Monday, 10 June 2013

Sony's E3 Press Conference

The time has come for Sony to come to the stage for the second time of the year, but with a twist. We have yet to see the console. All we have seen is the Controller

 Their are still alot of questions to be answered and will they be answered?

The PS4 is the big event this year and the bad thing is for all the PlayStation fans will be masturbating over and calling out about, but back to the Conference which I am hoping mainly for better Vita games. I have a Vita and I do not use it. I use the PSP more.
Please Sony make this/these console shine. It is now your chance with a lot of people downing the Xbox one.

This post I will be reworking as the Stream from IGN was messing up and also im not sure if I missed anything.

but with the stuff I have. I got where they spoke about Vita Batman: Arkham Origins, Counter Spy, Destiny of spirits, Killzone: mercenary's, and the remastering of God Of War hd. Final Fantasy 10 and 10 2. and also Dead Nation.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days. I am sure will be coming to Vita.Exclusive that comes with all the series and the first 400 days. As E3 progressed I manage to get a little look on The walking Dead 400 days, and I have to say that graphics is not really a massive thing with it, in fact it looks corny, but with it winning game of the year game play is what it is all about, and that is what it delivers the best.

You will be able to tap in to your PS4 console and play the games on your PS4 through your PS Vita.

PS3 Games.

The Last Of Us. This game comes out on 14th june 2013 (out now)
I can't wait for it. it was shown at last E3 and is one of the best games that has a hype and the best hype. the game play is awesome and graphics are just mind blowing.

Puppeteers. Was announced and was only a teaser and looked like a Rayman type game the way it is set out. will be out fall of 2013

Beyond Two souls. Another game that was shown last year at E3 and a small amount of game was in this so I will post a video on here. It has a release date 10.08.13. The game has real actors involvled of the making of this game, similar style to how LA Noire was made. The two main actors and actress used are Ellen page from Juno and X-Men: The Last Stand to name a few. The actor that most people will have heard of is Willem Dafoe. HE has been in Spiderman, Finding Nemo, Speed 2: Cruise Control. These are jsut a few movies to name a few.

Beyond: two souls is a game that you would think that their would be a PS4 title. the graphic are out of this world. it is a game that really plays with your mind. From the creators of Heavy Rain. its about Jodie Holmes, you will find out about her life. each scene is different from each other. Their are loads of different endings and some of your choices in the game can effect the game long term. It has a new fighting system and will have a tutorial on how to do it. 

Gran Turismo 6 
looked awesome but so do most car games now, The game play is also just as good as it can be. One thing about Gran Turismo is that it has the best driving physics out of all the driving games, and it looks to be getting better with this one.

Their will be 300 more title to be brought out this fall.

PS4 time

Yes it has been revealed.

Sony is hard at work on content on PlayStation for the PlayStation network and PS4
Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited to be ready for PS4 from day 1.

pay per view to be streamed to you soon via live event. WWE: Payback (a live ppv event) was on their which is this Sunday coming.

The Order 1886. The graphics is mind blowing and the game play is awesome. It looks like it is set in London and will have monster for you to kill. 

Killzone: shadow fall

Killzone has ups and downs in the past. This looks to be better. Its a fresh new look, its a cold war setting, a new story, the hellgeist living in the same city, same as vector. 30 years in the future from killzone 3. The is new technology, their will be more ways to play using all the PS4's controller. this will be available at launch

Drive club will be a launch title when ever playstatuion announce it

Infamous: Second Son

Great animations, great graphics and perks on the game. it is a open world, where you are in a world that has super powers and you are being hunted down. Its a different person as the main character. 7 years after infamous 2.using the touch pad on the PS4 controller. set in Seattle as it is more real and that you can believe it more. Will be coming along in 2014


a mix up between a Pixar film and a character action game. Its about a small guy that can go into a massive guy. The goblins have picked up a massive amount of weaponry tanks, planes etc, and you set out to find the source of the weaponry. You will be able to play the game using your Vita and not your tv. It will also be a PS4 launch title.

The Dark Sorcerer.
This game looks very impressive, you can see each strand of hair, a funny trailer. Was Just a teaser 

Indie developers self publish their own content

Remake of abes odyssey remastered and called young and tasty for the PS4.

Diablo 3
 will be on PS3, PS4 as well as Xbox One and Xbox 360

Final Fantasy 15
square enix have will be updating us on one of their games, it has to be a high light on graphics terms. it looks just like their computed anime and the game will be looking the same. Although it is a teaser update with game footage  it looks are something. I think saying it is awesome cannot justify it really it is beyond and way above awesome. It is also no in closed Beta

The elder scrolls online
It was always going on console (xbox also). It was one that sony had to get their hands on, it is also perfect. it is also the first peck as well. spring 2014. beta first on PS4 was a teaser.

Mad Max
looks like a brutal game Survival kit will only be available for PS4

Sony Announces that the PS4 will support used games. You will be able to trade it in and you can lend it to you friends as much as you like, petty much like we do now.
you will not have to be online and their will be no online authentication too. and the game will work if you are not online for 24 hours. mainly pot shots at Microsoft.

Also PlayStation Plus membership will carry over to the PS4, but gamers will have to have PlayStation plus to take advantage of it online features. Also for free to play game will be up to the 3rd publishers.

Sony have said that this is a games console and they meant it.

World first game play legends. looks so awesome Bungie as we all know they did Halo 1,2 and 3 best known for. the game play looks slow for destiny in combat. Its does have the look and feel of halo. Their is a slight thing of the gravity lift in their to. will be here in 2014.

PS3 $399 £349 that is 100 $ and £ cheaper than the Xbox One and is more powerful but Sony do like making losses on all their consoles they release.

A very good console and a very strong case to bring back customers but they need to be able to walk the walk rather than talk the talk. That have truly walk all over Microsoft Xbox One console.