Monday, 3 March 2014

Coming soon 2 Weeks Of Games

In less than one week I will embark of two weeks of awesome gaming... Or so I thought. It has been discovered in the recent days that South Park: The Stick Of Truth will be censored for Europe. I',m not going to mention Australia because you can't say boo without them looking at and saying it needs to be censored to b**. For me it is crap as we (Europe/AUS) will be paying full price for not a full game.

This was an image sent to IGN from someone
 that got the game early for an online retailer

Hopefully they won't be curtail scenes that you will need to see that will affect the storyline, also I have been given news that an Ubisoft representative will be at my local GAME store (Wigan, UK, which hopefully I will be able to ask him/her a few questions, ) I love my local GAME store, the staff are awesome and I love having a little chat with them. Next up is Titanfall which is out in less than two weeks. This game which I have been going on about a lot was awesome at beta and not has been given gold which means that the game is officially finished.

Hopefully we won't be disapointed