Monday, 25 November 2013

Battlefield Xbox One Review

Battlefield the game with it all. It has an awesome game engine called the FrostBite 3, the game has always got something to blow up and buildings that can be demolished. Their are loads more that Battlefield has to offer in this new installment. This game brings all these to the table in style that has never been attempted before.

Many people buy the game not for the campaign mode but for the online mode and EA knows this so they have put more focus on that mode than they have ever done before, and they know you have more chance of getting a better experience than ever before online

Battlefield has always had an good mutiplayer that really does push the boundaries for players skill and for the engine to perform, but with all the stuff you can do, from drive tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and other vehicles to get from A to B or just in Battlefields terms from A to B to C with the domination maps. All these modes of transport are what help create a really good experience and make the game.


The campaign is just more of a mention rather than a whole load of paragraphs as it is short and quite boring. The one reason that I'm not disappointed is that I wasn't really expecting anything awesome to happen apart from the graphics. The game starts off with to two countries fighting Russia and China, you are sent in and the missions goes wrong.

Their are parts, well most of the game I was just thinking who am I fighting for? What am I going to get when I find out? Their was to many questions that didn't add up. Battlefield 4 just makes no sense till you get to the game. Another thing that I had to ask myself was what wax did they use on the floor of their ship, as it was immaculate and to shinny. At first when I noticed I just thought it was a water that got in the ship but after a closer look it was just one hell of a shinny floor. |In the games Campaign it is just a case of running forward and shooting what ever is in front of you.

My conclusion is; The game is boring, no new IP, not a good understanding into what is happening and who side you are fighting for and no purpose for any of it. Think it is time for DICE to get better script writer in. All that is going for the campaign is the graphics. More accessibility of the place your in rather than just a small part of it, and make the game longer, try not rushing to beat Activision.

Also during playing the campaign mode, the game kept crashing and sending me to the Home screen on the Xbox One losing where I was if I didn't get to a check point. Wounder if any of you guys had that problem I know one of my friends did.


online has 7 different modes to choose from they are;

  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Obliteration 
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Squad Deathmatch
  • Rush And Defuse
online classes

  • Assault
  • Recon
  • Support
  • Engineer

Conquest mode really goes to town with it's awesome features in well design and beautiful maps. 
I love where you in some maps where helicopters whiz around, tanks are just strolling through cities, fighter jets with their air strikes and the battleships that bombard you. Battlefield 4 is not all about using transport, you can be in a firefight with your enemies ground force unit and normal guns can be used... or heavy military equipment can be used.

I like what DICE has done, and how war really does show in the maps when it comes to collapsing building, roads with roads just crumble and whole environments just leveled then add 64 players to these maps and you get a really shit storm heading your way into complete havoc. To make it better the is commanded mode and you can use you ipad or similar devices to do this.

Two new game modes have been added, they are, Obliteration and Defuse. They offer more to do when it comes to gameplay. The first is about two teams battling it out for control over a bomb that they have to set off in the enemy base, which makes way for new tactical think and for your team to work together more as a team than ever before. Tanks and helicopters can be used to make a convoy for the bomb to carried instead of just going of to help your kill death ratio.

With Defuse you have to kill all of the opposition squad but you don't have any form of transport and respawn. you can be revived once per round, but thinking about how the game is played will someone risk being killed to revive you.

overall conclusion

Battlefield 4 is really not a game for those that like a story and a good campaign but nowadays how many are their with a good storyline and a good length, but name a FPS that has. Battlefield's strength is within its mutiplayer mode with all its destructive environment and vehicles. Its online modes will push your team skills and encourage you to work as a team and people for me have not been silent on the mics as the previous games. You have little control on what happens in the games online mode and it is this that makes the game more fun to enjoy, that nearly every game that you play will be different.

My rating 7.5

This rating is mainly cause the mutiplayer is pure class and using your device to command and help your team is an awesome idea.