Friday, 22 November 2013

Xbox One Day One Edition

Finally the day has come to the mid-night launch of the Xbox One. I am a massive fan of mid-night launches, the people that turn up load and loads of people. The last mid-night launch I did it was GTA 5. People was queuing before me, and not only that their was someone their from 1pm, kinda making me feel optimistic that people would be their before me. Tweet from GAME head office confirmed that some store around the UK for 10/11am. After that I decided to go to GAME about 3pm and when I get their nothing.

As the time went on I pre-purchase one... Then another one, then I got a plug and play kit. Around 5:45 I met up with one of my friends that I work with, and at  6:30pm we decide enough was enough and went que. as time went on about 7pm... Ish, another one of my friends turned up, I knew he was coming but still thought more people would of turned up. About another 30 mins later someone I didn't know turned up.  It was over an hour before someone else turned up. Disappointing.

At 10:30 GAME decided enough was enough and let us in, and it was only 30 mins later did the shop started to fill up. Their could of been many reasons for this as GAME have been doing the pre-purchase. This is where you buy you console/games and accessories before the launch, and when the time comes you just give them your receipt and number of what console you got then off you go. This saves you 20 mins easy and a good way of saving time.

By 00.12 I was at home with the console set up and downloading the up date.

Xbox One

The console look really like a box, with vents and one of its angles does have a vertical edge. (not really sure how to name it... So I have put a picture of) The kinect is smaller that the Xbox 360's version, but more powerful, better and only has one camera, it is also more sturdier and got better grip and is manually adjusted by slanting it at an angle.

As I have already played the Xbox One, the controller is something that I am not going into... much. The menu is different to the Xbox 360 apart from the first screen, with the pins to menu screen part etc but is a pain for me to navigate round but so are all console when you get them. They have condensed all apps, games part into three tabs, which are Pins, Home and Store. I do like the way the dash is and where you can navigate through the Tabs and if you're watching a movie you can still watch it, while you're looking through your tabs. I was watching Final Fantasy: Spirits Within on Love Film, whilst I writing about the tabs part.

I didn't play a game at first as getting everything installed and ready for me was a must. I sorted all the downloading out first with the QR codes and codes with the games for extra content. The Qr Codes work like a treat, by saying "Xbox... Get Codes" and by showing the Kinect's Camera it quickly downloads the content you need and this does this in less than a second if not next to instant. Providing you u do it right, but I also think it is down to internet speed. Then I moved on to installing the six games. I did take a while. During this time my friend decided to Skype call me so we could check out the kinect call functions and I have to say I am impressed. As he had room to move about in his bedroom he did. The Kinect's camera moves with you and is very impressive.

During the call we decided to use out mics that came with the Day One Editions only, and I have to say the sound quality is amazing, I love where the volume button and mute button are which is on the pluging part of the controller. The sounds that you hear your/other players are very clear and you would think that they are expensive... They might well be but, they look and feel very fragile and brittle. so I would be careful and not just rip them out of the console. As much as I like the design, their u is one small downfall and that is the head hurts after a while of use. At the other end that rests above your ear will post a picture of it soon. Even tho for me it seems fragile the part that plugs into your controller does stay in firmly compared the the Xbox 360's. The Xbox 360's part that plugs into the controller can easily be plugged out, if it get caught on anything or even just snags on something it just flies straight out, with the Xbox One it stays in and needs some force for it to come out.
Nicktronic Arts Tip: DO NOT PUT ON THE WIRE, TO RELEASE THE PLUG FROM THE CONTROLLER, as the wire is only thin and will easily snap, use the bulky plastic part to pull it out.

Another thing that I like is as I was writing this post on my PC my Skype was open on my PC  also and the call showed up on my PC as well. That is good especially if someone wants to ask me if they want a game etc, a good way to communicate between PC/device. (tablet, phone etc)

The Xbox One will do MP3 play back but at the moment won't play them through USB, for now anyways they will have it sorted soon. Hopefully the next update.

Their is some bad news for all Xbox One owners... well until the do a slimmer version or a more powerful one with more features. All games have to be installed and most of them are big. For example, Call Of Duty: Ghost is a 40gb install, and you have 500gb or storage with all the games over the years or if you have the money to buy them, the memory that you will need to install games will add up. Their is some good news and that is, you can put a new hard drive in... Then comes more bad news if you do. It will void you warranty. Here is some good news for you to counter that and that is you can use a external hard drive, I think 3tb is what is supported and you can find one that matches the Xbox One console.