Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dead Rising 3 Review

Dead Rising 3 is a game I didn't think I would get. I wasn't a fan of the any of the previous games, they was fun but repetitive. I do like the concept of it by crafting better weapons by putting two other weapons together. With the previous games that is all you could do, now they have added vehicles to the line. Turn bikes into killing machines, or just put a bike to a tarmac roller and make an awesome killing rolling machine, their are more to do with making awesome vehicles but they are the ones that I used the most. With at the weapon upgrades and vehicle upgrade this game can be fun... but for a while, as you go through the campaign (I did this on single player mode and I did a little online) you do have a time limit. This time you do not have to go back to your daughter or anything to give her some zombrex but you have a count down in days to get out of the city before the army blows your city up and killing every living thing inside.

Dead rising 3 isn't the best graphical game like; Battlefield 4, Ryse: Son Of Rome or Forza. Dead Rising just brings to the table that it couldn't do with its last gen consoles. Dead Rising is not the most good looking game, and is just a small upgrade from Dead Rising 2. You will only notice decent graphics during the cut scenes, for example, you will notice the grain on Nike's face where he is clean shaven. I would not let that put you off as it makes up by how much they pack into the game, their is no point in the game where you won't find something to do.

To nail this game down to a tee, it is just about crafting weapons and vehicles to mow down all the undead. This game does not fail to deliver with the zombies, as their could be hundreds in one spot, just waiting for you to come along and... Well kill them in a blood splattering way. Using the power of the Xbox One, Capcom Vancouver really does well with the amount of moving things (mainly zombies) are in one place without the game lagging or struggling to run, and this has not been seen in a type of game like this before.

Dead Rising 3 is pretty simple you play a character called Nick Ramos, you find yourself in a made up city in southern California called Los Perdidos. A zombie pandemic has sweep across the city and the army have quarantined the city, leaving you only a few days to get out. Their are side missions along the way. Get stuff for stranded survivors and they normally give you something in exchange normally a weapon blueprint, to craft weapons and vehicles you will need blue prints to craft weapons. Not all weapons that you craft are much good and use to you.

The thing that Dead Rising hasn't lost it funny side is with its clothes. You can dress in some disturbing but funny clothes. I remember In Dead Rising 2 I found the banana Suit or the Suit that was in Borat and then went on a six year old's bike. It did sound funny but the view from the back said otherwise. I did play a little online and had a laugh with other players, as one player found a pvc style shirt and matched it with a school girl skirt and thigh boots. As we was running around he then soon stumbled on a handbag  and started to beat the crap out of the zombies while we watched,  it did make our party laugh our nuts off. Away from the funny and embarrassing clothes your character through, he will tell you whether he likes it or not. I did like the weapons that won't effect the zombie but will make you laugh, their is this toy gun that you can get, it makes a popping sound when you fire off a small ball and when it hits the zombie it does fall back a bit but its still fun to do, and will put a smile on your face when you do.

One thing I need to mention quickly is get your combos in as this increases you level and it gets you PP points that you can spend and make you character improve on his skills and their is a lot of skills to go through.

The Dead Rising series is probably one of the most campy games that are out on the market, and in this installment as you have read it is no different and if not worse. As you progress through the storyline you will meet bosses which are psychopaths and their side mission really can be funny. These psychopaths are just normal people that have lost their minds due to the out break, they really go with the game as they are not over the top like in the previous games. In the last games the save system was a bit hard, as it was not easy to get to one and their wasn't very many, thankfully their is quite a few in the regular mode, Their is a Nightmare mode and that is like Dead Rising 2 regards the save points and tougher zombies. The game is more enjoyable with a friend or if you get a partner that is chatty.

The world isn't very big which for me is great as with their being a time limit you will get to go in the shops, rummage round and discover more of the city, for blue prints for craft weapons and vehicles. With this game you can use the SmartGlass App and this is where you can open it up and use it as a companion. Using the SmartGlass you can experience more content for the game, which include missions and other content that will be sent to your phone or device. For me I would use a table, as size does matter and easy to navigate the menus, I got the app up and running but I couldn't get it to work think their was something I wasn't doing right, but most sites say it does work well. I would advise you to do side missions as the game is short and in 7 chapters, but you can widen that time scale to discover the city and make use of all the features of the game.


The game is well... Stupid, that is Dead Rising has always been about, nothing has changed from the previous games. As I wrote before you can put you character in... well disturbing clothes, also make you and your friends laugh or cause offence to other players. The maps is bigger than the last games but less constructive. I would only recommend this game if you don't mind the repetitiveness, a survival horror nut or just wanting a laugh with your friends. This game does really show what this gen of consoles can offer and in years to come and will only get better.

rating 7

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ryse: Son Of Rome Review


2010 E3 was when Ryse: Son Of Rome was announced. Well its wasn't titled then tho. It was know as "Codename Kingdoms" and was a third person action adventure game, that Crytek was developing, and to be published by Microsoft Studios.

During E3 2011 press conference Ryse was announced to be a Kinect only title, and it did show impressive game footage that made me instantly want to get. In June 2012, Phil Spencer Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios said that the game was still in development. When asked about if the game was still going to be a Kinect only game, he replied that only some of Ryse will be Kinect. As of then it was still for Xbox 360.

That all changed in May 2013. After the announcement of the Xbox One, Ryse was confirmed as an exclusive for the Xbox One. In June at E3 Crytek show the gameplay of Ryse and it was no longer a Kinect only game, but it would use voice commands and gestures.


All the video's on the campaign are from my own gameplay, I didn't know that Xbox recorded stuff automatically unless you turn it off in the settings, but it worked out well.

Ryse: Son Of Rome, has always been a game that I have always wanted to get my hands on, before the Xbox One came out it wasn't going to be the first game I got originally, but it was on my wishlist tho. During the past three E3 Conferences I have watched Ryse grow in gameplay and how it looks and it was only getting better.

Ryse is also the only new IP for the Xbox One at launch, as the rest of the launch hard copy games had previous games. Ruse: Son Of Rome is powered by the awesome powerful Cry Engine 3 which I have got the privilege (well anyone can use it if you sign up and its for free) to have used and is one of the best engines out their when it comes to graphics. The detail you get on objects and what you can get out of the environment is second to none their is much more that this engine can achieve.

Ryse is a game that will satisfy gamers that love blood and guts... well ultimate gore really. This game goes flat out and spares no expense, from chopping off limbs, slicing people throats, stabbing them in most places you can think of and throwing your enemies off bridges, cliff and high buildings. You get that all in a package that will have you wanting to kill more and more. put attack after attack to make combos and put the points from your combo to what ever skill you have activated. These are;

  • Health Regeneration (the more combos you do the more health you regenerate)
  • Focus (slows time down for a short period, better off using this on multiple of enemies)
  • Attack Power (as it says on the tin harder attacks)
  • XP Boost (gives you more XP but health goes down quicker)
Out of the last two games I reviewed Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty: Ghost, Ryse: Son Of Rome has the better storyline for me... Yes I know this story is the main part of the game but still, what about the odd person that don't have the Internet and can't play online, or the players that like to do the campaign, a lot of money to pay for the campaign. £50-£60 a lot of money to payout.

For me Ryse is at its best when everything this next gen console has to offer. use your voice to command your troops, while you are hacking and slashing multiple of your enemies. See ladies who said that men can't multitask?  The game is telling the story of a Roman soldier called Marius Titus, The game lets you wield a sword and shield to go on a quest for vengeance. Hacking and slashing you enemies to bits that give a new level of realism. The game really goes down and dirty with presentation of those days in war. As you progress through the story Marius is promised blood and you will not be disappointed as you get more than blood you will get teeth and bone when you run and bash the enemy in the face with your shield.

The game is around 6-7 hours long depending how you play as you have to collect  Scrolls,Vistas and Chronicles. That is if you remember to while your having fun hacking and slashing.

Over the last few years their has not been any good third person brawler/ beat-em-ups out their. Only ones that are worth mentions are the Batman: Arkham series and God Of War series, so with Ryse being fresh it should be up with a good chance of being the best. It has an awesome engine and I know the combat with other CryEngine 3 games have been awesome, so the tools are there for this to be the best... But is isn't.

After one to three hours of game play you will see what lets the game down. Its the combat moves are the same, even when you upgrade your skills it is all the same. It is the same motion and when you realise the sequence of block, sword, sword, shield, execute is all you will be doing through most of the game. Their will be times were it won't be like that all the time. That is when their are multiple of enemies, but if you space them out and you will have the room to block or roll to stop them from getting you. Your enemies that highlight red is where they are about to attack heavy so you mainly will have to roll out of the way, then the sequence of buttons starts again.

The executions are good but their are only so many and they get repeated a lot. their is only so many times you can think "ouch" or feel something for the person that you butcher for it to seem normal and wanting to get to your next objective quick. Another thing is that during the execution sequence were the enemy glows yellow for you to dodge or use your shield and blue for your sword, the thing with this system is if the soldier lights up yellow for example and you press blue you still hit him and not lose you combo count just you lose your rating and less points, so you don't really have to work hard to earn points, they will always be their.

You need to be little patient for the colour to show the press as fast as you can as this give you you quickness score from recruit to legendary, might be one more rating above, but I'm sure you get the where I'm going with this. The better the rating more point you get.

The points that you earn you can spend them on;
  • Health Increase
  • XP
  • Damage
  • Focus
These get assigned to a quick command on the D-pad and purchasing these point will upgrade these commands. Don't worry if you run out of points, as you could always go to your own wallet and purchase points and get your upgrades. The biggest problem with these commands are that they make the game two easy. With executions being so frequent you will never run out of points and health.

One thing for me is that I noticed is when their was a bunch of enemies, the one you was attacking you will only hit them, and no one else. You will only hit multiple of enemies if they have as skulls above their heads for the execution to be carried out. Your enemies will kind of walk through the one your engaging with as if he wasn't there... Kind of annoying. 

Ryse was announced that it would use kinect, and it was mainly a kinect game, weather it was for attack or just voice commands or not, they don't get used a lot in the game. You don't have to use your voice, you can hold "RB" to use the command but I found when your fighting 5 enemies at once and they will have shields and other special type of power attack it is quicker and better to use your voice.

With all these bad points that are easy to spot and that are just so obvious are out of the way, I can go on to the cut scenes. In most cut scenes you skip or do something to avoid them, I tend to play on my psp football manger to occupy my time while I'm wait for the cut-scene to finish, but with Ryse you don't have to do that. The voice sync is spot on and the detail is nearly as good as it can get. You can see the wrinkles in lips of the people you speak to. It isn't about the lips that impress me as you can watch all their skin on the face sync with each other in the way they move, kind of the way they move in real life. The clothes are another thing that are really detailed. The way the light hits the metal armor and reflects off, and how the light reflects. For example when dirt is on the Armour it reflex differently compared to how it would if it clean.  


The cooperative mode puts you in the The Colosseum with one other player. You have loads of enemies to hack and slash, during the coop mode you will have objectives also. This mode will be enjoyed if you liked the basics of the mechanics of the campaign as their really is nothing new to offer.


I liked the game, I found it enjoyable. The storyline was interesting as you set your sights for revenge, and wanting blood and boy do you get it. Ryse is let down by its repetitive combat design which after a couple of hours of playing, you could  get bored easy. I have a massive attention span so it didn't bother me much. another thing that bothered me was that you don't have to work hard when it comes to climbing walls, ducking. You just move your thumb stick forward and the game does the rest for you. Despite the bad thing their are the graphics. They are the best I have seen to come to console since The Last Of Us, which was just pure quality for that. I would recommend Ryse to those people that like beat-em-ups, don't mind repetitive gameplay and just have a love for detail and graphics. Batman: Arkham lovers you should try this. It might not get you Armour upgrades or gadget upgrades, but it is just pure fun to disembowel someone. This game for me is just for pure fun to burn a couple of hours if you have them spare as you are guaranteed to achieve it.


Monday, 25 November 2013

Battlefield Xbox One Review

Battlefield the game with it all. It has an awesome game engine called the FrostBite 3, the game has always got something to blow up and buildings that can be demolished. Their are loads more that Battlefield has to offer in this new installment. This game brings all these to the table in style that has never been attempted before.

Many people buy the game not for the campaign mode but for the online mode and EA knows this so they have put more focus on that mode than they have ever done before, and they know you have more chance of getting a better experience than ever before online

Battlefield has always had an good mutiplayer that really does push the boundaries for players skill and for the engine to perform, but with all the stuff you can do, from drive tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and other vehicles to get from A to B or just in Battlefields terms from A to B to C with the domination maps. All these modes of transport are what help create a really good experience and make the game.


The campaign is just more of a mention rather than a whole load of paragraphs as it is short and quite boring. The one reason that I'm not disappointed is that I wasn't really expecting anything awesome to happen apart from the graphics. The game starts off with to two countries fighting Russia and China, you are sent in and the missions goes wrong.

Their are parts, well most of the game I was just thinking who am I fighting for? What am I going to get when I find out? Their was to many questions that didn't add up. Battlefield 4 just makes no sense till you get to the game. Another thing that I had to ask myself was what wax did they use on the floor of their ship, as it was immaculate and to shinny. At first when I noticed I just thought it was a water that got in the ship but after a closer look it was just one hell of a shinny floor. |In the games Campaign it is just a case of running forward and shooting what ever is in front of you.

My conclusion is; The game is boring, no new IP, not a good understanding into what is happening and who side you are fighting for and no purpose for any of it. Think it is time for DICE to get better script writer in. All that is going for the campaign is the graphics. More accessibility of the place your in rather than just a small part of it, and make the game longer, try not rushing to beat Activision.

Also during playing the campaign mode, the game kept crashing and sending me to the Home screen on the Xbox One losing where I was if I didn't get to a check point. Wounder if any of you guys had that problem I know one of my friends did.


online has 7 different modes to choose from they are;

  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Obliteration 
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Squad Deathmatch
  • Rush And Defuse
online classes

  • Assault
  • Recon
  • Support
  • Engineer

Conquest mode really goes to town with it's awesome features in well design and beautiful maps. 
I love where you in some maps where helicopters whiz around, tanks are just strolling through cities, fighter jets with their air strikes and the battleships that bombard you. Battlefield 4 is not all about using transport, you can be in a firefight with your enemies ground force unit and normal guns can be used... or heavy military equipment can be used.

I like what DICE has done, and how war really does show in the maps when it comes to collapsing building, roads with roads just crumble and whole environments just leveled then add 64 players to these maps and you get a really shit storm heading your way into complete havoc. To make it better the is commanded mode and you can use you ipad or similar devices to do this.

Two new game modes have been added, they are, Obliteration and Defuse. They offer more to do when it comes to gameplay. The first is about two teams battling it out for control over a bomb that they have to set off in the enemy base, which makes way for new tactical think and for your team to work together more as a team than ever before. Tanks and helicopters can be used to make a convoy for the bomb to carried instead of just going of to help your kill death ratio.

With Defuse you have to kill all of the opposition squad but you don't have any form of transport and respawn. you can be revived once per round, but thinking about how the game is played will someone risk being killed to revive you.

overall conclusion

Battlefield 4 is really not a game for those that like a story and a good campaign but nowadays how many are their with a good storyline and a good length, but name a FPS that has. Battlefield's strength is within its mutiplayer mode with all its destructive environment and vehicles. Its online modes will push your team skills and encourage you to work as a team and people for me have not been silent on the mics as the previous games. You have little control on what happens in the games online mode and it is this that makes the game more fun to enjoy, that nearly every game that you play will be different.

My rating 7.5

This rating is mainly cause the mutiplayer is pure class and using your device to command and help your team is an awesome idea.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One Review

Yes the day has come for me to play not just the Xbox One but Call Of Duty: Ghosts. I missed The Launch and was the first time since Modern Warfare 2, which I was so gutted about, but I have said that I will buy it and do it for the Xbox One. I did hold out without buying if for the Xbox 360 but I only held on for about... 6 hours where I decided to buy it off steam. I only played it online and did shocking with my K/D  and my win/loss... I have never really been a good player at Call Of Duty I just enjoy it when I'm on with my friends. I'm thinking hopefully before the year is out which is the better Ghost's out of the two. Xbox One or the PC. Which ever way it will happen.

After the 40gb install... Yes 40gb, it is time to go, and see how good this Call Of Duty: Ghosts really is.

Over the years we have seen C.O.D grow into the awesome franchisee it is today. It gets mocked and joked about every year mainly by gamers that just don't like Call Of Duty... okay some fans. The stories never really changes. The lack of fresh new ideas when it comes to the storyline, and online can be a joke.This does make Activation look like they don't care and not making the studios that are involved that make the game help. Black ops for me is a story that is just completely weird and hard to follow. Black Ops 2 didn't make any sense to me what so ever, this is the first game since the first Modern Warfare not to prestige. On the PC it lacks the support for 3 screens (Surround) and can only be done using some form of screen fixer.

With a so called new engine that has been built from the ground up and the all the PR that has gone into it. lets see what I think of it.

The Review

Infinity Ward kept on going on about how much they have changed and that they took a risk by making a completely new game, rather than playing it safe with Modern Warfare 4, and this really doesn't show us that they have changed. The graphics are better and gameplay is more fluid and yes like they said you can see more texture on the charaters skin, like for cuts etc, but the graphics aren't something that I would brag about, the solid 60 frames per seconds for me just make it stand out more, than the rest.
The story really isn't anything new it kind of reminds me of Modern Warefare's 2 and 3 where you chase after Vladimir Makarov. The Story Kind of also reminds me of James Bond: Golden Eye when it comes to the villain part of the story anyway. The villain was on the same side as you or someone you know etc or when some form of incident happens then they go over to the enemies side then plans to take over the world or seeks revenge on you or your unit etc. The list goes on with films/games that are just alike.

The campaign is short as most are, but they have supposed to have worked on a new game engine so I can see that they have been busy... or have they. According to Wikipedia its the same engine as Modern Warfare 3 but more updated, with the PC to benefit more with the physX.
As much as I am calling the game and talking about how much I don't think the graphics are something to brag about, I really enjoyed playing it. I liked the idea behind having the dog. Which is called Riley. I loved the dog and is a massive help in the game if you know how to use him, and at the right time. I used him when I could, to get the enemy that was behind cover or if their was a few of them together. When you sent Riley in to naturalize one of group all of them would tend to come out of cover to shoot the dog, giving you a couple of seconds to pick them off without trouble. Riley cannot get killed, so why not.

So to break that bit down, Riley has his uses form getting someone that and killing him to causing a distraction, when their are a few of your enemies bunched up to target the Riley. Their are some comical parts where they use Riley to get your enemies out of buildings also, my only fault is that Infinity Ward kind of pushed Riley as new IP and put so much PR into Riley being a massive part of the game when he aint. This bit is a spoiler so you can skip this part, if you wish, I don't know if you felt the same but when Riley got shot I really felt sad and really felt comfortable carrying him, but with picking him up then putting him down constantly and with Riley crying looping I quickly got used to it. The worse thing for me (I don't know if I missed it or not) I didn't get to find out if the Riley was going to be alright from his injury.

The story did draw many complaints as the start mainly but the ending I seem to spot did seem to match one of Modern Warfare's previous endings and most of the time when you got downed in the cut scenes but all I can say that Infinity Ward left it on a clear open ending and their will be a another Ghost's to come. Infinity Ward remind me of Patrick Stewart, no matter how boring or uninteresting the stories might be they both can make them intriguing and want to watch/listen/play more.


new modes

  • Search And Rescue: A change from Search And Destroy. Players are given one life per round, But if your team mate collects your dog tag before the enemy does then you will be revived. This encourages you to work more of a team, but can also cause the other player to camp and wait for your team mate to collect your tag.
  • Haunted: This is a team death match where both teams start with pistols and every few minutes a crate will drop with better weapons around the map. This is a bit of fun but less competitive. 
  • Grind: Similar to Kill Confirmed, this time the dog tags that get collected have to be put into a two deposit bank around the map.
  • Blitz: Similar to Capture The Flag but  you don't have to return the flag. Just run into the enemies base to score and get transported back to your base. This seems pointless to me and easy, mainly for the weaker players that can't do capture the flag.
  • Cranked: A Team Death Match, with a twist, kill your enemy team you get a 30 second speed boost but if you fail to kill your enemy before 30 seconds are up of you explode.
The muti-player has always been what Call Of Duty is mainly all about, It's basics and very social way of playing, but has of recent been given bad reviews of it, Ghosts for 360 and PS3 getting loads of criticism, and having seen it played I can see why. The game got hacked one day before it was to be released. Hacked lobbies, and hackers that will make up prestige on every kill. I was speaking to one person in the que that said it happened to him and after one game he was prestige four.

Next gen and PC as far as I know are Dedicated servers so that means no host connection, no lag switchers... supposed to be harder to cheat, but I doubt it. I have not seen it yet and in my first game of Ghosts online I racked up 16 kills for 4 deaths, the next game 15 kills and 7 deaths.

Before you can start Muti-player you have to make a soldier and for the first time in Call Of Duty you can have a female. The creation screen can be confusing for the most intelligent of players and can take up more time than it is worth but you can customize the face/sex of your soldier to uniform, which have no impact on the game what so ever, instead Infinity Ward decided to tweak Treyarch's Black Ops 2 10 point create-a-class system, you also earn Squad Points and you can buy any weapon at any time and use the squad point to purchase them but they are not easy to come by.

With the Pick 10, players could spend up to 10 points, each point allocated to a gun, attachment or perk. Pick 10 was incredibly easy to understand, but it also allowed for a remarkable amount of customization. This has been replaced by an unnecessarily complex Perk Points system, where certain perks are given certain values. For example, you can either select five perks worth one point each or one perk worth five points each. You can also earn additional points by leaving secondary weapons or grenades behind.

It's a functional system, but it's a step down from the simplicity of Pick 10, which made character creation more digestible and enjoyable. This new system doesn't have any obvious upsides, and I can see it overwhelming newcomers.

One thing that Ghost made me realize about the other Modern Warfare was that most of the kill streaks was in the air, where as Ghosts has a mixed up, well some of the maps are in doors so you can't really use a AC 130 for. You don't have UAVs they are now SatComs, they are more effective when you use a multiple of them and placed in a spot where other players can't see them. You can earn an attack dog that will protect you when the enemy players are in close range to you, and you can easy miss them if the enemy has one and can be menacing, they also alert you when the enemy team is near but you have to be quick anyways with the fast pace Call Of Duty is known for. My biggest problem with the kill streaks are both can be shot with standard guns, and you won't need special anti-aircraft launchers or RPG launchers. The air kill streaks lack fire power and protection and can be easily avoided.


Squads was interesting for me, as you go through the muti-player you unlock 10 different soldiers each have their own ranks and loadouts, these soldiers can be brought into Squads. where they are used in bot matches that you pit with you and you AI-controlled team. you can go up against other players around the world also, but I would recommend going up against your friends. This a modified Combat raining really.

This mode is just perfect in every way and really nails the game. Extinction is a four-player co-op mode. Extinction has new mechanics that make experience more rewarding than what zombies ever did.

The mode has objective that are easy to follow. you have to kill alien swarms that are scattered around a small mid-western town. to accomplish your mission you have to carry a drill to several alien hives and destroy them. The maps are just huge and you can often choose which hive to destroy first, as you make your way to the middle of town.


If I was an all out Call Of Duty player and played nothing but Call Of Duty and willing to put the disk on my finger. Their are players like this out there. This game would be a 10 and epic... But I'm not. I play games from World Of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Of Keflings. I do Like most Call Of Duty's and Battlefield. Really am an all rounder when it comes to genres of games or games from PC to all consoles.

So for me as a Call Of Duty fan this is one of the best graphically but lacks new ideas for the story in the campaign, gameplay, and online modes that most really have just been made a lot less challenging and are for the weaker players. As much as I did find the story entertaining and Riley making it better for a few missions and played a fantastic role, this for me is one of Infinity Ward's worst games. Black Ops being worse than this.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts is strong online when needing to kill the enemies players but the maps are just to big for a 6v6 game and make it brilliant for traditional snipers to pick you off very easy. They literally can have time to set up a tent and stay there, maybe make some coffee whist their at it.

My score is a solid 8

Friday, 22 November 2013

Xbox One Day One Edition

Finally the day has come to the mid-night launch of the Xbox One. I am a massive fan of mid-night launches, the people that turn up load and loads of people. The last mid-night launch I did it was GTA 5. People was queuing before me, and not only that their was someone their from 1pm, kinda making me feel optimistic that people would be their before me. Tweet from GAME head office confirmed that some store around the UK for 10/11am. After that I decided to go to GAME about 3pm and when I get their nothing.

As the time went on I pre-purchase one... Then another one, then I got a plug and play kit. Around 5:45 I met up with one of my friends that I work with, and at  6:30pm we decide enough was enough and went que. as time went on about 7pm... Ish, another one of my friends turned up, I knew he was coming but still thought more people would of turned up. About another 30 mins later someone I didn't know turned up.  It was over an hour before someone else turned up. Disappointing.

At 10:30 GAME decided enough was enough and let us in, and it was only 30 mins later did the shop started to fill up. Their could of been many reasons for this as GAME have been doing the pre-purchase. This is where you buy you console/games and accessories before the launch, and when the time comes you just give them your receipt and number of what console you got then off you go. This saves you 20 mins easy and a good way of saving time.

By 00.12 I was at home with the console set up and downloading the up date.

Xbox One

The console look really like a box, with vents and one of its angles does have a vertical edge. (not really sure how to name it... So I have put a picture of) The kinect is smaller that the Xbox 360's version, but more powerful, better and only has one camera, it is also more sturdier and got better grip and is manually adjusted by slanting it at an angle.

As I have already played the Xbox One, the controller is something that I am not going into... much. The menu is different to the Xbox 360 apart from the first screen, with the pins to menu screen part etc but is a pain for me to navigate round but so are all console when you get them. They have condensed all apps, games part into three tabs, which are Pins, Home and Store. I do like the way the dash is and where you can navigate through the Tabs and if you're watching a movie you can still watch it, while you're looking through your tabs. I was watching Final Fantasy: Spirits Within on Love Film, whilst I writing about the tabs part.

I didn't play a game at first as getting everything installed and ready for me was a must. I sorted all the downloading out first with the QR codes and codes with the games for extra content. The Qr Codes work like a treat, by saying "Xbox... Get Codes" and by showing the Kinect's Camera it quickly downloads the content you need and this does this in less than a second if not next to instant. Providing you u do it right, but I also think it is down to internet speed. Then I moved on to installing the six games. I did take a while. During this time my friend decided to Skype call me so we could check out the kinect call functions and I have to say I am impressed. As he had room to move about in his bedroom he did. The Kinect's camera moves with you and is very impressive.

During the call we decided to use out mics that came with the Day One Editions only, and I have to say the sound quality is amazing, I love where the volume button and mute button are which is on the pluging part of the controller. The sounds that you hear your/other players are very clear and you would think that they are expensive... They might well be but, they look and feel very fragile and brittle. so I would be careful and not just rip them out of the console. As much as I like the design, their u is one small downfall and that is the head hurts after a while of use. At the other end that rests above your ear will post a picture of it soon. Even tho for me it seems fragile the part that plugs into your controller does stay in firmly compared the the Xbox 360's. The Xbox 360's part that plugs into the controller can easily be plugged out, if it get caught on anything or even just snags on something it just flies straight out, with the Xbox One it stays in and needs some force for it to come out.
Nicktronic Arts Tip: DO NOT PUT ON THE WIRE, TO RELEASE THE PLUG FROM THE CONTROLLER, as the wire is only thin and will easily snap, use the bulky plastic part to pull it out.

Another thing that I like is as I was writing this post on my PC my Skype was open on my PC  also and the call showed up on my PC as well. That is good especially if someone wants to ask me if they want a game etc, a good way to communicate between PC/device. (tablet, phone etc)

The Xbox One will do MP3 play back but at the moment won't play them through USB, for now anyways they will have it sorted soon. Hopefully the next update.

Their is some bad news for all Xbox One owners... well until the do a slimmer version or a more powerful one with more features. All games have to be installed and most of them are big. For example, Call Of Duty: Ghost is a 40gb install, and you have 500gb or storage with all the games over the years or if you have the money to buy them, the memory that you will need to install games will add up. Their is some good news and that is, you can put a new hard drive in... Then comes more bad news if you do. It will void you warranty. Here is some good news for you to counter that and that is you can use a external hard drive, I think 3tb is what is supported and you can find one that matches the Xbox One console.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Xbox One Tour Manchester

Xbox One Tour

As the current gen of console are about to make way for the next gen consoles their are just a couple of things that both Sony and Xbox are doing to promote their consoles... or at least one of them are. Microsoft are holding their own tour by renting a building a having a room full of Xbox One's. The whole room gets transformed in to a gamers paradise and only what most gamers can drool over. Mean while the PS4 did tour but through GAME stores, unfortunately  I had to work all of the PS4 date that where close to me in Greater Manchester. UK. 

As of now I have paid off both systems and just the systems with no bundles, I get paid on 21st November which is awesome and will be getting around 4 games for the Xbox One, and looking like one for the PS4, but we shall soon see.

18/11/2013 (uk date format)  Day 1 of the Xbox  One Tour

The event isn't all ticket only, it just is for the opening for the 12-5 and 5-10. If you don't have a ticket you will have to wait for the capacity die down, which is 150 people. The event is highly staffed with security. The Xbox One staff are just agency workers and have nothing to do with Microsoft apart from the tech guys. 

After walking in in group of 10 for a quick 5 min briefing about where everything is and about the games that they have. The upper floor where you start is for games that are not 18 and over, so I has Zoo Tycoon, Forza, Fifa 14 and other kinect titles... And a smoking hot modal to have a photo with.

Down stairs is where the fun starts with Dead Rising 3, Call Of Duty: Ghost, Battlefield 4, Ryse: Son Of Rome and Killer Instinct. For me this was the place to be. Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4. These had two booths each, where you went head to head with booth vs booth. At first I didn't understand so when playing Call Of Duty I kinda was messing around quick scoping and drop shopping... very badly just messing around, I did build a crowd round me watching me and only me, as I was thinking it was just against the computer.

When I found out about the booth vs booth I played Battlefield 4 and was serious. The game was domination and with the use of tickets. I got the most kills and most captures. I'm telling the truth about that as I normally suck, but I'm kinda sneaky when the are bushes to hide in.

As I'm going to be doing two sessions at the Xbox One Tour, today's event for me was looking at the console and how the game feels when playing racing and shooting games mostly. The first game I went on was Forza. It was the first game that I wanted to play as it was on the same floor as me. I am not going to talk about the game as I will be getting it at the Xbox One Launch, but I'm going to talk about the controller. This was the first time that I even held the controller also. The controller is very well designed. It just fit my hand perfectly, and It is a mix of the first Xbox and Xbox 360, but done perfectly. The curve of the controller just molds itself in to your hands and is comfy to hold. The back two triggers also stick out more making it next to no effort to press down. One of the small flaws for me is the analog sticks are a bit small for me but designed well enough to keep your thumbs in.

Many people will disagree with me here but I didn't think the Xbox 360 control was good for racing games, it felt like I really need to make more of an effort in keeping my finger on the triggers to keep my car going. This is just my opinion. The Xbox 360 has always been the control for the shooters, its easy for the guns and is easier to control the guns as well. I'm sure other people will disagree.

Playing Forza was really good, the controller was comfy and didn't bother me keeping my finger pressed down on the gas button, as the triggers are made a bit longer and does cure up more. The analog sticks was a bit to small for me but I'm sure that like most controls I will get used. The controller in general was a dream to play this game and I can't wait to play it when it come out on 22nd November.

The next game was Ryse: Son Of Rome. Before this I wasn't going to get this game as it seemed not to interest me, It looked well polished, well made and the fighting physics and system really worked well. I didn't spend a lot on this game, but it was set up on this arena type mode where you had to last as long as you could. This mode is reminds me of Batman Arkham games where you just have to button bash your was through the to eliminate your enemies, but this type of play has its draw backs as you press more buttons than the game can process and not completing all the buttons you press, that is not the case in Ryse: Son Of Rome, and is next to instant, but when you finally realize how to play the game in the time I did most of your went, I managed to survive longer than some people did sat next to me on the other consoles in the Ryse section. I am now thinking of getting this but my second visit will decide this.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts. A game that has been promoted the most by Microsoft as if it was an exclusive. Like I said before the game was set up for a team game 6 vs 6 team death match. (in this case 6 in one booth 6 in the other) It was the Xbox staff to get people on this booth to make the sides equal. I think because of we was all in the public their was no foul play and awful players... apart from me, I drop shot, I even quick scoped, but that was me misunderstanding that it was a team death match between booths.  Not really for me to talk about much at the moment as I'm going to be getting this at launch and reviewing this. I do have this for the Xbox 360, so I can compare the controllers. It defo works for quick scoping and is more responsive but the USB 3.0 with a faster connection kinda helps that, but it feels like I could play for longer on Call Of Duty.

The next was Battlefield 4. This game was 8 vs 8 domination (3 bases to capture) and for me was the better game out of the Call Of Duty. The staff really tried to get people to the play and they did it well. The staff that was on the Xbox pushed both teams on, but despite me doing well like always when I do, the team I was on (Russia) lost. I can see me playing this game a lot the controller works well, its comfy and is a an all round controller.

Dead Rising 3. I am getting this game as part of the bundle that i'm getting, the game is smart and funny as always. It makes you really think about what gun to use and what vehicle you want to use as both can be modded, and made better... did I say better I mean MENTAL. The controller serves a better purpose, it is like Ryse, but more button bashing, and using combos buttons, for this type of game that uses combos, you will to be able reach all the X,Y,B and A buttons also the triggers and that is what this controller does really well. It has the comfort of the first Xbox controller and the size of the Xbox 360 controller, enabling you to make more combos and faster movement. Which I can't wait to test Killer Instinct. 

I didn't play Fifa 14 this will be a game for my second session, where I will be looking more into the system and how it feels.

As you can tell I love the controller, I love how it feels, I love it handles, I love how it is compatible with all different genres of games. It is ergonomically brilliant and for me adds justice points for the Xbox One to be my main console.

My PlayStation 4 encounter

When I was in Manchester I had around 1 hour to kill before the event started, and I knew the console was in GAME. (only the controller and shell of the PS4) This was a chance for me to have a look at the size and touch the controller. The console is surprisingly long, and I'm taking the weird slant off, just looking at the square top.

Another thing is that I didn't realize how small the camera is. It's very tiny and is extremely powerful.

The controller is... Well small. I looks chunky. It feels smaller than the PS3 controller. The back triggers are better and come out more, but i'm not massively liking the controller but I don't want to judge it to soon as I have yet to play a game and it is looking like it will be the launch on 29th November, but with the problems that are happening in the U.S with the "Blue Light Of Death" and over heating issues it kinda making me feel less confidant with the system. On the other hand I can't wait to try the remote play with my Vita.
One thing that I like about Sony is the access you have to download the update, so I think I will download the update early and put it on a memory stick on the 28th or maybe a couple of days before so I don't have to download the install when I get in when most if Europe will be... Yes I am sure their will be people doing the same as me but not as many as the people using the PS4 system to do it.

unfortunately I Was unable to attend the next day due to not being well and having only having 2 hours kip over 3/4 days, but I will make up for it... how about 8 (seven games for Xbox and 1 PS4) games in just over a week to review and two games consoles... well three as I have the Vita and that is kinda a new console when hooked up to the PS4

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Games, Nicktronic Arts, Call Of Duty VS Battlefield 4 and Stuff

This year has been a quite year for me. A few reviews and E3 really, but the end to this year is a good and dark one. At this time of year Sept-Nov for the last two years for me is the busiest time of the year, because normally their is 3 games that get released, within 3/4 weeks of each other but the main two are Call Of Duty and Battlefield 4/Medal Of Honor, and is tiring for myself as I have a full time job also, which is hard work, game eat etc and the cycle repeats itself until all the games have been completed and reviews written up.

In my reviews I normally do all the mid-night launches to them or early opening depending on if I work nights or up at 4am, this year due to me getting both PS4 and Xbox One I won't be getting Battlefield 4 nor will I be getting Call Of Duty: Ghosts. This is due to money. Xbox One £429.99. PS4 £349.99 coming to £779.98 without any games. The one bad thing going into the launch is with the PS4. As some of you know DriveClub has been delayed and I am not sure that I can change my bundle... But if I can I will be getting Killzone.

Don't get me wrong I will be doing my review on Call Of Duty: Ghosts and I will also be doing Battlefield 4... But on the Xbox One looking like it will be Battlefield 4 and PS4 will more likely being Call Of Duty: Ghosts. I will be testing these at the Xbox One Tour so they might just change. Also as I will not being Doing the launch of Call Of Duty and Battlefield, I will be cramming in more next gen titles, this is due to me working 4 week up to me writing this with only 2 day off. I have asked for the extra hours, and next week I will also be working my other 2 days off, 5 weeks work and 2 days off. More money, means more games to test and play on next gen consoles only... And of couse I have booked all the time off for this around 3 weeks.

Also two other game has been delayed which are Watch Dogs and The Crew.  Another game for the xbox 360 and I think PS3, South Park: The Stick Of Truth has also been delayed and will be out around March and April of 2014.

Regards to Nicktronic Arts, I am thinking of giving the name a new look and maybe a new name at the moment I am unsure.

My schedule from the 18th November 2013

18th Nov: Xbox Tour (Manchester 12-5 Then maybe work straight after)
19th Nov: Tour (Manchester 12-5 Then maybe work straight after)
20th Nov: work... maybe (If not a whole day on Xbox 360 remembering the good old days and far well to friends)
21th Nov: Xbox One Eve. XBOX ONE MID-NIGHT LAUNCH( will be in Wigan UK around 11am if I see people queing then I suppose I will que to, if not off to game L2P a gaming place)
22nd Nov: Xbox One Release Date, no sleep just gaming
23rd Nov: Intensive gaming (If any games get completed and online played review to be done)
24th Nov:: Off (Off from gaming... for awhile as I have a concert at Manchester 30 Seconds To Mars)
25th Nov: Intensive gaming (If any games get completed and online played review to be done)
26th: Nov: Intensive gaming (If any games get completed and online played review to be done)
27th: Nov: Intensive gaming (all Xbox One Games to be completed and online play done and Review online)
28th: Nov: PS4 Launch Eve MID-NIGHT LAUNCH (will be in Wigan UK around 11am if I see people queing then I suppose I will que to, if not off to game L2P a gaming place)
30th: Nov: Xbox One Release Date, no sleep just gaming
 1st Dec: Off ( Off from gaming as I have a concert at Manchester Bullet For My Valentine hotel needed party time)
2nd Dec: Intensive gaming (If any games get completed and online played review to be done)
3rd Dec: Intensive gaming (If any games get completed and online played review to be done)
4th Dec: Intensive gaming (If any games get completed and online played review to be done)
5th Dec: Intensive gaming (If any games get completed and online played review to be done)
6th Dec: Finishing time of from work ( All reviews to be done on PS4 games including online play)

During this time I will be having friends round and gaming our head off to the max, during this time apart from the concert days they can call round at any time any day oth the 24 hour period. These dates apart from the mid-launch and concerts will not change.