against.

left picture: Paintra, ( The boss that puts paint your screen.
Right: Flowery Woods, that bitch slaps you

The thing that impresses me about this game is that it's one in such a few games that really uses the console's 3D screens, you don't have to use it as it will have shadows and blurring so this game can be played on the 2DS but I recommend that if you have the 3DS use the 3D as sometimes you will want to do the level as soon as possible and the blurs and shadows aren't really enough to help you determine where a creature is or not. Also if you see a monster that has a special ability swallow them, don't spit them out as for i.e you might need that power they possess and you will need to light fuses you advance or get the loot/star you need.

Kirby Deluxe really has some of the prettiest level design and colour schemes on the 3DS if not all consoles, and also a cute hero that will make facial expression that will make you feel "awww." This game has a fresh feel to it, some of the ideas... Well yes has been recycled but it has been recycled in style and done to perfection.

The game is rammed with content, stars that need to be found and there are secrets on every level. I forgot to mention there are minigames to. Amusing rhythm-based minigame and mutiplayer fighting game to to really get in to. You have the option to redo the storyline again but as the happy mallet smashing King Dedede, that will have mixes level and bosses to down. I have to say Triple Deluxe is more than a game that will be on your shelf when completed but it's a game that I doubt you will think "do I really need to trade it in."

This seems like a game with no faults and might be my first 10 out of 10... your wrong. First of all what did my head in is the controls. press down and A at the same time Kirby will slide, in 3 to 5 attempts I found Kirby did more jumping than sliding. I know Kirby isn't meant to be a fast paced character but I felt that when he got hit he was to slow to get back into the swings of things, missing your opportunity to get the stars that the bosses drop to hit them, which for me was very frustrating. Another is to do with the controls, don't try and button bash as this does not work with Kirby, make sure that you spit anything out of Kirby mouth before you attempt to jump a gap as he cannot fly and trying to spit it out after you jump to get into the flying bubble as in most cases won't work and will costing you a life, And the last thing is that it does get repetitive and as much as the developer has tried to cut it out on a couple of levels by their is a mirror behind you and you can only see some monsters, platforms that your on or the ground is by looking into the mirror.


Despite the faults for me they don't really impact the game massively, they just frustrate you a lot but that is what platforms do to me. Even though it isn't seen as a class A game compared to Mario, Zelda etc Its a shame as both that I have been played really good games. It' s something that I'm not used to seeing as I haven't come across any glitches which in today's world is become natural for use to see and think about, I know that it isn't as complex as the others but still I have seen game simpler than this just using 2D go horrible wrong. This game would be worth a 10/10 for a Nintendo or Kirby fan.. but unfortunately I'm not. I consider myself as a neutral gamer that will play all platforms and genres no matter how much I don't like it or suck at playing them, but I will always see some positive in the game that will be for its target ordinance. I'm not a platform gamer never will be, but I do like this game and would happy recommend it to people.

Rating 9.6