Monday, 10 June 2013

E3 Ubisoft 2013

Ubisoft last year went ahead of every other developer last year and I regretted missing it, I have played FarCry 3 and I do love it. This year we will be looking at a massive hyped game called Watch dogs. Letes hope it will be explained better about the muti-player this time. Will  the South Park: Stick Of Truth game be revealed as Ubisoft took over that game from THQ that went bust and sold most of their games and studios.

The Conference Starts off with Rocksmith 2014 Edition. more modes are added, and you have to have to use a real guitar. They are excited to announce a new mode called New session/ Session mode. The band on the game reacts to what you do. It has a October Release date and has a better tracks added.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist
With a impressive video that tell you about your main mission. The game has break through graphics.that will have the gamer drolling. With all the tech that your charatcher access to make his job better. No game play was shown like most E3's

Rayman: Legend
Rayman has alway been a good game, and their seems to be no change. The game as always been corny from when I fist played it on the PS1. The game has release or September 2rd 2013.

he Mighty Quest For The Epic Loot
Along name for a game but a big surprise. You steal from you neighbours and protect them from stealing your loot. You build a castle and fill it full of traps to stop them from getting it. It does not end even if they retreat you can still get them.
It is in Beta now at
join free for the beta.
They added a very funny trailer for the game and I loved it an will defo post it on here. Will be free to play pc.

South Park: The Stick Of Truth

They never showed anything of it like last years E3 but they showed that it was still on the cards after they bought it off THQ after they tragic went in to liquidation. it was just a teaser.
The game has been in production for more than 4 years. You play the new kid in South Park, and you decide whis best friend you want to be weather it is kyles best friend or Cartman etc. Ubisoft are not rushing South Park, they want a complete game

Next Gen console stuff now was up.

The crew
This game seems like the mother of all racing games. A missive and I mean massive game and I mean the map also. the whole of the USA. Graphically perfect. will be out early 2014 . It will be an open world.On and off road, and is a online MMO. Break down of the game;

  • Play co-op every single mission.
  • players to be mixed AI and players.
  • customize your car and strip all of the parts away from your car
  • extra side missions, reward with cash, parts and many more, see famous site in America
  • play against your friends ghost if they have done a mission
  • you can drag race down the Vegas strip
  • take down rival factions, go through back yards, really you can go anywhere apart from water
  • you can run over people
  • when you finishes one faction another arrives on the scene
  • you can customize you ride and put it on the game by using you tablet

Watch Dogs
This is the game most people are wanting to see, as we know the graphics look out of this world and you can hack devices and any device in the game. looks real... so real. Their will be fighting, shooting and all out war battle. hack the city grid to get away from police. another teaser trailer No Game play they are still note showing anything.

Rabbids: Invasion
A TV show you can play. and will be on Nickelodeon TV not much was really shown.
It just seems like they are doing pantomime to the TV screen, you will be able to use the motion control and you use your voice.

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag
With a new trailer, put you as a pirate. visuals are good as always and really improving, but what will the muti-player be like rumored as only LAN? Was never answered.
In brief;
  • hunting
  • open world
  • attack forts on sea and on land.
  • go hunting
This seems a bit FarCry 3

Trails Fusion (console)
Trails Frontiers (mobile)
You can fly through the air with a bike
they will both work together. just a teaser

Tom Clancy's The Division.
 Looks very impressive  it can be play on tablet. when the world collapses on a virus out break and goes in to melt down. the game is set 3 weeks after it has happen to find out how to fix this. This looks like a survival horror game or a game where people for gangs and you . PS4 control. Work as a team here was a team of four players
deploy small turrets to help you. Not much was really explained but again I will update this as soon as more information about this game

Ubisoft put in a very strong conference but I am disappointed on how many game play clips and even rendered game play.