Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Forza 5 Review

The time has come for my last game review of the launch games and yes it is another racing game. As in the last review I did with Need For Speed: Rivals which didn't get the best of reviews I look to a driving game that I have to say I don't mind. Forza is a racing social triumph, you don't have to be a hardcore racer to enjoy the Forza series. Well at least 3,4 and Horizon. Cat & Mouse, soccer/football with the igo cars and forgot the other car that you use, but they was used in Top Gear (BBC show) , Tag just to name a few. Forza: Horizon is for me by far the best as I am not a racing fanatic, and suck.

One thing of Forza is that a lot of people like is for the creativity it brings with the custom vinyl's that people make, and the length that they go to. I have spoken to a few people that create them and sometimes it takes them up to three weeks or even longer and the results are wow. This is down to its editor mode and it is a bit like the emblem editor on Call Of Duty: Black Ops but on steroids. On Black OpsI think it is like 12 layers per image or emblem but on Forza 4 at least it is one thousands layers per image and you can make loads of images and combine them together, and some of them are just breathe taking pieces of art.

These take such a long to do and look so good
The Review 

The Forza series has always been a tip top racing game that has taken fans away from the likes of Gran Turismo and the saviour for them likes Asphalt racing series and the Forza series has just keeps getting better and better with advanced driving physics and better understanding of the game engines that the developers can push further than ever before. One thing I like about the Xbox One controller is the force feedback on the trigger that help with traction you think, am I over-accelerating or not.

In the game's career mode you will find your self facing AI-controlled drivers like the other games but the AI is a lot more smarter. Sometimes you will race you're friends that have played the game and you will race their "drivatar." The AI is supposed to mimic their driving ability on what you do on the game, so if you're a clumsy driver your drivatar will be clumsy and smash into other drivers or things so will their AI, this sounds cleaver and the concept of it is, but it isn't. I have played with friends online and they aren't dirty players, they just want to get to the finish line as quickly as possible and cleanly, but the drivatar is very dirty, and when I'm playing it feels like I'm playing in a lobby of thugs that like to ram me off the road or clip the back of my car forcing me to spin and looking the opposite way. I don't think the developer wanted this but this is what happens and it really puts a damper on the career mode. When you get used to it and maybe a few controllers, a new console, new TV maybe a new disk because the other one is now in two pieces, then it becomes a bit more bearable, but the thing is that it just makes you drive aggressive as well, and it ends up that you do less racing and more bashing.

As much as the AI does my head in, it does make the game more challenging. As I'm of the weaker and noober drivers I did have automatic braking and turning enabled and is also its default settings. Even with all these on it still made it tricky for me. Like all games that you are not good at for never playing you start from the weak end and work your way up and now I do race without most of these settings off, I have the race line on for corners only, but I have a long way to go.

The game does not have as many cars as previous Forza a titles but for me it all comes down to DLC. Away from the career mode you can race against real humans instead of that crappy AI that maybe the was done by people that was in a third word sweatshop with no education that haunts up in the career mode.

Online is organised into different sections for the class of the cars like a,b,c and more for sports cars on many others, it is a good idea but when you have options it give people options to choose... And choosing isn't always good. Choosing can get you your class that you prefer but the class that you want might be not what the other plays want so getting into games might be a little tricky. The developer have tried to combat this and have added a "beginner" playlist that sits on the first page and you will see every time you go on the mutiplayer menu. I have found trying to play online is a big problem and with this being a Xbox One Exclusive is that not a lot of people have this console and I have trouble getting into games. You can get a private game going but that means using the Xbox annoying party features, luckily and hopefully Microsoft will sort this out in its up coming patch that is due out soon.

The most annoying part of the game is all this in-game purchase, which it does remind you a lot. XP Boosts for career mode, and this is on top of the VIP membership if you buy that. For a game that cost £55-£60 and if you buy the VIP pass, adding this in that constantly reminds you really makes the game feel cheap and it is also annoying, I also feel that the developer is just playing dirty. If this was a free to play game then yes understandable, but it isn't. This is just something that I used to see on Facebook games. In older Forza games you used to get cars sometimes or extra money for levelling but you get credits, that you can double by buying for an additional fee.

Away from the problems the game runs smoothly and has a fantastic frame rate, but when you cross the finish line and the AI takes over and you are waiting for the other players to finish the frame rate does drop and I looks like by half.

The Autovista mode lets you walk around the car and view the interior, but you can't look under the bonnet. Photo mode is where you can paint and customise, and fine tune your car. The system has change for getting your design out their has changed it still looks fantastic and solid.


It looks brilliant, it drives brilliant which are the two main factors here but it just isn't a good game. Dirty money tactics used by the developer for you to purchase something that you don't need is annoying and makes the game feel cheap. The biggest thing is all the game is here but it just is hidden or not don't to a satisfactory. All the good stuff that has been created can just be out weighed buy its flaws such as a useless AI dravatars and the mutiplayer hoppes, all in all this game is a utter disappointment unless you have a few friends to play on.

rating 7.5