Saturday, 23 November 2013

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One Review

Yes the day has come for me to play not just the Xbox One but Call Of Duty: Ghosts. I missed The Launch and was the first time since Modern Warfare 2, which I was so gutted about, but I have said that I will buy it and do it for the Xbox One. I did hold out without buying if for the Xbox 360 but I only held on for about... 6 hours where I decided to buy it off steam. I only played it online and did shocking with my K/D  and my win/loss... I have never really been a good player at Call Of Duty I just enjoy it when I'm on with my friends. I'm thinking hopefully before the year is out which is the better Ghost's out of the two. Xbox One or the PC. Which ever way it will happen.

After the 40gb install... Yes 40gb, it is time to go, and see how good this Call Of Duty: Ghosts really is.

Over the years we have seen C.O.D grow into the awesome franchisee it is today. It gets mocked and joked about every year mainly by gamers that just don't like Call Of Duty... okay some fans. The stories never really changes. The lack of fresh new ideas when it comes to the storyline, and online can be a joke.This does make Activation look like they don't care and not making the studios that are involved that make the game help. Black ops for me is a story that is just completely weird and hard to follow. Black Ops 2 didn't make any sense to me what so ever, this is the first game since the first Modern Warfare not to prestige. On the PC it lacks the support for 3 screens (Surround) and can only be done using some form of screen fixer.

With a so called new engine that has been built from the ground up and the all the PR that has gone into it. lets see what I think of it.

The Review

Infinity Ward kept on going on about how much they have changed and that they took a risk by making a completely new game, rather than playing it safe with Modern Warfare 4, and this really doesn't show us that they have changed. The graphics are better and gameplay is more fluid and yes like they said you can see more texture on the charaters skin, like for cuts etc, but the graphics aren't something that I would brag about, the solid 60 frames per seconds for me just make it stand out more, than the rest.
The story really isn't anything new it kind of reminds me of Modern Warefare's 2 and 3 where you chase after Vladimir Makarov. The Story Kind of also reminds me of James Bond: Golden Eye when it comes to the villain part of the story anyway. The villain was on the same side as you or someone you know etc or when some form of incident happens then they go over to the enemies side then plans to take over the world or seeks revenge on you or your unit etc. The list goes on with films/games that are just alike.

The campaign is short as most are, but they have supposed to have worked on a new game engine so I can see that they have been busy... or have they. According to Wikipedia its the same engine as Modern Warfare 3 but more updated, with the PC to benefit more with the physX.
As much as I am calling the game and talking about how much I don't think the graphics are something to brag about, I really enjoyed playing it. I liked the idea behind having the dog. Which is called Riley. I loved the dog and is a massive help in the game if you know how to use him, and at the right time. I used him when I could, to get the enemy that was behind cover or if their was a few of them together. When you sent Riley in to naturalize one of group all of them would tend to come out of cover to shoot the dog, giving you a couple of seconds to pick them off without trouble. Riley cannot get killed, so why not.

So to break that bit down, Riley has his uses form getting someone that and killing him to causing a distraction, when their are a few of your enemies bunched up to target the Riley. Their are some comical parts where they use Riley to get your enemies out of buildings also, my only fault is that Infinity Ward kind of pushed Riley as new IP and put so much PR into Riley being a massive part of the game when he aint. This bit is a spoiler so you can skip this part, if you wish, I don't know if you felt the same but when Riley got shot I really felt sad and really felt comfortable carrying him, but with picking him up then putting him down constantly and with Riley crying looping I quickly got used to it. The worse thing for me (I don't know if I missed it or not) I didn't get to find out if the Riley was going to be alright from his injury.

The story did draw many complaints as the start mainly but the ending I seem to spot did seem to match one of Modern Warfare's previous endings and most of the time when you got downed in the cut scenes but all I can say that Infinity Ward left it on a clear open ending and their will be a another Ghost's to come. Infinity Ward remind me of Patrick Stewart, no matter how boring or uninteresting the stories might be they both can make them intriguing and want to watch/listen/play more.


new modes

  • Search And Rescue: A change from Search And Destroy. Players are given one life per round, But if your team mate collects your dog tag before the enemy does then you will be revived. This encourages you to work more of a team, but can also cause the other player to camp and wait for your team mate to collect your tag.
  • Haunted: This is a team death match where both teams start with pistols and every few minutes a crate will drop with better weapons around the map. This is a bit of fun but less competitive. 
  • Grind: Similar to Kill Confirmed, this time the dog tags that get collected have to be put into a two deposit bank around the map.
  • Blitz: Similar to Capture The Flag but  you don't have to return the flag. Just run into the enemies base to score and get transported back to your base. This seems pointless to me and easy, mainly for the weaker players that can't do capture the flag.
  • Cranked: A Team Death Match, with a twist, kill your enemy team you get a 30 second speed boost but if you fail to kill your enemy before 30 seconds are up of you explode.
The muti-player has always been what Call Of Duty is mainly all about, It's basics and very social way of playing, but has of recent been given bad reviews of it, Ghosts for 360 and PS3 getting loads of criticism, and having seen it played I can see why. The game got hacked one day before it was to be released. Hacked lobbies, and hackers that will make up prestige on every kill. I was speaking to one person in the que that said it happened to him and after one game he was prestige four.

Next gen and PC as far as I know are Dedicated servers so that means no host connection, no lag switchers... supposed to be harder to cheat, but I doubt it. I have not seen it yet and in my first game of Ghosts online I racked up 16 kills for 4 deaths, the next game 15 kills and 7 deaths.

Before you can start Muti-player you have to make a soldier and for the first time in Call Of Duty you can have a female. The creation screen can be confusing for the most intelligent of players and can take up more time than it is worth but you can customize the face/sex of your soldier to uniform, which have no impact on the game what so ever, instead Infinity Ward decided to tweak Treyarch's Black Ops 2 10 point create-a-class system, you also earn Squad Points and you can buy any weapon at any time and use the squad point to purchase them but they are not easy to come by.

With the Pick 10, players could spend up to 10 points, each point allocated to a gun, attachment or perk. Pick 10 was incredibly easy to understand, but it also allowed for a remarkable amount of customization. This has been replaced by an unnecessarily complex Perk Points system, where certain perks are given certain values. For example, you can either select five perks worth one point each or one perk worth five points each. You can also earn additional points by leaving secondary weapons or grenades behind.

It's a functional system, but it's a step down from the simplicity of Pick 10, which made character creation more digestible and enjoyable. This new system doesn't have any obvious upsides, and I can see it overwhelming newcomers.

One thing that Ghost made me realize about the other Modern Warfare was that most of the kill streaks was in the air, where as Ghosts has a mixed up, well some of the maps are in doors so you can't really use a AC 130 for. You don't have UAVs they are now SatComs, they are more effective when you use a multiple of them and placed in a spot where other players can't see them. You can earn an attack dog that will protect you when the enemy players are in close range to you, and you can easy miss them if the enemy has one and can be menacing, they also alert you when the enemy team is near but you have to be quick anyways with the fast pace Call Of Duty is known for. My biggest problem with the kill streaks are both can be shot with standard guns, and you won't need special anti-aircraft launchers or RPG launchers. The air kill streaks lack fire power and protection and can be easily avoided.


Squads was interesting for me, as you go through the muti-player you unlock 10 different soldiers each have their own ranks and loadouts, these soldiers can be brought into Squads. where they are used in bot matches that you pit with you and you AI-controlled team. you can go up against other players around the world also, but I would recommend going up against your friends. This a modified Combat raining really.

This mode is just perfect in every way and really nails the game. Extinction is a four-player co-op mode. Extinction has new mechanics that make experience more rewarding than what zombies ever did.

The mode has objective that are easy to follow. you have to kill alien swarms that are scattered around a small mid-western town. to accomplish your mission you have to carry a drill to several alien hives and destroy them. The maps are just huge and you can often choose which hive to destroy first, as you make your way to the middle of town.


If I was an all out Call Of Duty player and played nothing but Call Of Duty and willing to put the disk on my finger. Their are players like this out there. This game would be a 10 and epic... But I'm not. I play games from World Of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Of Keflings. I do Like most Call Of Duty's and Battlefield. Really am an all rounder when it comes to genres of games or games from PC to all consoles.

So for me as a Call Of Duty fan this is one of the best graphically but lacks new ideas for the story in the campaign, gameplay, and online modes that most really have just been made a lot less challenging and are for the weaker players. As much as I did find the story entertaining and Riley making it better for a few missions and played a fantastic role, this for me is one of Infinity Ward's worst games. Black Ops being worse than this.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts is strong online when needing to kill the enemies players but the maps are just to big for a 6v6 game and make it brilliant for traditional snipers to pick you off very easy. They literally can have time to set up a tent and stay there, maybe make some coffee whist their at it.

My score is a solid 8