Friday, 28 February 2014

Blog updates

Hi all

I have played The Elder Scroll Beta for a few hours and I have decided that I will not be getting it and also I won't be reviewing the game either. I don't want to give a review that won't be fair, I am not really a RPG person, Their are only a few RPG games that I will play and they are World Of Warcraft (I really am terrible at) Final Fantasy 8 and Realm Reborn, and I might be getting Thief at a later date.

On the other hand I have pre-ordered South Park: Stick Of Truth for the pc. I don't see the point of getting one game for an old console that I have really don't play any more just for one game then have to put the console away. I have been waiting a long time for this game and can't wait.

Titanfall. Yes I will be getting Titanfall not just for the Xbox One but for the PC as well. After playing the Beta I was impressed and can't wait to get my hands on it in two weeks time for the UK launch.
Their are more games that I will be getting such as Watch dogs, Driveclub and The Division, when they all come out and I plan to do some shows on Twitch sometime.

Titanfall Beta

The time has come for the Titanfall beta, which we have all waited for. Some people got lucky and got the beta codes for both Xbox One and PC even though some applied for one of them. As I have the arsenal for both that is what I applied for, but only got the pc code. I took me over 1 hour and 30 mins to get a code for the Xbox One thanks to IGN representative. Some people got more than one code and was selling them for up to £50 in UK and $50 in the US. To get the codes that people was handing out fro free you had to be quick as they was being type fast. Some people was typing the code which if you had access to then all you had to do was highlight copy then paste, for me I had to look at the photo that IGN representatives was uploading to get it.

The Beta

I have been looking forward for the Beta for a long time and it seemed we was being teased all the way through, but it is now here. I have to say wow, just wow.  The Beta isn't the best graphical terms but yuo just want to play more and more. Titanfall looks like it is kept very simple and it just works. It is like most online shooters repetitive but for some reason I just want to play more and more. their is plenty to kill from AI Grunts (PVE) to Pilots (PVP) and then the pilots Titans(mechs). This game has been stripped for the beta and like most betas I have played they have done it well. I only hope it isn't like the MAG Beta, as that beta really was the game. The maps on the beta was the maps for the game, and their was not more new maps in addition to the full game. I just hope that Titanfall doesn't follow this. Their are 5 weapons to choose from and I'm guessing it is one from each class which all hopefully will be unlocked in the main game. Assault riffles, sub-machine guns, pistol machine guns (or what ever they're called), shotguns and sniper rifles. You will get your secondary rifles also, and other perks. I like the main menu to it as again it is simple and you don't need to spend a lot of time to study it or have a masters degree to understand it, it is there in front of you. How it should be.

The game is fast paced and you really can get to kick ass on the better if you have really good set up for your PC. I found that using 3 screens is better as you have a wider field of view from 60 I think you 90 degrees, I feel that the default setting for your surround works fine. I was easy racking up a 4.2 death Ratio  when I manage to reach the top level which is 14 on the Beta, Also on many blog sites and forums when people ask about which is better controller or mouse, for Titanfall I recommend controller, I used an official Xbox 360, I used the default settings for this, but you can always adjust the sensitivity and set it higher (that is until the driver for the Xbox One comes out)

My verdict for this beta is yes it is a must. I have pre-ordered this game for my XBox One and PC. It is very addictive and is a game that makes me think. "I want to play this when I get home" and I have never had that felling for a game for ages. Also I am happy to play this game on my own as well as friends and I have not had that feeling about games in years. Most games I play on I think, "which person do I want to invite to a party or call (xbox or skype)."

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Minecarft With the Foxx

This is a special write up. It's a game I like but like most games I'm Crap at. I am currently on my break from reviews so I decide to chilling playing games and Minecarft is up. Instead of being on my own I've come to visit a server set up by Sapphire Foxx, I am not going into much details at the moment about SF but he is an animator. He has his own Youtube page and his own website to share some of his animations and most now for subscribers, One good thing about him is that he has set up a Minecraft server. It is a good idea, he can chat to his friends, have a laugh with his fans that is when he is not busy working.

With most Minecraft servers their are ranks that help keep the players in order and enforce rules or just ranks that can make the server better each with their own privileges. On this server their are ranks, and when I've been on I have ranks of "Member" which is what you are from the start. "Builder" you just build things but it must be good, you get the chance to fly and go into creative mode and build what ever you want without farming any of it (Ranks above this have these abilities to). "Ultra Builder" I think I saw, which is the head of all builders. "Admin" to sort problems out, demote people ranks for it they cause trouble, ban people for evil things like griefing and killing for no reason many be a few other things its all down to common sense.

When I first entered the server I was amazed with the craftsmanship that was produced. I have seen picture of awesome build but I have never seen it up close on the actual game. I have taken pictures of some of the stuff I have seen, this is not all of them I will add some more pictures when I have the chance. I think this is also hand made, and software has not been used but I will find this out soon.

A castle view form my home on the game of course
A pyramid that I will need to explore I found this when I was at the SF castle, It is what I'm going to call it anyways

 Great detail on the SF Castle

This is Lucky's room in the White House

Massive meeting table White House

Air planes and random buildings

Part of the SF castle and SF memorial I was on a high building to take this I died once getting to this place

The logo of the SF and his memorial

Seating area of the White House

SF City Sign, it is a lot bigger up close

Another view of the SF City Sign

When you first enter the sever you get greeted to this

The SF Castle

American Flag

The White House

I'm not sure what this building is but it is massive and has awesome detail to it

Great detail with the windows, it does remind me of the Wigan Youth Zone near to where I live
Not the best picture I could find but I'm sure you get the idea

A View of the SF memorial

These are some of the picture I've taken there are more to come but I have taken these as a member and had to climb places risking lives to get the best picture I can without flying around all I can say that this structure that have been made have been done with passion for their friend, and their person that they Follow Sapphire Foxx, hopefully I will bump into him one day an will get to talk to him in more detail about this incredible server and about Sapphire Foxx Brand

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Titanfall Beta sign ups official

Hi all breaking news on Titanfall beta and its sign up. It has been announced and the website is live to sign up

To sign up for good luck for getting your invite. IGN is doing a live stream of Titanfall this Thursday. The time I'm not sure on.

IGN update: Titanfall will be steamed at 12pm (12:00hrs) Pacific time

Saturday, 8 February 2014

More news

Hello to all

Yes I am posting while I'm supposed to be on my break on my blog but it is major news in gaming. It has been announced that Treyarch will not be working on the up and coming Call Of Duty game. To be honest their two recent games in my opinion sucked, I found it hard to understand the storyline of both games and it really turn a lot of cod fans away for the franchise. The new Call Of Duty will be done by Sledgehammer Games. People are thinking that because of they are a new studio that it will be the worst one of them all but I can tell you that they did work on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The was drafted in to help save Infinity Ward after half of the team left and a small window was their to make it. I enjoyed MW3 and for me was better than the second one, but I did have more fun one MW2 social wise. So please give this studio a chance, as this will be their first time that they at the helm of developing this game.

But then again one of my favourites was done by Treyarch, and that World At War. The classic second world war was a game that I could play on my own and be happy, it also started my social with gaming and I really loved it. I did go a bit far fetched but it just still made it good and fun with out thinking "what the hell?"
I say good luck and use the spotlight wisely 

Friday, 7 February 2014

During My Time Off

Hi all

First of all I have started to update the looks of this blog and all will be sorted shortly so please bear with me.

Even though I'm not doing reviews until next month which means a little me time. I've been doing a little bit of gaming, even playing Call Of Duty: Ghost and Battlefield 4 but not to much. I've decided to learn how to play guitar again like I was intended to do last year by using the Rocksmith game which claims that it can teach you how to play guitar, even if you have never touch one before, and I can tell you it does. I wouldn't say that the game was perfect, I can show you a self taught way, but it can help you get the most out of your guitar.

The thing with learning guitar or many instruments is that you need to put time in and that is what I didn't really have. Time. The game itself is really good for beginners as it works really well, I didn't go into doing the songs that was provided on the game. I did the types of note you play on the fret board and the cords it throws in over and over for days, as annoying it was as you played like a minute of notes then you have to do all the training video but it was my way of learning. As you go through the notes you need to play, the game has a scoring system that will add notes or take notes away if you are not fast enough. Before I stopped playing I managed to do all the first three lessons from hammer ons to single notes and the numbers down the fret board which I got gold and I was good for a noob, but then I stopped playing, I did well when playing the songs that the game provided. The biggest problem for me was that it just wasn't for advanced guitar players. It also had mini games where you play your guitar and you got used to your fret board that way and it all does work without you realizing, but for the game it has limited features and the game only really caters for advanced or medium level players that want to learn new techniques and use extra experiment provided in the game like foot pedals which I'm not sure how they work.

A couple of days ago I found a company that gives out codes for games on Steam, Origin, Xbox 360 only and PlayStation and many others. You just pay buy card, PayPal and some other options and they send you your code... Simples. The website is
I do recommend this service the code gets sent to your e-mail within about 5-10 mins and it is just a case of copy and paste the code to your preferred format.

Because I found that website I then found Rocksmith 2014 and the price was around 19.90 Euro's which work out about £15 with a service charge but if you go on steam it is around £39.99 mark so who is complaining. If you look around you can always pick you the guitar cable so you can plug your guitar into the PC.

that is the link for it cost is £23.43 (cheaper than one I saw on Amazon at £34.99)

If your in the US the link is; (and the cost is $29.99

Now onto Rocksmith 2014, The game is more polished, and has more stuff adding on  from more techniques to learn and be more advanced as well as the ones from the last game, I have not had chance to full look into the game but I like the looks and can't wait till I'm off to discover what I will learn next. and if your on pc (don't know about the consoles) the songs that you purchased on steam transfers across. Hopefully I will have picture and maybe videos to show you all, but this was a random post without me planning it.

In the news Betas for Elder Scrolls online will be rolling out soon so keep tabs on your inbox or junk, and keep tabs for news on Titanfall as it beta is scheduled for 14th Feb I think I've read.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Taking A Little Break

Hi all, I have now completed the launch titles that I bought for my Xbox One and Playstation 4, even though I am disappointed that I didn't hit the deadlines. I have to say that doing full-time job and blogging and doing day to day stuff it has been a hard schedule and I am tired, so I have decide that I am going to take a month or so off, until the main games come comes such as Titanfall, South Park: Stick Of Truth and others that I have named. I will not be talking a break from my blog in total, as I look forward into new ideas for improving this blog, doing a short film using software and making a film zombie kit. I have other plans to, even though I might not be very active for a month or so it might not stop me from doing a few posts, maybe the halo: Spartan Assault. Who knows.

Also I won't be doing my reviews for the Xbox One or PS4 as of yet, my reason is because I feel that both console haven't got anywhere near their potential. Xbox One's system wasn't finished and PS4 still needs work, but here is my run down.

Xbox One; The Xbox One is a good console. It is colourful and has a few things to look at but the things that do my head in are in party chat. Why do I have to enable the party to chat, when I have asked them to join or they asked me to join? Another is with apps. Why does everything need to be an app? Why does friends and achievement have to be an app? It seems like Microsoft managed to fix something that wasn't broken. I know their is an update coming out and it will enable to get more out of the processor and other things, If the update is out know I haven't seen it yet or downloaded it. I like the fact that you can save your picture and recorded video footage to Sky Drive, which is a recognised drive for your PC. This makes it easier as you can go straight to your content you save and upload it to where you need such as YouTube, and for me my blog, but I know how to record using the Kinect but I need to know how to do it without my blog. I know their is a way, I have probably come across it but have not clicked on to it. One impressive feature for me is the chat and how good quality it is and the headset is awesome for chat to, but the headset is not comfy for me, and is poorly ergonomically designed for me, for a £50 price tag it is good for the time being while their are no headsets out yet. (The headsets was free if you got the Day One Editions)

PS4; I haven't really got to play this but with one game that I want and that even got delayed I haven't really got any need for it apart from playing battlefield 4 with my brother and I don't even do that, I did do the Killzone review though. The headset that you got with the PS4 is just awful, it's poorly designed, cheap and looks like  a hands free kit for a phone, and is bad quality for the chat. The Dash board is nearly a copy of the PS3 with a few extras and I don't like the way you have to up date the games for the console, you have to do the work, why can't the system install it like the Xbox does? I do like the share button and how easy it is, but the down side is that it is Facebook or Twitter. What about adding YouTube? Again their is a Update that is out today and that adds support for pulse wireless headsets, and other things but I won't be doing that till later on in the week, or even the month.

Best console for me is the Xbox One as it just has the edge up to now. If you can't decide wait till after E3 on June 10th (I think) and see what they have to say a year on and what they will do to make it better and what new games will be coming our way. Then you might have a better Idea.

will see you all soon