Friday, 11 October 2013


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It has been along time since I wrote something and mainly is because I have been working on other projects such as my IGN Blog. I have been getting good reports on their as well as upsetting a load of Nintendo fan people, some of them delusional. One thing is yes Nintendo Wii U is the best selling console ever with in its first 6-12 months, but when the current gen consoles came out gaming wasn't as strong as it is today. Records are being broken every year on games, and competition is stepping up, but that is about to change. A lot of websites, amazon, gamestop and I think did stop pre-orders for both PS4 and Xbox One (XBONE now accepted now as its nickname) for a while, not sure if they are going. but we will see.

Grand Theft Auto In General


I am going to be honest I haven't played all of the Grand Theft Auto games, and I can't say that I'm a massive fan either, but I can say that I have watch it grow to the game it is today. I remember when the first GTA game came out for the PlayStation One. I didn't do any mission, the graphics was awful, the over head view, the corny car bombs that you could plant, the paint shops for your cars. The car scraping for money in the first game. Answering the phone in the first game for mission, used to watch my brother to the missions. Only one I can remember was the mission with the pertrol/gas tanker, where you could not go slow or you blow up. I remeber that some cars had a bomb in the car then you get the 5 second count down. One of the biggest things was swimming, mainly you died, think you could in shallow puddles but then drowned, also you could go on the train tracks but then you would get electrocuted. The biggest thing that I will always remember was when you died you always heard a crowd go "AWWWWWWWW", or when my brother failed a mission "Mission Failed AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"


I didn't play it for the missions, all I remember doing is stealing cars, and killing people, by guns or running them over, or stealing cars and scraping them in for weapons and ammo. The main things that I will never forget were the "Elvis people" and the idiots that just said " Give me your wallet" then took thousands off you and then you got the bastard you got $30 back. Their was mafia type people or gangs which ever that was on the game, they was fun till you pissed them off.

GTA: London
I didn't play, sure  got told you blew up Wembley stadium? (the old one with the twin towers)


Next for me was GTA 3 and a changed view from above to a 3rd person it was about about 2 years after it was released on the PS2, it changed everything, again I was to stupid to do missions so I let my brother unlock them for me and I used to ruin his records by being killed all the time, again pissing of the cops. running over people, shooting them etc. This for me was when the music was good. Think it was when the glitches started to become a thing.

GTA: Vice City

Still to this day alot of peoples favorite game, and I can see why. The music for me was fantastic, real group and artists, think it was from the 80's and when also I think you could buy the odd business, I remember the night club and I think the film studio. This is when I did the odd missions, I remember taking the mansion on Vice City. This is also a game where the helicopters came in... And how can I forget the Dodo Plane. The plane that was useless and never stayed in the air... at least for me. I think the main thing for me was the mall. I loved it, not for buying clothes, or guns just blowing the shit out of it and it was easy to stay alive. Their was health in the food court and not matter how bad you had a police rating their was always someone to kill, money to be made of the people that you killed, ammo from the police, but also the money that you made from killing went straight on the gun shop, and I'm sure the mall played real music. (by that I mean real artist that Rockstar paid royalties to, and not their own created stuff) I remember one mission with a mini gun and you just went on a rampage killing everyone inside the mail and shop windows that was awesome.
and in the pic below think you ended up planting a bomb with this helicopter and blowing up the contruction site.

GTA: San Andreas

This game had muti-player (offline only) This is my favorite GTA of all time. This game had it all, at the time the graphics was out of this world. Guns, cars, casinos, gangs, music, extra mission, massive map, tractors and getting health from fats food joints just many to name really. This game for me is the foundation of most free roam, sandbox type games, it showed all game developers what they can do, and I don't mean GTA and Saint Row type games can do. The radio had it all from rock to stuff before the 80's music and even to rap music, I did a few mission on this and broke a shit load of controllers, how I never broke the disk is beyond me. one mission took me months to do and will never leave me. It is near the start, and you have to kill some Ballers that are on top of a train, you on a bike with Ryder I think and have to kill the Ballers before they reach the city limits. It took me months to do it, as riding Bike aint my style... In other words I am crap at driving cars and riding bikes.

With San Andreas I did enough just to unlock everything without getting stars from swimming across the river without getting 4 stars. As you played a character called CJ (who was a coloured person) I and many other of my friends kinda all did the same thing with the haircuts and that was blond or black Cornrow. (which are dreadlocks) as it just looked right, It wasn't because he was black/coloured, I just liked it.
(after looking online for a couple of mins I found this and I didn't type in hair styles)

Their was many things do to like fly to airports and their was 3 (4 in total but the other was a private airfield that you could own) of them, most was like private jets, and their was a massive passenger jet that I liked. I did like the driving school and flying school. They was a great touch to the game and if you got gold on the flying you got the stunt plane. Their is to much to talk about but I must move on.
(how good was the harrier)

GTA: Liberty City Stories

This was the first GTA for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) and I think was the first game that had modes console link between two consoles I only remember the death match mode I was awesome at, but was also the first GTA that I completed the story mode to... Also I completed the Taxi missions all 100 of them in one taxi. I did kinda exploited with them as I could only go to the places that have been unlocked and I didn't do many mission so I only had the first part of city done. I liked this music to the game and it did add a new depth to the handheld gaming world and back to GTA 3. This did get released for PS2 later on

GTA: Vice City Stories
I didn't play much off but I loved the business aspect of it and that you had to protect them from getting attacked, I remember the nightclub changed. I made alot of money mwahahahaha


... For me a let down, Played 2 hours of it and the first set of mission and traded it in on launch day, the handle of the game just didn't feel right for me and the car handling for me was also brilliantly messed up, one of my friends did say about the poorly camera angles when you was driving. Their was a few gags that I liked and that was the internet cafe called TW@ and the fact that you can go on a porn website and get 4/5 stars after you, the stuff on TV the was really funny. I loved it when when you hit a taxi right, someone would get out of the car with their arm I think on fire, or whole body on fire those are only the good things I liked about the game. Don't think their was any planes or helicopters in the game but I could be wrong might be on the DLC. All most forgot how annoying was his cousin "Hey Niko! Its Roman Lets go bowling"

            This video is called grand theft awesome and is fan
            made of the game and of Ego Raptor
GTA: China Town Wars

I missed GTA: China Town Wars, another PSP game and also Nintendo DS game, never played it, from pictures I have seen it went back to its grass roots and had the above view but looked very awful. One thing that all GTA games have in common... CHEATS, yes we have all used cheats, they have changed since the first game, as you used to used words like theshit and bastard (think you got all guns and had all stars for cops with that cheat) being 2 of them, now in GTA 3 I think it was using you buttons on your controller, might be wrong, as for GTA 2 I didn't use any cheats... Really I didn't as I got ammo for crushing cars.
(game on the Nintendo DS)

Launch of GTA V

I was never intending of getting GTA 5 even tho I pre-ordered the game early but I was thinking what was the point with having a high powered pc and with the next gen consoles around the corner, but in the end I asked the IGN Universe for advice, and I got a heavy response mostly about masturbation for some reason but for some reason I knew what they was getting at. Some other comments was saying if you're a hardcore gamer you will get it. So I kinda knew what the answer was... Of to GAME I go.

On twitter GAME Head Office account confirmed that people was queing from 11am, when I roled up around 7pm their was 8 people their and someone was their from 1pm. the que slowly built up but like always after 10:30 it soon built up and their was a que over 500 yards. for people that came around 11:30 the wait an extra 1 hr and 30 mins after 00.01 when the game when on launch.
(que for the mid-night launch)
Their are people that mock games, and people that mock the people that will go to the mid-night launch, but this now has turned into a big thing now. Other businesses are starting to cash in on it. Subway and McDonald's was open, Subway reopened at 10pm, and McDonald's stayed open an extra hour or so. Mid-night launches are having effect on business, and creating extra revenue for other business, which will also give employees a little extra wage, might be only an hour or so but money is money, this is also good for the people that wait in que, as many  times I have been a little cold, and in need of a hot drink or hot food, suppose that I could order in of

GTA V... Or Just 5 In Breif (Xbox 360)

Installing the disk 2 didn't take long and away I went, first impressions was good. The driving was better than 4, the general feel was better than 4... just within 10 mins maybe less I felt like I am on to a winner, Las Santos is very different, if you played San Andreas it is a very different place, even Grove Street is different slightly. The 2 islands and the 3 airports are not their. Their are 2 air strips tho, but that aint the same really. Like in all most GTA games their are army bases, shops for cloths, haircuts etc. One of the big things for me is the use of the phone. I love the shares that their are. I love how you can just use the game offline share and the real-time share for the internet. (if you have the internet use the online shares called Bawsaq as you will earn more money up to now I have earned $200.000 off a $64.500 Investment) I like internet shopping of army Vehicles/normal Vehicles and houses more coming soon.

(my own and first video gameplay... Yes I failed the first mission)

Their is so much that you can do. and the fact that you take on stories of 3 characters which do joint missions a lot, but have their own, not trying to spoil anything with the storyline or anything, but they are all funny and worth doing as the side missions do unlock activities, I'm not trying to ruin this for you but more as advice to you. The game is massive and will take more than a couple mins to get from one side to the other, even if you are flying. Helicopters, and airplanes are back, and helicopters for me are really hard to control, also you can get air turbulence at 3 feet off the ground, which can be a pain, as well as annoying. cars are inspired off real cars also and you can tell which are Porsche 911's to Shelby 500's etc.

After playing the game for a good few hours I am still having fun, doing the missions, chilling killing, and the normal thing you do when playing GTA. The game still obtains it humor throughout the game with the mission and the TV series also is just as funny but only 2 channels. Their are many thing to do in this game to name, just like all modern GTA games but the thing with GTA V (5) is... It's just another GTA game with a new skin, storyline and some extra things you can do, but not really a new thing. Their are Glitches but what game and what GTA game doesn't have glitches nowadays... But I am yet to see any of them, my experience of this game regarding the glitch is that it is one of the most solid GTA games that Rockstar have made. Things that annoyed me in the game was when I finished missions or come out of a shop the weapon wouldn't be equipped and I died a good amount of times

GTA  V (5) Online

GTA V (5) Online is just a good idea, but with an awesome catalog of problems. The game came out 1st October and I got on when the first patch came out. Unlucky for me. My brother got on after a couple of hours of trying, and was level 20 before I even got on with my character. I did get on before the first patch on as a temporary character, and their is not really much to do apart from killing other players and that can be stressful as well as annoying. Players can gang up on you, you can't join your friends, it has to be by luck if they get on the same server.

When the patch was released and I managed to get on It seemed even worse, it was not laggy for me but the players are very ruthless, will kill you every chance they get, and will came out at the hospital and wait for you. the race at the start for the tutorial was at 1-2 players that has now been boosted to 1-8, and is full of dirty players and will flip you every chance they get. After completing the race and getting the drugs, I got killed as I spawned and their was players their ready to meet me... Think I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, but I didn't have time to equip my pistol and fire back, since then I have not been online as I have worked.

Since I have not been online I went on IGN's website and found that the people that are reviewing the game have said "do not play GTA online just yet" this is because it has deleted their characters... Not a good start for their review, and they found that the servers has also been deleting other players characters also. Rockstar are looking into it and trying to find out if they will be able to recover the deleted characters. Kinda makes me feel better that I am not wasting my time online at the moment till it has been sorted, just imaging spending all that time, hard work and dedication leveling your character to like level 30/40 maybe higher and logging on to see your character gone. Shame as I was looking forward to GTA Online

Well done Rockstar for getting our hopes up and taking a giant shit on us.

Rockstar has release yet another patch to fix you from losing characters, wheather it has brought gamers that lost their characters back I'm not sure