Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Blog update Forza: 5

I'm pleased say that my Forza Review will be done within 48 hours, I'm hoping for tonight as in 29th Jan or early tomorrow morning is the best time as I finish work at 9pm. I have started to write the review now and half way through it, but I will need to edit it the best I can and add pictures and videos. The thing with the Xbox One is that I don't know much about how to use it fully so trying to use screenshots and videos might not be on my review,  one of the minor reasons is because I don't have my kinect set up, but I think the consoles store all of the screenshots or videos and is a case of looking. If I have any and have the time I will put it on my review if not I will do what I have done in the past, Google images or Youtube for gameplay, but soon I will be using all my game footages and screenshots like I have done in my Killzone and Ryse Reviews. It will just take time for me to learn to use the consoles. I have not played a lot on them just what I need to do and the rest of my time I have been on my pc.

In The News

In case some of you haven't heard the news about the beta sign ups for Titanfall, it is that they have not opened registrations for beta sign up yet, even though they have announced the beta test date any site that says it is for sign up is fake and could be a scam. News source is from IGN and Twitter