Monday, 3 February 2014

Taking A Little Break

Hi all, I have now completed the launch titles that I bought for my Xbox One and Playstation 4, even though I am disappointed that I didn't hit the deadlines. I have to say that doing full-time job and blogging and doing day to day stuff it has been a hard schedule and I am tired, so I have decide that I am going to take a month or so off, until the main games come comes such as Titanfall, South Park: Stick Of Truth and others that I have named. I will not be talking a break from my blog in total, as I look forward into new ideas for improving this blog, doing a short film using software and making a film zombie kit. I have other plans to, even though I might not be very active for a month or so it might not stop me from doing a few posts, maybe the halo: Spartan Assault. Who knows.

Also I won't be doing my reviews for the Xbox One or PS4 as of yet, my reason is because I feel that both console haven't got anywhere near their potential. Xbox One's system wasn't finished and PS4 still needs work, but here is my run down.

Xbox One; The Xbox One is a good console. It is colourful and has a few things to look at but the things that do my head in are in party chat. Why do I have to enable the party to chat, when I have asked them to join or they asked me to join? Another is with apps. Why does everything need to be an app? Why does friends and achievement have to be an app? It seems like Microsoft managed to fix something that wasn't broken. I know their is an update coming out and it will enable to get more out of the processor and other things, If the update is out know I haven't seen it yet or downloaded it. I like the fact that you can save your picture and recorded video footage to Sky Drive, which is a recognised drive for your PC. This makes it easier as you can go straight to your content you save and upload it to where you need such as YouTube, and for me my blog, but I know how to record using the Kinect but I need to know how to do it without my blog. I know their is a way, I have probably come across it but have not clicked on to it. One impressive feature for me is the chat and how good quality it is and the headset is awesome for chat to, but the headset is not comfy for me, and is poorly ergonomically designed for me, for a £50 price tag it is good for the time being while their are no headsets out yet. (The headsets was free if you got the Day One Editions)

PS4; I haven't really got to play this but with one game that I want and that even got delayed I haven't really got any need for it apart from playing battlefield 4 with my brother and I don't even do that, I did do the Killzone review though. The headset that you got with the PS4 is just awful, it's poorly designed, cheap and looks like  a hands free kit for a phone, and is bad quality for the chat. The Dash board is nearly a copy of the PS3 with a few extras and I don't like the way you have to up date the games for the console, you have to do the work, why can't the system install it like the Xbox does? I do like the share button and how easy it is, but the down side is that it is Facebook or Twitter. What about adding YouTube? Again their is a Update that is out today and that adds support for pulse wireless headsets, and other things but I won't be doing that till later on in the week, or even the month.

Best console for me is the Xbox One as it just has the edge up to now. If you can't decide wait till after E3 on June 10th (I think) and see what they have to say a year on and what they will do to make it better and what new games will be coming our way. Then you might have a better Idea.

will see you all soon