Saturday, 22 March 2014

South Park: Stick Of Truth. The Review (Two Weeks Of Gaming part one)


After a nice little break I'm back and feeling better than ever, two new games that will be coming out, this and Titanfall. After my break I feel more refreshed and I think that I can do my reviews better I have one week to finish the game and absorb all of its content which in my previous reviews I haven't felt I have been able to do, as they was just rushed and when I got behind due to the injury on my hand/finger, the other games that I had to do got even more rushed. This time I won't rush South Park. Instead I'm going to enjoy playing the game like I used to when I started to do reviews. I have been looking forward to this game for a long time from the when they announced back in 2011 I think. It was a while ago, and since then it got delayed and delayed, this was partly due to THQ going bust. It set the game back a little while. That was until Ubisoft came in to the rescue and kept the South Park game alive.

I have decide to get this game for the pc as I really don't use my Xbox 360 much any more... In fact I don't use any of my console (Xbox One and PS4) as I have no games for my PS4, the only game I want is only coming out in April I think and that is Driveclub, as for my Xbox just meh. I have 6 games for it but none that I think "I really want to go on this."  I will be getting Titanfall for the console but I will be getting it for the PC as well, and the PC and it is looking like it will be the main one.

My PC Hardware Set Up

The PC that I have built isn't finished as it need better parts and more faster memory. (RAM) The motherboard really isn't for the best of gaming but it will do. I am running two Nvidia graphic cards and will be running them at full capacity SLI of course.

  • 3 iiyama 21.5 inch screens (they will be used if the game is compatible)
  • Intel i5 2500k 3.30GHz processor
  • 2x GeForce GTX 670 SLI 2 GB
  • 4x (16 GB in total) Corsair Vengeance low profile 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz (RAM)
  • Standard 1 TB + 500 GB hard drive (I have no SSD eyt I used to have one but it broke)
  • Operation System Windows 8 Pro 64 bit (might be going back to Windows 7 next week)
The Review (PC)

First impressions is that they have kept to how South Park used to be in terms of how they walk , by that I mean jumping walking with out the legs actually moving like they do in the later seasons, and they have added updated storylines from the new episodes. For the feel of the game it is like you are playing in a episode of South Park, which is what Matt Stone and Tray Parker wanted and how they explained at E3 2013 which they have done really well. The game is full of laughs and it just continues thought out the game and it isn't the same joke used over again.
Matt Stone and Tray Parker

Their are many points in the story where you think yes I have completed it, but it just keeps going on. There is a lot of recycled material that is used from the series but this is what makes it so fun to play and this just wants you to play more, as you know what the confusing story is on about. From episodes where the class gerbil goes for a tour of MR. Slave inside after being inserted into his backside, to Black Friday and The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers, the some of the parts of the game go even further back to the earlier seasons. One thing that I need to say is you really need an open mind to play this game as it does contains humour that will be offensive, racist and strong sexual scenes which doesn't bother me as my humour is on a similar level. One thing that questions me about Matt Stone and Tray Parker is how much drugs and alcohol did they consume to come up with the storyline and some of the storylines for our loved South Park episode. I just get the impression they wanted to push this game to the limit in making it as offensive and sexual as they could, an unlike the episodes this game really has no point at the end of it that gives us wisdom, the closest thing a point it gives is how a stick engulfs a whole town into playing or some how getting involved and going out of control South Part style.

The story starts you being the new kid on the block, you have just move to South Park, you are silent throughout the game, where you stumble into an imaginary  Lord Of Ring style war Between Cartman's
Humans vs Kyles Elves, and it is all about this boring looking stick called "The Stick Of Truth" that whom ever possess it will have to power of the universe. The story has many twists and turns some what you will expect and some that you won't. A lot of the story it makes you think "what's the point", "why am I playing this" as the story does go far from the plot you are following, involving all the adults that are in the game and the government wanting to nuke South Park.

The game does have some realistic truths and that is when you are the new person to a new town/school etc you have to try and make friends, which is what you have to do in this game. Some of the South Park characters will only makes friends with you when you are popular with friends on Facebook. Yo makes friends by just walking up to them and talking, or using powers you acquire as you progress through the story, you even have to earn them adding you as a friend by doing side quests for some of them before they consider adding you to their friends list. As you rack up the friend to your list, you can learn talents when you hit the amount given also your friends on your lists will post some random posts on your news feed and other friends that you have added will like their statuses or even comment. The only draw back to this is that you can't comment or even like their status. You can't tell the difference if they are messages to you personally or just status updates.

For most of the missions you will be seeing about what reactions that you get from by vandalising stuff to farting in on them and pretty much foul play, the game does use a lot of poo jokes, and it just works and adds more fun to the game. As this is a RPG you have a choice of classes for this game their are: Warrior, Mage, Thief and Jew. I played the Thief which is like playing a Rouge on World Of Warcraft. I found this class easy and very over powered. For most of the game you carry around a buddy that you unlock as you progress through the story, and they do get used as they have special uses to get past obstacles or healing other character when your not in battle, they also will follow you around and I used Butters. He has powerful melee attacks that really helped me out, you can add potions to make your attacks more powerful, as well to stop you from taking damage.

This is just your typical RPG just a lot more fun, easier to understand and it keeps that addictiveness that all RPG possess. The story isn't short at all and I spent nearly 19 hours playing it, it can probably can be done in 12 maybe 14 hours. The games has Final Fantasy and World Of Warcraft elements were you can add buff and materia to your armour to make you; Heal more, attack more some with added side affect if you have a critical strike and much more, some add health and more amour. these are some of the stuff you can use to make you characters amour or weapons to make them more affective and are called "strap-ons." You can use other stuff to make your enemies gross out too. By going to the toilet which are in most building playing the mini game to have dump and picking it up and hurling it at the enemy during the battle.

From having super moves to magic which are super farts you can uses these against your enemies which when you are in battle you will need to use manna and to top up your bar as you use them with manna potion or you pp bar with strength potions, but you can't over do you bar to much or you will poop your pants and loss all you bar and lose the chance to use another potion one per go.

The game does have its difficulties and by that it means looking behind trees that will reveals path ways and to find object that you need to collect for quests or to move closer to getting achievements. Learning the farts is a pain in the ass to. At first they are difficult to learn just like most of the game but it is just fun in the process.

I do love that you counter most if all the characters form the game whether it is for a brief moment or one battle or have a string of quest from them, you will see them at some point. This all seems good and it is but for me their is a couple of issues, the bug that I came across did my head in as I lost time having to restart the game. The age in gaming that we are in they could of made some online content, or some how even make a co-op mode, I know some people and I can see where they are coming from, but I still feel that some internet with just your friends can make a big difference to a game be good to excellent.

The Conclusion

South Park: Stick Of Truth is one of the best games I've played since The Last Of Us. Its fun to play which I have mentioned to many time but that is because it is. Ok the the game does get repetitive but what games don't these days. This game just copies the storylines from the series and that makes it good as we can just understand what is going on and remember the scenes that we loved. For bug I didn't encounter many only one and that was the first set of battles for training in Cartman's backyard, the last battle of the set it wouldn't go anywhere, it just kept saying I need to attack a guy with a shield when he was already down, so my advise to you is shut the game down and reload it. Another bug that I know but didn't happen to me was the dragon fart, would not work in a certain part of the game again restart the game and make sure you save regular, which with all stuff to do with a pc you should. The game auto save regularly anyway from when you use a quick travel, go into different houses sometimes. This is not a game you should give to your children, this is a bit to much for them with the sexual scenes and is alot more worse than the episodes

My quick points of the game


  • unbelievable funny 
  • feels like you are in the show
  • A light RPG


  • The odd Bug that makes you have to restart the game
  • From what I read the classes are really just the same
  • Can get repetitive
My Rating