Saturday, 8 February 2014

More news

Hello to all

Yes I am posting while I'm supposed to be on my break on my blog but it is major news in gaming. It has been announced that Treyarch will not be working on the up and coming Call Of Duty game. To be honest their two recent games in my opinion sucked, I found it hard to understand the storyline of both games and it really turn a lot of cod fans away for the franchise. The new Call Of Duty will be done by Sledgehammer Games. People are thinking that because of they are a new studio that it will be the worst one of them all but I can tell you that they did work on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The was drafted in to help save Infinity Ward after half of the team left and a small window was their to make it. I enjoyed MW3 and for me was better than the second one, but I did have more fun one MW2 social wise. So please give this studio a chance, as this will be their first time that they at the helm of developing this game.

But then again one of my favourites was done by Treyarch, and that World At War. The classic second world war was a game that I could play on my own and be happy, it also started my social with gaming and I really loved it. I did go a bit far fetched but it just still made it good and fun with out thinking "what the hell?"
I say good luck and use the spotlight wisely