Monday, 27 January 2014

Need For Speed: Rivals

Racing/Car games games have never really appealed to me, from the like of Gran Turismo, Forza. The only racing game that I like is Forza Horizon, well that is if you want to call it racing, it is more for the casual and cruising kind of racing if you know what I mean. You just have no worries and not to care, and it is easy, like really easy, once you have smashed through all the advertisements signs you get free upgrades... where is the fun in that getting everything for free.

Back to the point of Need For Speed. The game has never been a game that I would go out and buy. I did like Need For Speed: Underground and Underground two but come on the ending just sucked on two but still a good game. The was the only games that I played from the NFS franchise. Now I am back on NFS with Rivals on Xbox One.


Well for a first it looks just stunning, it is not just the cars but the environment. For me with car games that it is hard to get cars to look much more better than what they are. Well maybe if you go with the 4k TV's that are out and I don't think a car game that is 4k is out yet. It is more the road, the grass, trees fire and weather, it is physics that make the game more stunning, pushing the CPU (brain of a pc) and GPU  (brain of a graphics card) to make it process the physics something that older consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 couldn't. It isn't something that is new as it has been happening on pc for years as they have the hardware to do that.

In NFS: Rivals you can choose to be a Cop Or Racer and as a racer you can have loads of fun but it also comes with frustration as when you get a good wanted level it is hard to get them off an less you are really experienced and that is without online players coming to intervene and get you as well. The bot cops as I like to call them are like real players in most ways so the AI is so much better than the good old days. They will used multiple of tricks and traps to get you. From road blocks to spikes in the road to even EMP on you to stop you and they have much more punishment to dish out.
Redview County map

In some ways the game reminds me Forza Horizon online. You can just drive around Redview County and take in the sights just like on Forza Horizon even ride with players or even challenge them. Even though their might not be players around their are bots again like Forza Horizon. The magic happens when the sun is rising or setting and when the weather hits just make the game worth playing, whether it means borrowing it from a friend or rental service or buying it because you love racing games or even just like NFS.

In total the are 7 other players that are in the same online game you are and when one challenges you, it is a dash to a random finish point, whether you win or lose when you get to the end of your race a present might be given to you, when I mean a present I mean the police, they might end up chasing you and might end up being a online player. It does get worse from a race to a pursuit, they will come out of nowhere, flashing lights, sirens that get annoying and loud, roadblocks and spike traps come from nowhere, a police helicopter comes, tries and blinds you with its spot light and if your really unlucky a storm might break out and it will restrict your view making it harder.

It don't end their you get points for smashing thinks destroying police cars, just being a bad ass will get your police rating up and even get you more points. If you manage to lose them which get annoying as so many police just seem to find you.

Playing police isn't as fun but more of a satisfying feeling, when you nail the crap out of a racer you just feel like a smug idiot putting on a leather jacket with a grin, best way is think about it is, think of John Travolta in Greece. yes that type of feeling.

But it don't all seem good, I feel as the racers have an advantage as they can upgrade their vehicles the cops can't and it just takes the fun out of it, and you just get left behind most of the time an less you are a really experienced racer. NFS: Rivals for me is a game that has not real purpose, theirs no story, if their was I didn't see it. It is a game where you don't want to get involved with if you are short on time or if you want to mess around with friends.

Need For Speed App

NFS app yes their is an app for the game and it is very useful and can help you, or you can help your friends even other players. Cops included. You can help the racer if they are being chased by the police by adding power ups that you get only using the NFS app, and you have to level up using the app, you can't just uses what they give you. The first one is nitrous boost, if you or you partner or online person you want to help has run out of nitrous you can just refill it but you will then have a short cool-down on it. Their are other I think on is to repair their car, in total their is 4 that will help you assist, their are all so power ups if you are in helping the police, think one of them power ups is EMP these are just to help you capture the racer. You can also set way points to races, garages or your HQ's and even give the driver missions that is if he desides to do them, all helps you level on you NFS app. You will need a Origin account to sign in and linked your Xbox account account, I'm sure of it.


NFS: Rivals is quite boring really, it is good for the scenery, messing around with friend but hardly anything to a racing game. The cops are at a disadvantage with cars as they can't be made faster with modifications and just get wasted miles behind, the unlocking system is woeful. The apps is a good idea adding a better experience to you and the other player your helping out, and I can say that it will be used in most games to come.

Rating 7.6