Friday, 28 February 2014

Titanfall Beta

The time has come for the Titanfall beta, which we have all waited for. Some people got lucky and got the beta codes for both Xbox One and PC even though some applied for one of them. As I have the arsenal for both that is what I applied for, but only got the pc code. I took me over 1 hour and 30 mins to get a code for the Xbox One thanks to IGN representative. Some people got more than one code and was selling them for up to £50 in UK and $50 in the US. To get the codes that people was handing out fro free you had to be quick as they was being type fast. Some people was typing the code which if you had access to then all you had to do was highlight copy then paste, for me I had to look at the photo that IGN representatives was uploading to get it.

The Beta

I have been looking forward for the Beta for a long time and it seemed we was being teased all the way through, but it is now here. I have to say wow, just wow.  The Beta isn't the best graphical terms but yuo just want to play more and more. Titanfall looks like it is kept very simple and it just works. It is like most online shooters repetitive but for some reason I just want to play more and more. their is plenty to kill from AI Grunts (PVE) to Pilots (PVP) and then the pilots Titans(mechs). This game has been stripped for the beta and like most betas I have played they have done it well. I only hope it isn't like the MAG Beta, as that beta really was the game. The maps on the beta was the maps for the game, and their was not more new maps in addition to the full game. I just hope that Titanfall doesn't follow this. Their are 5 weapons to choose from and I'm guessing it is one from each class which all hopefully will be unlocked in the main game. Assault riffles, sub-machine guns, pistol machine guns (or what ever they're called), shotguns and sniper rifles. You will get your secondary rifles also, and other perks. I like the main menu to it as again it is simple and you don't need to spend a lot of time to study it or have a masters degree to understand it, it is there in front of you. How it should be.

The game is fast paced and you really can get to kick ass on the better if you have really good set up for your PC. I found that using 3 screens is better as you have a wider field of view from 60 I think you 90 degrees, I feel that the default setting for your surround works fine. I was easy racking up a 4.2 death Ratio  when I manage to reach the top level which is 14 on the Beta, Also on many blog sites and forums when people ask about which is better controller or mouse, for Titanfall I recommend controller, I used an official Xbox 360, I used the default settings for this, but you can always adjust the sensitivity and set it higher (that is until the driver for the Xbox One comes out)

My verdict for this beta is yes it is a must. I have pre-ordered this game for my XBox One and PC. It is very addictive and is a game that makes me think. "I want to play this when I get home" and I have never had that felling for a game for ages. Also I am happy to play this game on my own as well as friends and I have not had that feeling about games in years. Most games I play on I think, "which person do I want to invite to a party or call (xbox or skype)."