Saturday, 11 January 2014

I'm Back

After a lengthy time out I'm back... ish. As in my last posts I have had  a few minor injuries with my hand, and it had kept me from really playing any games, that has use with a controller, and as one injury heeled another would happen, but now a few days after a nasty laceration to the thumb I'M BACK.

I've decided that I will move over to the PS4 side of things as I have only played 20 minutes of game time and that was testing the Vita on mutiplayer. The PS4 is the most powerful console to hit the market up to now and all PlayStation exclusives (by that I mean its Sony's owned studios) that I have played have really pushed the boat out when it comes to detail and that is with graphics, gameplay, storyline and other things that they add to give the game its wow factor.

screenshot from my PS4

I'm currently playing KillZone: ShadowFall I have played really what should be my first hour of gameplay, but I've decided to take my time so I can indulge of its brilliance gameplay and breathtaking scenery, that Guerrilla Games has created.

 A city fly through that happens in the game

Needless to say the game really has a good first impressions but that is if your just wanting to play the game and not go around looking for things, such as reflections. Yes if you go up to glass you may not find your reflection, or you find a refection that was created instead. I found this very quickly and spent 15 minutes looking and studying this one part. When you get in to this build it is like a reception area you will find a vending machine, behind you is a reception desk. At this stage you are a child maybe about 4/5 years of age, you can't see over the desk but if you go to the vending machine you can see over the desk, you can see a office and other things.

Your view as a child of the reception

your view same hight at the vending machine

This is a minor thing but with the detail that is in the game I am sure reflections would be included. 

That is it for now, more to come soon