Monday, 15 July 2013

The Last Of Us

Intro And Idol Talk
PS3 the console for me that has failed to grab my attention. It is a awesome console pack with awesome hardware and Sony with some awesome app and software, but when it comes to games it just isn't my thing. This generation of games for me has mainly been the Xbox 360, with its good exclusive, apps and my favourite the best console for social side. I made so many friends from it and we even met up in Blackpool England. I was the luckiest one as I live in Wigan, which is just over an hour train ride away, where as some of my Xbox friends came from London and Scotland.

The thing for me is the Xbox is like a team in a tournament, you can will every game and get the the final and lose. That is what the Xbox is to me with games. It lacks the killer blow with exclusives, they might be good but just not enough to love them.

My favourite game is unfortunately and exclusive and is a PlayStation exclusive, kinda makes me a idiot when I really say how bad the PlayStation is. That game is Metal Gear Solid 4.

The Build Up

The Last Of Us has been a game that I have been looking forward to for over 12 months, even before it was Officially announced. I have never been a massive Survival horror fan and this for me this game kinda took a shine from when I read about the note that was published unofficially. Ever since then I have just waited patiently till the release only talking notice from the game at E3 2012 and then didn't both to look at any more information about the game till I have played it to keep me more excited about it.
Will this game be as good as they hype? will this game get a good review from a non-biased PlayStation fan boy? find out and read on.

The Review

The Last Of Us is a post-apocalypse adventure, where civilisation is on the brink of collapse, and where moral boundaries are a thing of the past. They will do anything to survive, by killing other people, looting. People are no longer seen as thief's, and murderers as everyone must do these to survive. people merge in to packs of animals creating territories, and protecting it by killing anyone that enters their turf, by any means and are normally very gruesome and in disturbing ways.

Their is no thing as tomorrow that was something that die many many years ago. Morals are also a thing that died many years ago as it will not put a roof over your head or food in your mouth. Morals are for weak minded people that will die in this game. It is like civilisation has gone back a few thousand years and where humans are now considered animals, fight for your life, or you will end up dead.

The Last Of Us story started when an infection called Cordyceps Fungus. Turning people into zombie like creatures and even mutates their bodies, into terrifying creatures. The infection spread quickly, their was no quarantine zones planned and running, so monsters was roaming the streets, bashing through windows, wiping out whole family's quickly, or worse turning them into the infected and creating a mass group of them.
The military with all its training, weapons could not stop the epidemic from spreading, and soon it took hold of  cities and suburbs.


You mainly pay a character called Joel, and he out doing jobs and while he is out you play his daughter which waits at home. This is before the out break hits. After an incident Joel changes and becomes more aggressive, emotional and some you really don't want to mess with. Joel shuts every on out on his emotions. The last Of Us really shows how bad, cruel, heartless of what people that have nothing left in this world, and just do what it takes to survive rather than try and get a solution.


Naughty Dog have done a fantastic job, on creating these characters as they really have a personality that you can feel, and it just makes the game more believable, also the game really does play with your emotions. You just do not know what to expect, you get close to someone and lose them and it really does make you, think.

The game also has many puzzles to do (not like the resident evil puzzles) but with ladders, boards and getting your hormonal 14 year old companion across water, these are enjoyable and some times really make you think about getting from A to B.

Joel really is brutal in many ways killing being one and the way he communicates being the other... Well he has to be in the environment he is in. The way he kills are that brutal and gross it freaks the people that have come accustomed to killing. During the game you meet a girl called Tess. Calling her crazy is an understatement, get in  her way and you might as well kill yourself their before she does it. The way she is you could not consider her human. When you play as Joel and with Tess by your side just you are just a pack of animals trying to survive, kill whom ever, do what you can to survive.


The story changes when you meet Ellie. She is a character you can understand easier.. more for the girl than boys. Ellie is an average teenage girl with an attitude, well which person at that age is a saint., but also the way you would speak to people in that situation will not be awesome any ways, Ellie is a brave character but she is scared. Scared that the next person she meets will kill her rather than talk to her, Scared by being eaten by a zombie. Fear is not just on her mind. She has lost loved one or they have left her alone. One thing that I like about Ellie, she is ruled by fear. She talks like a girl looking for peace in the world, she walks when the area is quiet whistling and humming, talking about swimming lessons, talks about learning the guitar. She laughs about the problems that girls had before the out break. She talks about boys and school. Ellie has a lot of strength were most adults have lost theirs, she is a strong person but also very vulnerable at the same time.


Ellie acts more older than what she is, and makes a awesome companion to have around, even tho she is small. As you learn about Ellie, she is immune to the virus and could be the savoir to the human race. Joel has the honour of protecting her, and to go on a epic journey to get her to the rest of the Fireflies were there might be a possibility of making a cure.

On your journey you go through, infested forests,  derelict houses and buildings, sewers that are a nightmare, and are what you can imagine in your nightmares. From once a healthy world, Naughty Dog has really done a epic job turning it to a run down world, where war and terror has taken over. Naughty Dog has made this survival horror right, by using what you can to your advantage and I am not talking about making weapons, over turn tables, file cabinets and more to create thing to hide behind and use to find cover, broken windows to escape, zombie and other factions. This make a different for escaping as their is only so many you can take on at once before your health just evaporates.

Their is one thing that I feel I have missed out on and that is the creatures. The people that have been infected. Naughty Dog have really out done themselves and be proud of their achievements on creating them. The zombies look the part, scary is a understatement. The movement that they do, making think they are slow and weak, but once they get the smell of blood boy do they move and to how they should move to. The noise that comes from their throats are just disturbing and really are freighting, and if you are wearing a headset it will be intimidating, as swarm of death is on its way.

The Stages Of The Infected

The infected do not just change into the different creature straight away, the go through stages of mutation first from when they was human and stared with the Cordyceps Fungus, Those stages are;


Runners are at the first stage of the infection and recently enter their awful transformation. The fungus targets their eye site and now have poor vision, but they still some human instincts. They moan like humans, their appearance is also like a human. They will also stand a bit sluggish pretty mush every thing is normal as human as they can get. The way to tell normally is they have a glow from their eyes They will also be passive as they are trying to resist the fungus, these types of Runner will no attack even tho you might stand in front of them, and will only attack only if they are attack first, like if you throw a brick near them. I have noticed that this only happens to the Runner that are stood still, or in a crouch position, if they are walking they will attack you without being provoked, and mostly will attack in groups.


Stalkers are at the second stage of infection and mutation is showing. They have the vision and speed of the Runners. Stalkers look similar to Clickers but you can tell the difference by sound they make which is a croaking sound that the produce, and have some use of intelligence when stalking a victim. They will strafe and take cover,  until they have the prey. That is why they are called the stalker.
They are also the fastest of the infected to spot a survivor, and will spot quicker than Runner.


Clickers are at the third stage of infection and have been infected for to long. They are fully blind with the fungus mutating the face. You will mainly find these in areas built up and in building, where the echo can relay back to them from the clicking awful clicking sounds they make, to find where they are going and locate their prey. This works similar to how ultrasonic is used. The clicker at this point no longer refuse the fungus because they are they have been stripped of stripped of their humanity.

When the Clickers are provoked they enter a "berserk mode" then the Clicker will attack head on. Flailing its arms in the air, at this point the a survivor has been spotted. A clicker is quite hard to kill as you have to have a shiv for defence. Once the Clicker has you it will do like a death grip and will try and rip you neck open, if you have a shiv then you can defend yourself from the attack if not then you will die, no matter how much health you have. You do not have to engage and try and kill them, you can distract them by using bottles or a brick, just throw it away from you and the opposite direction to where you going, but beware if you are under a true for example it might smash on the branch and they will be alerted to you.


Bloaters are at their final stage of mutation. They fungus is thick and acts like plate armour and they can stand  multiple blows from a machetes and hatchets. Bloaters are tough to kill, as the act unpredictable, they keep you away from them by throwing spores at you which will drain your health and slow movement down for a second or so. They are also the slowest of the infected but like Clickers they are blind and use echolocation to know where you are. If you are close to the Bloater it will punch up in the left side of your face then rip your jaw apart with its strength.

The infection does not always put the host through all of these stages, they can die if the host is not strong enough to pull through. The fungus has another stage even after it kills the host. When the host dies the fungus will grow and will release infected spore from the dead body, and if breathed in by a survivor it will infect them causing the cycle to begin again. Bit of truth to this is that Cordyceps Fungus is real but does not affect humans, only insects, and the fungus grows out of their bodies just like in The Last Of Us with the Stalkers and above.

Even tho this game is purely awesome, their are some problems that I have, one of them is glitches or wrongly placed meshes. What I mean by this is sometimes in parts of the game, mainly in buildings the wall will turn a bright white, this is some times cause by a object know as mesh that is the same length, size etc to be duplicated and is touching the mesh the same shape. Another is with the clickers, You are not supposed to make a noise, but you will hear Ellie talking and really loud too, weather that is because she is infected I am not sure and doubt it to be honest. One that has to be a massive it that she does not always stay behind you, and will wonder a couple of yards in fount of you when you are trying to hide behind cover to try and not get detected, and Ellie sometimes blows your cover and you sometime die because of this, which leads to my next problem, when Ellie does go a head the computer can make its mind up whether to attack or not, and this is with faction members that will kill anyone on sight, and with aggressive infected that are not blind will also will do to the same. They also get in the way all the time, when faction member, or infected are walking past when your in cover Ellie gets in the way and you will have to go round them losing cover this gets annoying and can alert over members of infection or faction members to your location.

Funny video I found with glitches.

Their have been a number of glitches also reported to me by some of my friends and one of them is when you go to far from Ellie, she will just transport to you rather than run to you, that is not right but it might not be a glitch but in the age that we are in with technology why should she transport to you rather than run? Their is could more but I have not seen them nor have any of my friends seen them... yet.

The Conclusion

The game is up their for game of the year, it is a breath of fresh quality, its like opening a Christmas,and birthday present rolled into one. Despite the glitches and the problems it is just awesome. The graphics are just out of this world, crisp, clean and gameplay will have all gamers drooling. The sound is just where it should be and when wearing headphones or a good surround sound system will purely make you jump and freak you out, wear you will discover a brown tread mark in you pants.

I love the emotional ride it takes you on. The people that you are close to, the people that you love get involved in the emotion roller coaster that you will encounter. It really will get to you, if you are jsut hard then it will make you think about it. It will just find away of getting in you head. For years I have been looking for a game that has been made with passion, for years I have years I have been looking for a game that makes me go... WOW. This is it.

I love the graphics on everything, from the characters to the environment your in.


Even tho this game is awesome and the storyline is just breathe-taking, it is let down by glitches and things that do not make sense by how the game ignores its own rules, and because of this I cannot give it top marks. For me 10/10 or 100/100 it has to be perfect, maybe if the testers gave more attention to detail maybe the game would have been more polished and without the glitches etc, this games has these. I give this game...


A very high score and the best game I have played since Metal Gear Solid 4. I do not see ho people can give this game a full score because it is not perfect in all of the fields I can give the storyline and how the game looks 10/10 but that is it.


After playing this game I some questions came into my head and they are:

What is the favourite part in The Last Of Us And why?

Who is your favourite character in the game and why? (can be a playable character or anyone that have you encountered)

If you was infected or part or a faction/gang and you was going to get killed who would you rather get killed by, Ellie or Joel and why?

Here is what a few people have said.

Name: Jeol Clark

Joel is one of my friends that is a wacky and really crazy that love nothing better than killing off flesh eating zombies. He is one of the best Resident Evil players I have ever seen, and also played with. I am sure that if zombies existed he would be right at home and for some reason will risk his life to give a hug... Yes he is a massive NHL fan which supports Chicago Blackhawks fan

Q&A time.

What is the favourite part in The Last Of Us And why?

"My favourite part is the character development through out the game. I feel it was done really well the way the relationship progressed between Joel and Ellie throughout the game including how he reacts to the random stuff Ellie does when nothings going on, like her whistling."

Who is your favourite character in the game and why? (can be a playable character or anyone that have you encountered)

"My favourite character is Joel, mainly due to the fact how he develops as a character throughout the game and at the end how he takes down firefly to save Ellie."

If you was infected or part or a faction/gang and you was going to get killed who would you rather get killed by, Ellie or Joel and why?

"If I was a infected I would not mind as long as someone killed me. but if I was a part of a gang Joel seems to be a lot better at killing and would probably be more successful doing a kill shot so I would not feel anything."

Name: Andrew Spratt

Another one of my friends, he plays on his PS3. I am sure that he loves games more than he leads on. Apart from that he goes to town and gets drunk a least once a week... This is one of a few people that I know that has a life (as South Park would put it)

Q&A time

What is the favourite part in The Last Of Us And why?

"Favourite part- that bit where you're with the black kid cos you got separated from his brother and Ellie and there's loads of zombies and those other things which kill you in one bite. It's my favourite part cos it's very tense, you have to use a lot of stealth and quick thinking (if you get seen, which I did) my heart was pounding afterwards and I just thought it was the most exciting part as I had to use a lot of different types of weapons to make it through."

Who is your favourite character in the game and why? (can be a playable character or anyone that have you encountered)

"Favourite part character- probably Ellie because at the start she just seemed like a little shit but you see her character develop throughout and she turns out to be quite a sweet girl, and Joel probably wouldn't have been able to survive without her."

If you was infected or part or a faction/gang and you was going to get killed who would you rather get killed by, Ellie or Joel and why?

"Rather get killed by Joel because I would not want people knowing I was killed by a little girl, even if she is very skilled with weapons. Joel might give me a quicker death too maybe cos he's stronger.."

Name: Redjar18 (IGN view that commented)

Redjar18 was someone that commented on my IGN post.

Q&A time

What is the favourite part in The Last Of Us And why?

"The "boss" fight that Ellie has against the gang leader in the restaurant in winter. I've never felt so vulnerable in a game, specifically in the final round. Utterly terrifying."

Who is your favourite character in the game and why? (can be a playable character or anyone that have you encountered)

"It's Joel or Ellie, so hard to decide. Though I can say that for the most of the game it was Ellie, it really only became a tie during the final scenes."

If you was infected or part or a faction/gang and you was going to get killed who would you rather get killed by, Ellie or Joel and why?

"Um neither, I'd rather do myself in, die on my own terms so to speak. Though if I had to choose it would Joel, I wouldn't want a teenage girl to have to kill me, that's unnecessarily brutal."

A big thank you to you all for your comments and taking time to answer the questions.

Name: Arieces

Again part of the IGN blogging universe and gave up their time to comment on this post.

Q&A time

What is the favourite part in The Last Of Us And why?

"My favorite part was (absolutely) the entire Winter chapter. Getting to play as Ellie was a twist I didn't see coming and it turned the story in a new direction, where Joel was no longer the sole protagonist and Ellie a lowly companion. During Winter, Ellie evolved into a character capable of protecting herself as well as Joel, and I really enjoyed the time NaughtyDog took to expand her character's story and, in turn, the player's connection to her."

Who is your favourite character in the game and why? (can be a playable character or anyone that have you encountered)

"My favourite character was Henry. To me Henry was a rare and refreshing splash of humanity within the world of TLoU. TLoU taught the player early on that, in post pandemic America, people with a shred of compassion or empathy were either killed or would eventually get themselves killed. I think Henry was a character who embodied hope in humanity. He had the brutality of Joel, but the human emotions of Ellie combined into a single being. He was "whole" in a way that our protagonists weren't, and it killed me to watch him die. To me, when Henry and Sam died, so did my hope for saving humanity (i.e. the world). Ellie was the only thing worth saving to me at that point."

If you was infected or part or a faction/gang and you was going to get killed who would you rather get killed by, Ellie or Joel and why?

"Wow, weird question. Um, I guess Joel. Just because seeing a child kill anything is still unsettling to me. Although I know in the world of TLoU it's necessary for survival, a huge part of me wants to preserve whatever is left of Ellie's innocence. So, Joel can go ahead and off me. I'm sure he'd make it quick."