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Killzone is a franchise that has been going for some time, and is a PlayStation exclusive. From starting on the PlayStation 2 it has been on the PlayStation portable (psp),  PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and now the PlayStation 4. The franchise is developed by Guerrilla Games and they have been developing it ever since.

Killzone (2004, PS2) is set in an era of space colonization. The Helghast Empire has just sorted itself out from its defeat in the first Helghan War. They ended up launching an attack on the Outer Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) colony planet called Vekta. Vekta's Strategic defence (S.D) failed during Helghast assault, making it easy for the Helghast to land their troops. Captain Jan Templar, the main protagonist, and his squad are called back to the base to be reassigned to be sent out to find ISA operative Hakha and his possession.

Next is Killzone: Liberation (PSP 2006). It is set 2 months after the events in the first Killzone, after the Helghast got their ass kicked in the last game, the war did not ended their. The Helghast still control a large portion of the planet Vekta, even though the ISA are fighting back they are still losing. A Helghast general called Armin Metrac that was employed by the Helghast Emperor Scolar Visari to get the job done as brutally as he can to take control over Vekta. You return as Jan Templar to capture hostages captured by Metrac while the ISA fight for liberty.

Killzone 2 (PS3 2009) Killzone 2 follows the story from Killzone 1 & Liberation (PSP). (this was the first Killzone I played) This time you are on Helghan. Two years after the Helghast invaded Vekta. The ISA decided to launch a attack on Helghast's own planet of Helghan, with the goal of capturing the Helghast leader Scolar Visari and stop the war, that is what they thought but they was wrong.

Killzone 3 (PS3 2011) this was the first in the series to feature the PlayStation Move and use 3D features. Killzone 3 follows straight on from Killzone 2, now the leader Scolar Visari is now out of the picture and yet the war is no where near over. The helghast forces mounted an all out counter attack that ended up with a retreat of the ISA from the planet of Helghan. The planet of Helghan then got nuked.

Killzone: Mercenary (PS Vita 2013) The game is simple and supposed to be on of the best games for the Vita with its own online muti-player. For the campaign you are a mercenary and you fight for which ever sides hires you the ISA or for the Helghast.

Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4 2013) the first for the new console and also a launch game. Its a new game altogether, a new world, new characters and a new hero. The game is set 30 year after Killzone 3 and both Helghans and Vektans live together, there are parts of the city that is divided by walls that are heavily guarded and their is still tensions that are still their between the two sides.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a game that I wasn't planning on getting at launch, it was more like a maybe or a future buy and nothing more. The game that I wanted was DriveClub but got delayed till April of this year (2014).

The Review

Killzone is a game that has struggled to make an impression on the first person shooter genre. Killzone: Shadow Fall always looked fantastic since the showing at E3. The Helghast being having the most memorable villains, but it has never matched exclusives such as Halo, Gears Of War or even Call of Duty. Killzone: Shadow Fall has now got the spotlight as it is a launch title and for me, it looked like one of the best launch title for the PS4. Knack seems a bit like a Crash Bandicoot without the flair or and lacks and way of speaking to you and saying buy me. The question about this Killzone is, what does this game offer? Does this game use any of the console and controller features? Does this game feel and look like a next gen game?

The Story In A Nut Shell
As said in the intro Shadow Fall takes place 30 years after Killzone 3, Helghast planet Helghan has been nuked, and making it inhabitable so half of the people that was left ended up moving to Vekta. Like many sites have said the feeling is like the Berlin Wall but on a global scale. The Helghast on one side and the rest the vektans on the other, so you kind of know what is going to happen, you could even put your mortgage or what ever you cherish up for a bet and not lose. Before hell breaks lose your character is drafted in as a prisoner exchange and put straight back in action to try and prevent the war on the same planet getting worse.
Bomb scene
This Killzone is so different to the others you will have to use stealth and tatics, to help you progress in the game and also it kind of make you think more tactical as well. You will get an electric flying companion called Owl that will help you. He really can help you in tricky situations if you know how to. OWL can be used for a zip wire, to you can go over gaps to a lower level or across to the same level... just, it can set off a EMP to disable you enemies shields or amour. You can set send in the Owl to attack, I used it to ambush the enemy as well as a distraction for them if they was in cover. The OWL can also create a shield for you if you need to but is something I rarely used as their was plenty of cover. Unlike Riley (the dog) in Call Of Duty: Ghost, the Owl can get shot and then it has to return to to be recharged, but you can use it again when its health has regenerated the OWL and is also with you throughout most of the game.

When you find an audio log it will play through the controllers speaker whilst you are continuing through the campaign it might crap you up at first when you hear it but it does add more to the campaign.

My biggest problem with the campaign is that it just fizzles a bit. The lack of guns and creativity hits and does disappoint towards the end of the campaign.

The Looks
A stunning fly through

Killzone is just gorgeous. The first thing that you will take in about the game is the design, how it looks, how the look make you feel. From the environment to the weather and even particles it all just looks awesome and something that you will never forget.

Vekta just looks more believable than any other game in a long time. This is more than a start to show what the next gen is capable of. It just flows so well it will have you mouthwatering for more.

Not Everything Is Perfect

A much as the game looks good, feels good and it does uses as much of the PS4 and the controller their are a few things that I noticed. At the start of the campaign the character you play later on at this stage is only a child and has a lower high on where he can see, As I was walking as the child I didn't see many refection of myself in panels of glass, the biggest part that I studied for awhile was in this reception area. their is a reception desk that is to big to see over maybe I can see the top of the office chair but across from that reception desk is a vending machine, and if you look at the vending machine you can clearly see over the desk as if you was an adult.
Child's view of reception desk, all I did was turn around and look at the vending machine

Looking into the vending machine at same child's view

Another further on in the campaign when you get sent undercover as a refugee and it is raining, not one splash of rain hit anyone and nothing in that bit looked wet or as if it weren't raining. It is only in parts as when I carried on through the campaign and there was rain, there was puddles and objects that had wet patches

These are minor things that don't affect the way the game is played but for me with the new gen of graphics and with more advanced game engines these for me are basics that shouldn't have been missed out.

A thing that did affect the game was the pick ups. Many of times I wanted to pick up a gun or mainly adrenaline and it would fall through an object (or static mesh) most cases they can still be picked up but some times they couldn't and it mainly for me was the adrenaline and I did die a few times because of it.

The Verdict

Killzone is one of a few games that you can call "polished". The game brings beautiful views and stunning visuals. It does have a decent storyline but could have been better if it weren't a launch title. I would recommend it to people that has a PS4 from the launch, as I don't think their are any decent games out their, an i'm excluding muti-platforms. It just makes me think what this new gen of games will bring and also what will will the next Killzone bring.


Online gaming is now a massive and if not the main part of gaming nowadays. A lot of people buy these games for the online, and never touch the campaign. Killzone takes its visual campaign characteristics into the mutiplayer. The mutiplayer mode really can be fun, but it just lacks game modes, weapons, and attachments. Even though it is fun to play online, it just doesn't capture the likes of Call Of Duty, Halo, Gears Of War, Battlefield to name a few. It really has 2 modes to play as the rest people just don't play them. 24 TDM or 24 Warzone.

Warzone is just pure fun with several game type mash into one game. These are doled out periodically during the match, and you never know what might be coming up next. One moment, you'll be fighting to defend multiple control points, and the next you'll have to plant explosive charges on key targets.

Players can set up custom Warzones however they like, setting specific rules and deciding which objective types will be in rotation. There are loads of options to tinker with, allowing players to enable or disable specific abilities and weapons. Beyond that, you can assign different options to each team to build asymmetrical game types. You can even create custom leaderboards that track stats relevant to your Warzone.

Player-created Warzones will be a central part of growing Shadow Fall's online community. After you've created a Warzone, it's automatically shared on PlayStation Network, allowing other players to try it out. Guerrilla Games will also be looking for the best creations, which will be highlighted and featured on PSN. Shadow Fall will ship with several "recommended" Warzones, but the hope is that, eventually, the community will essentially be in charge of the direction that multplayer takes.

In terms of gameplay, Warzone offers up three different classes, the sneaky Scout, the guns-out Assault and the helpful Support. I preferred the support, who is able help the team out by summoning team mate-reviving drones or placing down defensive turrets, among other things. The turret was particularly handy when the Warzone switched to an objective that required my team to plant charges on targets and wait for them to detonate before moving on. The fluid nature of a Warzone's changing objectives really keeps you on your toes, and a new objective can change the momentum of a match. My team, for example, struggled with a beacon delivery objective, but handled territory defence much

Rating of game 


This game is good but with two thirds of the campaign being good and the rest just being rushed, competitive and ending that disappoints. The two thirds of the game is just incredible with the awesome views, creativity on the city and surrounding makes it one of the best graphical games to have ever been on console.
Another fly through 
Attention to detail for me is a must and the refection off surfaces and shiny objects that are fake is just another thing that should never have been left out. With the game being on launch for the PS4 I did get the feeling that it got rushed and vital attention to detail was missed with weather physics just not being added.

Even though the online is fun it just fade quickly, with two modes that people just go on and it just doesn't help that their are just not enough weapons and attachment for them weapons compare to the likes of Battlefield and Call Of Duty.

Even though with a few minor flaws and a multiplayer that is fun but sucks at the same time, this game for me is one of the best launch exclusive titles ever made for a console.