Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Project Spark Beta, World Of Warcraft And Other News News

First of all I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year to you all.

Now that the Christmas pretty period is over and my hand is feeling a lot better, it is now back to business. Over the Christmas period I have been playing one game due to it being easy to play using my hands and that is World Of Warcraft. It is using keyboard and mouse and not im not needed to bend my hand and fingers much, so it is more comfy to play, rather than a controller, (xbox/one and ps3/4 etc) I have to say that I am having fun playing it and finding it hard to play other games. I am not addicted to playing it and it don't get in the way of other things, if is keep alarm clock on just in case I forget to look at the time, which can happen with most games that you are having fun playing.

During the holidays I did get exciting news and that was the closed beta for Project Spark. This is something that I have been anxious to play. From seeing it at E3 I just wanted to have it one way or another. The best way to explain what Project Spark is by saying it is a game engine, but without the seriousness. I have only played with Project spark for less than and hour at this point of writing about it so here it goes for the first impressions.

The graphics are wacky and corny. The environment that you put looks like something out of a cartoon. Characters you use are funny looking. I would advise that you look into the tutorials as they will help a lot, and look online for more as the one that you have are only the basics, only for getting your Playable character going (moving, jumping, attacking etc) it also get you enemy going and to attack you also. The tutorials cover the basics of creating you terrain, paths and basic environment such as trees, pretty much from their on your on your own an less you look for more that is on the software which I haven't really looked for, but I have seen some online and also their are forums.

While build my terrain and having used multiple game engines Project Spark from what I have seen I could be wrong and will update this if I find a solution or find what I'm looking for but it lacks some basic features, mainly when it comes to terrain. On the tutorial it only shows you about making mountains and smoothing them out, but what if you want to level it back, or you want to make a small ramp then have the terrain be straight and level? Their a tool similar to that but I find that it just makes a fine layer creating a gap below it, rather than raising the floor and keeping it level. The camera angles sometimes zoom you out when you move to view more of your little island, and can be a pain to manoeuvre back to where you are but once you are back. When you are where you need to be you never really have a massive problem, it just takes a small time to adapt.

One thing that again if someone corrects me I will hold my hands up but I am sure the are in-game purchases. For me this is an outrage, as it is only a beta test and you are not getting the full enjoyment of the game. I am not sure if their is a time limit as I haven't been given one but I will talk more about Project Spark as I play more on it, Also that you have to be on windows 8.1 no other.

To try and get yourself the chance to test Project Spark you can sign up here

As for the games I will be reviewing it will be one week or two hopefully. I work a full time jobs also, and this is not easy to do.