Thursday, 13 February 2014

Minecarft With the Foxx

This is a special write up. It's a game I like but like most games I'm Crap at. I am currently on my break from reviews so I decide to chilling playing games and Minecarft is up. Instead of being on my own I've come to visit a server set up by Sapphire Foxx, I am not going into much details at the moment about SF but he is an animator. He has his own Youtube page and his own website to share some of his animations and most now for subscribers, One good thing about him is that he has set up a Minecraft server. It is a good idea, he can chat to his friends, have a laugh with his fans that is when he is not busy working.

With most Minecraft servers their are ranks that help keep the players in order and enforce rules or just ranks that can make the server better each with their own privileges. On this server their are ranks, and when I've been on I have ranks of "Member" which is what you are from the start. "Builder" you just build things but it must be good, you get the chance to fly and go into creative mode and build what ever you want without farming any of it (Ranks above this have these abilities to). "Ultra Builder" I think I saw, which is the head of all builders. "Admin" to sort problems out, demote people ranks for it they cause trouble, ban people for evil things like griefing and killing for no reason many be a few other things its all down to common sense.

When I first entered the server I was amazed with the craftsmanship that was produced. I have seen picture of awesome build but I have never seen it up close on the actual game. I have taken pictures of some of the stuff I have seen, this is not all of them I will add some more pictures when I have the chance. I think this is also hand made, and software has not been used but I will find this out soon.

A castle view form my home on the game of course
A pyramid that I will need to explore I found this when I was at the SF castle, It is what I'm going to call it anyways

 Great detail on the SF Castle

This is Lucky's room in the White House

Massive meeting table White House

Air planes and random buildings

Part of the SF castle and SF memorial I was on a high building to take this I died once getting to this place

The logo of the SF and his memorial

Seating area of the White House

SF City Sign, it is a lot bigger up close

Another view of the SF City Sign

When you first enter the sever you get greeted to this

The SF Castle

American Flag

The White House

I'm not sure what this building is but it is massive and has awesome detail to it

Great detail with the windows, it does remind me of the Wigan Youth Zone near to where I live
Not the best picture I could find but I'm sure you get the idea

A View of the SF memorial

These are some of the picture I've taken there are more to come but I have taken these as a member and had to climb places risking lives to get the best picture I can without flying around all I can say that this structure that have been made have been done with passion for their friend, and their person that they Follow Sapphire Foxx, hopefully I will bump into him one day an will get to talk to him in more detail about this incredible server and about Sapphire Foxx Brand