Sunday, 6 April 2014

Titanfall Review (part two of Two Weeks Of Gaming)


Last week of the Two Weeks Of Gaming, yes it sound like I'm playing loads of games but unfortunately it isn't. It is just playing two games for a week each so I can really see what the two games are about and absorb all of it content. South Park: The Stick Of Truth was my first one and did score an awesome 9/10. A couple of my friends asked me to make it 9.5 but I have my reasons why I didn't. To be honest The stick Of Truth for me was a game that I wanted but with it getting put so close to Titanfall, it made The Stick Of Truth become a support act for a band/singer that you have gone to see, I don't mean that to be a downer as one of my favourite bands was a support act for a gig I went to, its just because of timing, and Titanfall is the bigger game, but will it get the same or better score than Titanfall?

First of all I must thank Activision for going through the problems with Infinity Ward as if they didn't we might have never even got this game. The problem started with the heads of Infinity Ward Jason West co-CCO (and some other high up name) and Vince Zampella CEO and co-founder of Infinity Ward got fired by Activision for "breaches of contract and insubordination" or something along those lines, end of the day they got fired, and throughout April and may 2010 46 employees (nearly half Infinity Ward's staff) leads designers and programmers etc left.
 Jason Ward (right) and Vince Zampella (left)
After that their was a few lawsuits over royalty not paid to Infinity Ward blah blah, and it ended up Jason Ward and Vince Zampella ended up making a new studio under Electronic Arts called Respawn Entertainment and they managed to recruit 38 of the 46 that resigned from Infinity Ward.
(All information was used from Wikipedia, but I and most of you probably already knew most of it anyways)

The Review

The day/night is here 14 March I'm at home installing the game on PC and Xbox One, I have to say if you're on PC get the magazines out as you will be here for a while. Think it was like 48GB install and 17GB for Xbox One. The reason is due to sound compression, Xbox One has a encoder to read the compression but for the PC you can't so you have around 31GB of just audio.

As I entered the game I didn't touch the campaign I just headed for the online part and I have to say they have got a few issues if you want to use surround with the three PC screens, it doesn't show the Hud or any of the scores that you need to know, Unlike it did in the Beta. I also wasn't able to adjust the screen it was their but as an option that you could not touch, I could even do it away from playing and just in the menu. The game only really begun when I stopped using the 3 screens and just turning my Sli capability on to the one screen which did make a big difference. Before I went on to the one screen I had a kill death ratio of 0.5 on the Player vs Player, but now I think it is on 2.2 as I can see everything, the Hud, map and score. Even in the one screen mode you can't adjust the Hud size, its their as an option but you can't actual do anything with it.

I find though the biggest problem is that it is server based so it is not a host server where the likes of Call Of Duty when the host quits because your just kicking their ass you will not have to exchange hosts or you will just get kicked, it just feels like that. I know it is down to ping rating but it just can be awful, many of times I have put a full magazine into someone and they turn round and get me with a couple of bullets depends on what gun I'm or they are using using. The ping average that I'm getting is between 29-59 ping, which is okey for this type of thing and the same for the other person that I'm killing. Can't remember which Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare it is I think it is 3 it tells you your ping, but the matches usually start 50-70 ping and you can get good matches mainly if the host has a good internet connection, but this is dedicated server and should be a lot stronger than a host.

Sounds like this game is just an utter mess, that it will have glitches and Respawn saying that Titanfall was gold is like looking at Katie Price's plastic boobs. Well its not.
Titanfall away from it's few bad thing for me at least is brilliant online, I haven't had any glitches up to now, and the graphics are well done, with the mech's the detail is just spot on and I don't see how anyone can say their corny or bad. It is repetitive but all online games if their not muti-player games are, unless it is a co-op campaign.

The online is pure gold, it's fast paced, it's very entertaining and even  though it's repetitive it is just fun to play, I can't really put the game down when I play it. When you get into your Mech you feel amazing and feel powerful as not much can take you down... Unless their are loads of Pilot's or other Mech's around then you're screwed, the Mech's amour just doesn't exist and the amour can last for less than one second till you have to eject or auto eject.  Dashing through the maps, jumping on roofs or jumping into windows. Using the stairs seems a waste of time when you can just jump thought the window which seem to be above or next top of most stairs that are in the game, but they are good if you need to escape from a pilot chasing you or when their are a load of grunts attacking you.

I don't really have a favourite weapon they are all good in their own way, the smart pistol was over powered (it has been nerfed just before I wrote this review) disagreed by one of my friends, but we both agree that shotguns have a huge range and very powerful and you won't stand much chance if you stood somewhere in front of it.
Atlas (right) Orgre (Centre) Stryder (Left)
Another thing try not to take on Titan's on your own as many times it will back fire on you. Trying to rodeo a Titan can be fun but some players have a perk where a electric smog cloud get deployed and it will kill you but also damaging them as well. This smoke can be used against other Titans.

The Campaign I have to say is WHAT? the campaign makes no sense at all, you get a video before each level which goes over what is happening which I didn't follow as you then went in to a normal online game modes which in the campaign mainly are such as Attrition (TDM) or Hardpoint (Domination). It just seems that it doesn't matter weather you win or lose a level you still complete the campaign. It just takes the point out of campaign. I have always thought if you can beat the level then you can proceed to the next level, in this case it's a glorified Training session you have to complete to unlock the last titan.


Titanfall is a good game that is in need of improvements and more game modes adding. The game need more stable server and better connectivity as at the moment it is good but just not where it should be. The game is fun to play and I could easily play it for hours, it truly is another new and refreshing step in the FPS Online gaming world that we have been used to since Modern Warfare 4 (Call Of Duty 4).



I feel the score is right as their isn't much to do, the campaign is not a campaign, new game modes need to be added and with some connectivity issues it really need to be sorted and soon.