Monday, 18 November 2013

Xbox One Tour Manchester

Xbox One Tour

As the current gen of console are about to make way for the next gen consoles their are just a couple of things that both Sony and Xbox are doing to promote their consoles... or at least one of them are. Microsoft are holding their own tour by renting a building a having a room full of Xbox One's. The whole room gets transformed in to a gamers paradise and only what most gamers can drool over. Mean while the PS4 did tour but through GAME stores, unfortunately  I had to work all of the PS4 date that where close to me in Greater Manchester. UK. 

As of now I have paid off both systems and just the systems with no bundles, I get paid on 21st November which is awesome and will be getting around 4 games for the Xbox One, and looking like one for the PS4, but we shall soon see.

18/11/2013 (uk date format)  Day 1 of the Xbox  One Tour

The event isn't all ticket only, it just is for the opening for the 12-5 and 5-10. If you don't have a ticket you will have to wait for the capacity die down, which is 150 people. The event is highly staffed with security. The Xbox One staff are just agency workers and have nothing to do with Microsoft apart from the tech guys. 

After walking in in group of 10 for a quick 5 min briefing about where everything is and about the games that they have. The upper floor where you start is for games that are not 18 and over, so I has Zoo Tycoon, Forza, Fifa 14 and other kinect titles... And a smoking hot modal to have a photo with.

Down stairs is where the fun starts with Dead Rising 3, Call Of Duty: Ghost, Battlefield 4, Ryse: Son Of Rome and Killer Instinct. For me this was the place to be. Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4. These had two booths each, where you went head to head with booth vs booth. At first I didn't understand so when playing Call Of Duty I kinda was messing around quick scoping and drop shopping... very badly just messing around, I did build a crowd round me watching me and only me, as I was thinking it was just against the computer.

When I found out about the booth vs booth I played Battlefield 4 and was serious. The game was domination and with the use of tickets. I got the most kills and most captures. I'm telling the truth about that as I normally suck, but I'm kinda sneaky when the are bushes to hide in.

As I'm going to be doing two sessions at the Xbox One Tour, today's event for me was looking at the console and how the game feels when playing racing and shooting games mostly. The first game I went on was Forza. It was the first game that I wanted to play as it was on the same floor as me. I am not going to talk about the game as I will be getting it at the Xbox One Launch, but I'm going to talk about the controller. This was the first time that I even held the controller also. The controller is very well designed. It just fit my hand perfectly, and It is a mix of the first Xbox and Xbox 360, but done perfectly. The curve of the controller just molds itself in to your hands and is comfy to hold. The back two triggers also stick out more making it next to no effort to press down. One of the small flaws for me is the analog sticks are a bit small for me but designed well enough to keep your thumbs in.

Many people will disagree with me here but I didn't think the Xbox 360 control was good for racing games, it felt like I really need to make more of an effort in keeping my finger on the triggers to keep my car going. This is just my opinion. The Xbox 360 has always been the control for the shooters, its easy for the guns and is easier to control the guns as well. I'm sure other people will disagree.

Playing Forza was really good, the controller was comfy and didn't bother me keeping my finger pressed down on the gas button, as the triggers are made a bit longer and does cure up more. The analog sticks was a bit to small for me but I'm sure that like most controls I will get used. The controller in general was a dream to play this game and I can't wait to play it when it come out on 22nd November.

The next game was Ryse: Son Of Rome. Before this I wasn't going to get this game as it seemed not to interest me, It looked well polished, well made and the fighting physics and system really worked well. I didn't spend a lot on this game, but it was set up on this arena type mode where you had to last as long as you could. This mode is reminds me of Batman Arkham games where you just have to button bash your was through the to eliminate your enemies, but this type of play has its draw backs as you press more buttons than the game can process and not completing all the buttons you press, that is not the case in Ryse: Son Of Rome, and is next to instant, but when you finally realize how to play the game in the time I did most of your went, I managed to survive longer than some people did sat next to me on the other consoles in the Ryse section. I am now thinking of getting this but my second visit will decide this.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts. A game that has been promoted the most by Microsoft as if it was an exclusive. Like I said before the game was set up for a team game 6 vs 6 team death match. (in this case 6 in one booth 6 in the other) It was the Xbox staff to get people on this booth to make the sides equal. I think because of we was all in the public their was no foul play and awful players... apart from me, I drop shot, I even quick scoped, but that was me misunderstanding that it was a team death match between booths.  Not really for me to talk about much at the moment as I'm going to be getting this at launch and reviewing this. I do have this for the Xbox 360, so I can compare the controllers. It defo works for quick scoping and is more responsive but the USB 3.0 with a faster connection kinda helps that, but it feels like I could play for longer on Call Of Duty.

The next was Battlefield 4. This game was 8 vs 8 domination (3 bases to capture) and for me was the better game out of the Call Of Duty. The staff really tried to get people to the play and they did it well. The staff that was on the Xbox pushed both teams on, but despite me doing well like always when I do, the team I was on (Russia) lost. I can see me playing this game a lot the controller works well, its comfy and is a an all round controller.

Dead Rising 3. I am getting this game as part of the bundle that i'm getting, the game is smart and funny as always. It makes you really think about what gun to use and what vehicle you want to use as both can be modded, and made better... did I say better I mean MENTAL. The controller serves a better purpose, it is like Ryse, but more button bashing, and using combos buttons, for this type of game that uses combos, you will to be able reach all the X,Y,B and A buttons also the triggers and that is what this controller does really well. It has the comfort of the first Xbox controller and the size of the Xbox 360 controller, enabling you to make more combos and faster movement. Which I can't wait to test Killer Instinct. 

I didn't play Fifa 14 this will be a game for my second session, where I will be looking more into the system and how it feels.

As you can tell I love the controller, I love how it feels, I love it handles, I love how it is compatible with all different genres of games. It is ergonomically brilliant and for me adds justice points for the Xbox One to be my main console.

My PlayStation 4 encounter

When I was in Manchester I had around 1 hour to kill before the event started, and I knew the console was in GAME. (only the controller and shell of the PS4) This was a chance for me to have a look at the size and touch the controller. The console is surprisingly long, and I'm taking the weird slant off, just looking at the square top.

Another thing is that I didn't realize how small the camera is. It's very tiny and is extremely powerful.

The controller is... Well small. I looks chunky. It feels smaller than the PS3 controller. The back triggers are better and come out more, but i'm not massively liking the controller but I don't want to judge it to soon as I have yet to play a game and it is looking like it will be the launch on 29th November, but with the problems that are happening in the U.S with the "Blue Light Of Death" and over heating issues it kinda making me feel less confidant with the system. On the other hand I can't wait to try the remote play with my Vita.
One thing that I like about Sony is the access you have to download the update, so I think I will download the update early and put it on a memory stick on the 28th or maybe a couple of days before so I don't have to download the install when I get in when most if Europe will be... Yes I am sure their will be people doing the same as me but not as many as the people using the PS4 system to do it.

unfortunately I Was unable to attend the next day due to not being well and having only having 2 hours kip over 3/4 days, but I will make up for it... how about 8 (seven games for Xbox and 1 PS4) games in just over a week to review and two games consoles... well three as I have the Vita and that is kinda a new console when hooked up to the PS4