Monday, 3 June 2013

WWE and WWE app

This is not a normal post that I would do but a app is software and I am going to post a small review about The WWE app.

I have been watching WWE (formally WWF, Yes they was the best days) for a long time, I did have a massive rest in between about 10 years maybe more, just a couple of months after Ray Mysterio joined did watch the odd PPV or saw the odd Smackdown or RAW, not enough to get what the storyline was about. A lot was to do with not having a computer or cable/satellite tv.

Now after moving I now have cable tv and able to watch it from January last year. Since then I have watched The rise of Ryback and starting to believe in the shield etc. One thing that I don't see online is any talk about the WWE app. I am luckily enough to say that I have had the app since day one and I have watched it grow better.

When I first got the app it was not much of a infomation app that just gave you news on what was happening and information on the stars of the shows, since then their has been updates to add features, one of them was to vote on matches to see who you wanted to play in matches, and I have to say when it started it was a disaster, mainly if you was not in the USA. As I live in the UK I think the service was slow or at the time might not have been available, if not any of them might be cause they never had enough servers to handle the demand from all over the world. They have been fixed now but their really are not that many polls for us to vote.

During having the app you are now able to buy tickets, ppv and even go to the shop. WWE have also now gone one further started during the adverts... Yes they get very annoying, WWE have started showing parts of the show on the active part of the app. So Like as soon as the adverts go on and you are in the active part of the app the live feed will automatically load then will go back to the active screen.

WWE have now gone even further by even when they are live they will show another feed of superstars interviews or them watching the game and commenting on the same game that you are watching. This for me impresses me as all the technology used just fit in brilliantly and now if you go on the WWE active and stay on their all of the live feed will come and go automatically so you will not need refresh just need a good stable internet connection this.

For me this is good for any WWE fan and will happily recommend this. The active app is just good with all the adverts that occur during the show, after show sometimes they might extend the show on the app mainly at PPV events they will go on for around 30 mins.

WWE fans download this app. It is available for Iphone, Ipad, Android phones and tablets and I am sure many other devices