Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dead Rising 3 Review

Dead Rising 3 is a game I didn't think I would get. I wasn't a fan of the any of the previous games, they was fun but repetitive. I do like the concept of it by crafting better weapons by putting two other weapons together. With the previous games that is all you could do, now they have added vehicles to the line. Turn bikes into killing machines, or just put a bike to a tarmac roller and make an awesome killing rolling machine, their are more to do with making awesome vehicles but they are the ones that I used the most. With at the weapon upgrades and vehicle upgrade this game can be fun... but for a while, as you go through the campaign (I did this on single player mode and I did a little online) you do have a time limit. This time you do not have to go back to your daughter or anything to give her some zombrex but you have a count down in days to get out of the city before the army blows your city up and killing every living thing inside.

Dead rising 3 isn't the best graphical game like; Battlefield 4, Ryse: Son Of Rome or Forza. Dead Rising just brings to the table that it couldn't do with its last gen consoles. Dead Rising is not the most good looking game, and is just a small upgrade from Dead Rising 2. You will only notice decent graphics during the cut scenes, for example, you will notice the grain on Nike's face where he is clean shaven. I would not let that put you off as it makes up by how much they pack into the game, their is no point in the game where you won't find something to do.

To nail this game down to a tee, it is just about crafting weapons and vehicles to mow down all the undead. This game does not fail to deliver with the zombies, as their could be hundreds in one spot, just waiting for you to come along and... Well kill them in a blood splattering way. Using the power of the Xbox One, Capcom Vancouver really does well with the amount of moving things (mainly zombies) are in one place without the game lagging or struggling to run, and this has not been seen in a type of game like this before.

Dead Rising 3 is pretty simple you play a character called Nick Ramos, you find yourself in a made up city in southern California called Los Perdidos. A zombie pandemic has sweep across the city and the army have quarantined the city, leaving you only a few days to get out. Their are side missions along the way. Get stuff for stranded survivors and they normally give you something in exchange normally a weapon blueprint, to craft weapons and vehicles you will need blue prints to craft weapons. Not all weapons that you craft are much good and use to you.

The thing that Dead Rising hasn't lost it funny side is with its clothes. You can dress in some disturbing but funny clothes. I remember In Dead Rising 2 I found the banana Suit or the Suit that was in Borat and then went on a six year old's bike. It did sound funny but the view from the back said otherwise. I did play a little online and had a laugh with other players, as one player found a pvc style shirt and matched it with a school girl skirt and thigh boots. As we was running around he then soon stumbled on a handbag  and started to beat the crap out of the zombies while we watched,  it did make our party laugh our nuts off. Away from the funny and embarrassing clothes your character through, he will tell you whether he likes it or not. I did like the weapons that won't effect the zombie but will make you laugh, their is this toy gun that you can get, it makes a popping sound when you fire off a small ball and when it hits the zombie it does fall back a bit but its still fun to do, and will put a smile on your face when you do.

One thing I need to mention quickly is get your combos in as this increases you level and it gets you PP points that you can spend and make you character improve on his skills and their is a lot of skills to go through.

The Dead Rising series is probably one of the most campy games that are out on the market, and in this installment as you have read it is no different and if not worse. As you progress through the storyline you will meet bosses which are psychopaths and their side mission really can be funny. These psychopaths are just normal people that have lost their minds due to the out break, they really go with the game as they are not over the top like in the previous games. In the last games the save system was a bit hard, as it was not easy to get to one and their wasn't very many, thankfully their is quite a few in the regular mode, Their is a Nightmare mode and that is like Dead Rising 2 regards the save points and tougher zombies. The game is more enjoyable with a friend or if you get a partner that is chatty.

The world isn't very big which for me is great as with their being a time limit you will get to go in the shops, rummage round and discover more of the city, for blue prints for craft weapons and vehicles. With this game you can use the SmartGlass App and this is where you can open it up and use it as a companion. Using the SmartGlass you can experience more content for the game, which include missions and other content that will be sent to your phone or device. For me I would use a table, as size does matter and easy to navigate the menus, I got the app up and running but I couldn't get it to work think their was something I wasn't doing right, but most sites say it does work well. I would advise you to do side missions as the game is short and in 7 chapters, but you can widen that time scale to discover the city and make use of all the features of the game.


The game is well... Stupid, that is Dead Rising has always been about, nothing has changed from the previous games. As I wrote before you can put you character in... well disturbing clothes, also make you and your friends laugh or cause offence to other players. The maps is bigger than the last games but less constructive. I would only recommend this game if you don't mind the repetitiveness, a survival horror nut or just wanting a laugh with your friends. This game does really show what this gen of consoles can offer and in years to come and will only get better.

rating 7