Friday, 7 February 2014

During My Time Off

Hi all

First of all I have started to update the looks of this blog and all will be sorted shortly so please bear with me.

Even though I'm not doing reviews until next month which means a little me time. I've been doing a little bit of gaming, even playing Call Of Duty: Ghost and Battlefield 4 but not to much. I've decided to learn how to play guitar again like I was intended to do last year by using the Rocksmith game which claims that it can teach you how to play guitar, even if you have never touch one before, and I can tell you it does. I wouldn't say that the game was perfect, I can show you a self taught way, but it can help you get the most out of your guitar.

The thing with learning guitar or many instruments is that you need to put time in and that is what I didn't really have. Time. The game itself is really good for beginners as it works really well, I didn't go into doing the songs that was provided on the game. I did the types of note you play on the fret board and the cords it throws in over and over for days, as annoying it was as you played like a minute of notes then you have to do all the training video but it was my way of learning. As you go through the notes you need to play, the game has a scoring system that will add notes or take notes away if you are not fast enough. Before I stopped playing I managed to do all the first three lessons from hammer ons to single notes and the numbers down the fret board which I got gold and I was good for a noob, but then I stopped playing, I did well when playing the songs that the game provided. The biggest problem for me was that it just wasn't for advanced guitar players. It also had mini games where you play your guitar and you got used to your fret board that way and it all does work without you realizing, but for the game it has limited features and the game only really caters for advanced or medium level players that want to learn new techniques and use extra experiment provided in the game like foot pedals which I'm not sure how they work.

A couple of days ago I found a company that gives out codes for games on Steam, Origin, Xbox 360 only and PlayStation and many others. You just pay buy card, PayPal and some other options and they send you your code... Simples. The website is
I do recommend this service the code gets sent to your e-mail within about 5-10 mins and it is just a case of copy and paste the code to your preferred format.

Because I found that website I then found Rocksmith 2014 and the price was around 19.90 Euro's which work out about £15 with a service charge but if you go on steam it is around £39.99 mark so who is complaining. If you look around you can always pick you the guitar cable so you can plug your guitar into the PC.

that is the link for it cost is £23.43 (cheaper than one I saw on Amazon at £34.99)

If your in the US the link is; (and the cost is $29.99

Now onto Rocksmith 2014, The game is more polished, and has more stuff adding on  from more techniques to learn and be more advanced as well as the ones from the last game, I have not had chance to full look into the game but I like the looks and can't wait till I'm off to discover what I will learn next. and if your on pc (don't know about the consoles) the songs that you purchased on steam transfers across. Hopefully I will have picture and maybe videos to show you all, but this was a random post without me planning it.

In the news Betas for Elder Scrolls online will be rolling out soon so keep tabs on your inbox or junk, and keep tabs for news on Titanfall as it beta is scheduled for 14th Feb I think I've read.