Thursday, 21 August 2014

Scan/Nvidia Summer Event

Finally the big night arrived the Scan/Nvidia two day party for the launch of the Nvidia Shield. I've been to a few parties to do with games in the past but not one of them has meant as much as this did to me. Not only was I allowed to go meet new people (employees and visitors) I was also part of the event crew which is called "Team Scan". The company know about this blog and are very supportive and have let me be apart of this event so thank you for letting this blog be apart of this event and hopefully to be apart of the next.

Friday 15th August (Lock-in session)

I missed the first 5 mins of the start as I was still working my shift and needed to get ready, but it was guest that was arriving into the marquee really but they was greeted by Scan's very own DJ called Penrar. I have to say he is very good. Many people that I spoke to at the event was saying how good he really was. When asked about genres Penrar replied "underground uk funky, garage, bass house, bassline and mutant bass in terms of genres"

Links to his music;
Penrar does weekly shows on this site
So please check him out.

Next up was a band called "Day Old Hate". They are a British alternative rock band that formed in 2012. The won a competition that was called Velocity 2014. They was picked winners by Record Producer / Mixer called  Romesh Dodangoda. He has worked with the likes of; Kids In Glass Houses, Funeral for a Friend, Twin Atlantic. I'm not really a person that listens to alternative rock, I mainly listen to metal of all sorts from heavy to extreme/black metal, but they sounded really good and if your into that kind of music I would check them out, they did sound really great and I stayed to watch them for their slot.

Another DJ hit the stage again I think was another employee from scan called "The Autobots." His genre is Drum & Bass, Breakbeat/electro

After the set was over it was time for the legend himself Marshall Jefferson. He has been around for at least two decades and he hasn't given up on doing what he loves and that is house music. I managed to have a great talk to him and he loves gaming. He spoke few time of liking Fable.
Left: Peter Bassett. Center: Marshall Jefferson. Right: My Boss.

Move Your Body also featured on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Which is my favourite video game of the series and you will find his song on SF-UR radio station on the game.

During the live band and DJ sets there was a small tournament of Call of Duty... Well you can't have gaming events without Call Of Duty being part of it at some point, so there was a competition on.
The night went so well and I really enjoyed it. The only down side was that I had to leave early to catch my bus home, was a great night. They had the Shield there for visitors and employees to go on but I decided to pass on the opportunity for the next day.

Saturday 16th August

After a night of musical entertainment with the DJ's and watching a live band, meeting new people and taking photos it was time for the big day. With prizes glory, gaming competitions, and playing on Scan Computers own 3XS high powered pc machines it was a gaming nerds perfect paradise where excreting in you your pants was done probably by more than few people.

People started to arrive early and que up for the event, think the first set of people came around 8:45 which shocked me in a good way of course, as I really didn't think these events would mean so much to people, turns out these events that Scan Computers host means everything.
The Hot Dog couple
Scan's pulled out all the stops there free food voucher was given to every person which entitled you to a free hot dog or pizza. I had a hot dog with my voucher and it was really good, think I ended up buying another as the voucher could only be used once for food. Free drinks from Rockstar to keep you going. Dj Rasp was there on the decks and boy was he good on the turn tables wowing the audience, which scratching on the record vinyl, I really wished I recorded more of it.

(I had to upload this to my youtube channel to get this on here)

Fifa, Street fighter, Grid Autosport and league of Legends was the game competition that was on for the day. League Of Legends is always one for the competitions and was only available for if you had a team.

Prizes on offer for the winner was as follows;

Fifa 14 Prize

  • Gigabyte football table
  • Razer BF4 Blackhawk headset
  • Razor sabertooth controller
Grid Autosport Prize

  • 600W Be Quiet PSU
  • Shadowrock 2 CPU Cooler
Street Fighter 4 Prize

  • Asus 24" VG248QE 144Hz 3D Monitor
League Of Legend Team Prize

  • £1000 split between top 3 teams
  • 3rd Place £40 each
  • 2nd place £60
  • 1st place Team would get £100 between 5 of them
A great prize for doing something that you enjoy.

As the event crew was setting up I had nothing really to do as they had all the staff that they need to set the computers and other technology that was to be present on the day. So this gave me a great chance to get my hands on the Nvidia Shield and its controller, when it was set up before the Guest came in.

Nvidia shield Specs

  • Nvidea Tegra 4 quad-core mobile processor with 2 GB RAM
  • 5-inch 1280x720 (294 PPI) multi-touch retinal- quality display
  • Integrated stereo speakers with built-in microphone
  • 16 GB Flash memory
  • 802.11n 2x2 MIMO 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • GPS
  • Mini-HDMI output
  • MicroSD storage slot
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with microphone support
  • 3-axis gyro
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 2 cameras front and back
  • Android KitKat 4.4.2 OS 
The Tablet comes with Trine 2 loaded on the tablet. I didn't really play on the game alot not enough to say about it anyway, apart from it is just made right for the tablet as it uses most of the features of the tablet and the controller. The controller is well made doesn't feel cheap and really for the price it shouldn't as it has a price tag for around £40 for the controller alone. The controller is very ergonomically designed to fit in your hands, and it feels right also. The controller for me is like having the Xbox One and the PS4 controllers built into one. Plays like a PS4 controller but feels and designed mainly like the Xbox One controller.

During the event the Nvidia sent two spokesmen out but people that I spoke to at the event just called them "The Nvidia Guys" They was there to present and show off the machine of what it is capable of. The controller doesn't use Bluetooth like other console controllers, it uses something called wifi direct which is helps reduce latency which "The Nvidia Guys" claimed that there is no latency at all... Hhhmmm that is not what I spotted. It is quicker with the reaction agreed but their is latency only a small amounts that unless you went looking for would affect your gameplay but when playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 we did notice a small delay as Call Of duty is a very quick paced game and we went looking for it, as part of a test.

The controller even has a headphone socket in it so you can also chat to your friends whilst gaming, you literally are taking your pc with you and playing pc games via a tablet it is that simple and with the 4G Shield coming out soon you won't miss any opportunity to play online games ever again, so you could play a game of Call Of Duty on the bus for example.

When playing on the Shield the graphics was crisp, sharp and just utterly impressive making this gadget one for all gaming geeks to have. With all games and gadgets that I review or talk about I always do a "who is this recommended for" so here it is

The Shield is a tablet that plays android games as well as streaming PC Triple A titles, so it can serve as a everyday purpose from using Facebook, YouTube, internet browsing and android gaming. With this being a tablet on steroids it can handle next tablet gaming.
The tablet for me serve a purpose for if you house share, living with family or living with a girlfriend or have a wife and family. They can now use the computer and it won't stop you from gaming as you can now take your pc pretty much anywhere in the house... or even to another friends house providing they have a wifi internet connection.

After all the competitions have been played, food had been consumed the event was over, Everyone that I spoke to had a great time and had a fantastic day. I feel very privilege not just to be there but behind scenes and watch everybody that was involved play there part and enjoy it. A big thank you to Scan Computers for inviting me along and hopefully I will be at another one they host soon. It makes me so proud not just be apart of this event but proud to be employed by them. They really know how to throw a party and give something back to the community.

Thank you for your support

Useful websites

Scan Computers website:
Scan Computers Facebook page:

Nicktronic Arts Facebook page:

I want on of these Simulators 

Pictures throughout the event.

Showing The Shield tablet and controller off like pros
My favourite car of all time Nissan GTR

Brilliant set of lads hope you had a great time

Nice Photo Bomb

Guy in the centre decided to add the Rockstar props Thank You

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gamescom 2014

I have briefly watching Gamescom but the space of a few days as it works out that I have time for one conference per night. Last night 12/4/14 (UK date) I watched Microsoft and I have to say yet again I feel that they played it safe. The hype is mainly about Halo and for me was the best part. I'm not a Halo fan. I loved Halo 3 and that was it really ODST should have been DLC but was sold for £29.99 and for me was a rip off, Halo 4 for me was turd. Halo is in the same boat as Gears Of War I only started to play from the third game. I have played a few of Halo 2 muti-player against my friends when I was at their house but that is it really. Gears Of War I have only ever played the third one and that is because of I was challanged to do reviews it. I was hoping I would be right on that one and say it was turd but it wasn't and I will be playing Gears Of War 1 & 2 some time.

Microsoft announced three bundles and one of them was a white xbox that was bundled with Sunset Overdrive and the other two was really modded cases for Call Of Duty and another one I think was for Fifa 15. It was announced that Tomb Raider was going to be a Xbox One exclusive. I feel that is a kick in the teeth for PlayStation fans as I remember my brother playing the game for the first PlayStation.

I feel that EA might as well just give PlayStation fans the fingers and show them their arse because Xbox One has EA's new service called "EA Access." From what I have read it is like Netflix but for games. It has a massive library of EA games. I think Fifa 14 and battlefield 4 is included. You will get 10% of extra content and play Battlefield: Hardline and Fifa 15 a week before it comes out. Not only that when the game expires when you by the game you will be able to continue where you left off. How much does this service cost? In the UK £3.99 per month. Which I think is a good price and is awesome if you you like EA Games.

Another one is the pre-download games. If you pre-order the game it will download the game and install it to you r console before the game comes out and when the game comes out you play it so at 00.01am. Fifa 15 and another game think it was Battlefield. Shows how much attention I was really paying attention... Which I wasn't really as I was writing my last post for yesterday, and I didn't care as I knew Microsoft was never really going to bring much new stuff to the table.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Going On sabbatical And Scan Event

Hey all after thinking long and hard I think it is time for me to take a break away from doing this blog. Since April this year I have had loads of personal problems that has affected my life and my life style and has delayed a few things that I need to do, also I have started a new job that is within the gaming industry, which is good for me but unfortunately the hours that I'm working are right in the middle of the day and with me getting home late at night I am unable to keep up with gaming reviews and other projects. It isn't just to the working hours I have expressed my concern as I want to move in a new direction anyways and cut down on the reviews. at the moment I'm around 6 months behind and had to cancel some projects.

It isn't all bad for me though. This week end the place I work at called Scan Computers International, are holding a event. They have teamed up with Nvidia to hold a summer party for the launch of the Nvidia Shield Tablet. I have been given permission to be their and be behind the scenes but most of all I will find out if I'm part of the event team. I will be taking pictures maybe videos and will be posting them here. I can say this is probably one of the biggest events Scan has ever done as they are setting up a big marquee yesterday (Tuesday). The event will be hosting gaming competitions for League Of Legends, Fifa 14, Street Fighter IV and Grid Autosport. That is for the Saturday.

For the games as far I am aware you need to register which are still open for you to do so, the website will be listed just make sure you can get to the building before you  register. Friday night party finishes at 11pm as public transport will be hard to get hold of and last buses are after 11pm. The bus to Wigan I think finishes at 11:23pm. Buses to Bolton I'm not sure. Their is a train station near by as well has a hotel. 

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet demonstration on Saturday 16th August at 10am. For more information please visit the site. Working at scan has given me the chance to be at these events and even though I might be taking a break from this blog I will post events like these as for reviews I really can't say I won't be closing the blog down as I do plan to come back. I do have a Facebook group which for some reason you have to ask to join, I'm not sure why I can't remove this setting but I will always add new people. We are a small quiet little group so you won't get spammed with rubbish like some groups out there, and when I see offers on (mainly) games or software I will post the link to the site/s .

Thank you all for viewing my blog and keeping tuning in

Websites: (for all computer needs) (The Blog's Group you will have to ask to join but I will not say no)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

New Job

Would firstly like to apologise on the delay of my Watch Dogs Review and putting the finishing touches of my E3 post, this is due to a new job change and having gruelling shifts at my last job. The shifts I got was all over the place from doing late shifts to mids then to earlies making it impossible for me to sleep.

I'm not sure that I have mentioned that my full time job was at McDonald's... Yes I worked their for eight years mainly for job security as I didn't want to leave for another job then for the company to go under. I now have a new job and just done my first week.

I know work at Scan Computers in Middlebrook (Bolton, UK), which sells computer parts, DJ equipment, computer builds and loads more, they also hold class to show you how to over clock your computer, they even hosted a over clock session using nitrogen, they also do gaming competitions, and I have been given permission by my HR department to go along and write about it. So when I have sorted myself out with the reviews the E3 post I shall go to these events.

I hope that my blog will be able to work with Scan and the staff to make some new material or exclusive videos, I will be seeing my HR department a week on Monday to see what we can do in the near future.

Some of the system builds they do are totally amazing, this is my favourite called the "swordfish" it is a few years old now but I'm sure you get the idea of how it goes.

Hell yes I want one

Thursday, 12 June 2014

E3 2014

(This post will have pictures and videos added, also more information added this post briefly explains most games and the main games that people want to see)

E3 is my best time of year all the games that get announced and sometimes new consoles. Just before E3 kicked off I had had a thought and I'm not thinking it's going to be a good one. Just after the new consoles have come out nah I won't be expecting anything awesome like the end of the last gen console shaped up.

Last years E3 (2013) was the most hardest day of my blogging life. Sat at my desk since 16:00 till 04:30 with not much sleep for Nintendo Direct early in the morning. This year I won't be doing detailed analysis as I have a number of small projects that I'm working on and planning, and with my low expectitions I will keep all news brief and short.

Microsoft Conference
The conference started with Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This game is done by Sledgehammer Games rather than the usual Treyarch for this year after Infinity Ward.

Call Of Duty: Future Warfare

  • All Content will be out for Xbox first
  • The Graphics has seen a huge difference 
  • Physics also have had a massive change

The problem for me was watching the game be played on the demo that was created for E3 was that it didn't seem like a Call Of Duty game. It seemed like it was a cross between Metal Gear Solid 4 for some reason think it was the machines. On the other side you get Titanfall with the look-a-like Mech's. The demo didn't give to much away about the story.

Forza 5 and Horizon 2

  • Forza 5 is about Nuremberg Ring, that it is now free DLC right now
  • The Map is correct by millimetre (apparently) 

  • Forza Horizon 2 is made by Playground Games
  • It will have over 200 cars
  • Weather will be added that hasn't been in the game
  • The game will be played at full 1080p
  • It has the same game engine as Forza 5
  • No lobbies... No waiting
  • Your club can have up to 1000 members
  • played on a dedicated server
  • Stunning graphics
  • open world with freedom
  • September release date of September 30th 
I loved the last Forza Horizon but will it go down the road of Forza 5 and become an annoying facebook microtransaction game? Will It have amazing music? We will find out in September

2k Games: Evolve
  • Beta and content first on Xbox
  • 5 classes to choose from
  • Great graphics
  • Release window of this fall

Ubisoft: Assassins Creed: Unity

  • 18th century French Revolution
  • Form your own brotherhood with up to 3 friends
  • Good looking graphics
  • it looks well designed with all France's Landmarks
  • One problem that I found while watching the presentation I found that they're in France using the English language which doesn't bother me as it saves on subtitles but at least have French-English accents rather than English

EA Bioware Dragon Age: Inquisition 

  • Content first on Xbox
  • Graphics are nothing special looks like last gen stuff
  • Basic Physics
  • Even though the graphics aren't something special, the character creation and dragons etc does look good 

Insomniac Games Sunset overdrive

  • It looks funny
  • Corny Graphics
  • It had a great PR with it and the way it was shown
  • The game plot is where an energy drink turns people into monsters 
  • The game does look like you will have loads of fun
  • has a combo system
  • it reminds me of playing a comic
  • Release date of October 28 2014
  • It will have dedicated servers muti-player of 8

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

343 Industries: Halo: Masterchief collection

  •  Nov 11 2014 xbox one
  • 1-4 Halo Games
  • Everything unlocked
  • Custom Playlist and combine them together
  •  Halo 2 anniversary retouched every part of the game and can be put back to how it looked, and will be able to play the muti-player like it used to be, and game modes.
  • One for every gamer and Xbox one also halo fans
  • Over 100 maps
  • Dedicated servers
  • All original game engines
  • Halo NightFall (Live action Film)
  • Halo 5 Guardians in December 
    Platinum Games: Crackdown 3 

    We had an idea that this was coming out as at last years E3 (2013) the Crackdown logo was the screen during a demo to show Xbox One's operating system.

    • Using drones have become more used in games and is used in this
    • Updated graphics but corny
    • better physics

    EA  Press Conference

    Last year I think EA might agree with me on this, It wasn't great, apart from the Battlefield 4 demo. Within a year EA has had to restructure its image as two years ago it was on of america's most hated companies... according to reports but if those are wrong being hated within the gaming world then hell yes they was. Money was everything and the attitude just wasn't in it. Since then the have stopped the online passes and other things have been changed to.

    This years E3 started going behind the scenes at EA Dice (Sweden) where they are making the game. Dice has worked closely with Lucas Arts, looking at props and models that was made during the films. Dice also really have done a lot of homework and they went to the locations that the films was shot, and that includes movies from 4,5 and 6. They're pulling out all of the stops to create this game and I can't wait for more information to come. 

    It has a spring 2015 release date.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition.
    will be out on 7th  October 2014


    Mass Effect 4 was announced but still in the concept stage

    • New characters
    • New worlds
    • and much more

    The Sims 4 (maxis)

    • Smarter Sims
    • You can figuratively control their hearts
    • change who they are 
    • Its typically Sims graphics and gameplay
    • The Sims emotions can continue to the next 
    • The moods can affect other Sims
    • Watch out as you're Sim can die from laughter
    • Release date 2nd September

    UFC (EA Canada)

    • Will have Bruce Lee will be a fighter
    • Release date 17th June

    NHL (EA Canada)

    • High quality graphics
    • Physics on all 12 twelve players and puck
    • Detailed arenas 

    PGA Tour

    • No load time
    • More texture to the grass, ball and many more
    • using the FrostBite 3 game engine

    Madden NFL 15

    • you have more control of the defence
    • more movement of the defence, one on one (Defence vs Offence)
    • More emotions of players
    • More dynamic cameras

    Mirrors Edge

    was announce but still at its concept stage

    Fifa 15

    • Emotional players
    • The players have memories
    • atmosphere is better
    • Shirts that the players wear will get dirty
    • Sliding on the floor will leave imprints on the turf
    • Goal posts will rattle when the ball hits them

    Battlefield: Hardline

    • Heists 
    • 32 muti-player action
    • it can get crazy
    • looks good
    • Destructive environment
    • Release date 20 October

    Ubisoft Press Conference

    Far Cry 4

    The story started off this title. I only played the third one and I have to say I did like it. The graphics was good, the gameplay was good. The only problem was when you went to the next island the story soon wrapped up. looking at the video it;

    • It looks brutal than before
    • The graphics have improved loads more
    • I can wait to get my hands on it.
    • Release date November 18 in the US and November 20 in EMEA territories
    • Two play co-op

    The Division

    This game I have been looking forward to, it looked good last year at E3, it was refreshing fantastic IP for Ubisoft. So what do we know;

    • The game is set in New Youk (U.S.A)
    • A virus out break that started on Black Friday
    • The virus took 3 weeks till the whole of New York was on lock down and thugs and gangs/factions formed.
    • Your a team sent in by Washington to investigate
    • The game look really good on how the portray a city in collapse and how society turns to a mess
    The Crew

    The Crew was a game that got shown last year and was to be released last year (I think for the new console launch), but got delayed for QA assurance.

    • The Crew is a game where you can go coast to coast from Miami to Los Angeles, you will go through the like of New York also.
    • The game is very detailed 
    • You can modify your car to go over most surfaces
    • The scenery is just second to none the developers has really gone to town on how detailed the scenery gets
    • This will look great on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4
    • The missions can be up to 2 hours long so loads to do.
    • Release date of  November 11

    A game that has been away form us for some time, think it was six maybe eight years ago... BUT here we have...

    Rainbow six: Siege

    • Muti-player game
    • uses tech to find targets, look into rooms
    • use plans and co-operate in teams
    • The use of shooting through walls that you enemies will hide behind, be aware as your enemies will shoot you back through the walls so watch out
    • The game just looks awesome

    Sony Press Conference

    • First to play on PS4 July 17th 
    • Alpha version this Thursday 12th June
    • White PS4 coming September 9th, it's a Destiny bundle it comes with 500gb hard drive, duel shock controller 4 and 30 days of PlayStation plus
    • Exclusive launch date content
    • Exodus a muti-player map to be exclusively to PlayStation
    • A extra mode think it was called Strike

    The Order 1866

    Another game that was announced at last years E3 a small video was sown but nothing of it, this year we get to see more.

    • Great Graphics
    • Good Textures
    • Its a horror game
    • PS4 game
    • It shows the PS4 potentials
    • Its set in the old days (1866) so you will have old guns
    This has great promise and as most shooter games now are futuristic, going back in time with the weaponry will be something I know I will enjoy and a change.

    First Light (Second Son stand alone DLC)

    • You wont have to own the game to play it
    • Pre-order it at the PlayStation store
    • Out this summer

    Little Big Planet (Bloodborn)

    • Power ups have been added
    • More Physics been added
    • Able to push the game further
    • Character has been added to help you continue through the levels and puzzles  
    • working a team comes into this game
    • release window of November
    • 8.7 million level has been created over the Little Big Planet games
    • You will have access to them all
    Far Cry 4 (PS4 exclusives)

    Far Cry  games has always work better with PlayStation and this going to be great on this console.

    • Well designed
    • Physics on explosions and fire are the best to date
    • Invite your friends to the game even though they don't have the game.
    Dead Island (Deep Silver)

    This was a teaser but it is awesome.

    New on Battlefield: Heardline
    • Beta only on PC/PS4 first

    Magicka (Paradox Interactive)

    • Open World
    • User Created
    • strategy game
    Sony only mentioned about Project Morpheus, which is PlayStation version Oculus VR headset. I think it is for next years E3 or maybe Gamescon later this year.

    Youtube will be coming to PS4 later this year

    Twitch and Ustream update where you will be able to talk and interact with the person you're watching, so helping them "LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU". or you can just mess around with them.

    More free to play games will be coming to PlayStation, such as Planetsiders 2. 25 games was mentioned within the next 12 months. Some games will have microtransactions for extra content such as kits and guns etc.

    PlayStation now

    • US and Canada will get the Open Beta 31st July
    • PS3 and Vita shortly after
    • Coming to Sony Smart Tv's, you will only need to buy a Duel Shock Controller 3 
    Vita Info: Over 100 games in development for the console.

    • Minecraft is one of them, and will have full console experience and muti-player.
    A new console is coming to town that was mention in Tokyo and is out. PLAYSTATION TV
    Its really a vita without the screen.

    • Priced at $99
    • Backwards compatible
    • Over 1000 games at launch (well they have already been out)
    Mortal Combat

    A game that looks just pure carnage

    The Last Of Us Remastered (Naughty Dog)

    • Its so clear in detail the step up to consoles
    • Release date of 29th July 2014

    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (Kojima Productions)

    • It just looks stunning can't wait to see more
    GTA 5 (RockStar Games)

    • we all new this was going to happen, but when and wow it looks realistic and completely a new game.
    • Release window of the fall
    Batman: Arkham Knight

    • Best looking Batman up to date
    • Updated CGI
    • Drive the Batmobile
    • Still has its comic corny voice acting
    • Great character creation 
    • Scarecrow and Nightmare missions only available to PlayStation
    Naughty Dog revealed a teaser Uncharted 4

    Nintendo Direct E3 Edition

     Robot chicken style, no Mario game this time.

    Smash bros
    • Using the mii fighter
    • The controller from the gamecube will make a return for the  Wii U
    •  Brawlers (class 1)
    •  Swordfighters (class 2)
    •  Gunner (class 2)
    • October 3rd 2014

    Amiibo (Disney and skylanders thing)

    • Super smash bros to be the first to use these.
    • Mario kart 8 will use these

    Yoshi’s woolly world
    • It is how it is, using yarn
    •  It looks quite good with detail
    • 3d platform game
    • Spring 2015

    Zelda (teaser)

    • Free roam
    • Great graphics
    • Big maps
    • Updated physics
    • Updated textures
    •  2015 release window 

    Pokemon ruby and emerald
    • November 21 November

    Bayonenetta 2
    • October 2014 release window 

    Zelda hyrule warriors

    • 2 players tv and game pad, not split screen
    • Great character design
    • 26 September

    Kirby teaser 2015

    Mario Maker

    • Make your own levels
    • 2015

    Devils Third teaser
    • Shooter and will have a multiplayer