Monday, 10 June 2013

E3 Microsoft press conferences

E3 is now here. I am so excited and I for me a Christmas, all the new games and this year is the biggest. Xbox one, PS4 and a small console whuch will follow soon the Ouya.

Today we will see Xbox, EA, Ubisoft, Sony. I will be watching them all and writing about it.
I am ready with all my stuff to go right through to around 4 maybe 5 am uk time.

my set up

My set up with screens 

The screens I will be using to make notes and then writing on my blog, Also speakers and fan

Where I am watching E3 from

Food & Drink

Xbox Press Conference

Now I am ready and first up it is Xbox with a a very and original green lit room.

After the Xbox console, Their is a price and a month, for the release November 2013 and in the uk around £429, and $499. 

Xbox started with A video and game play from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. First of all you may know or not know that David Hayter will NOT be playing the part of Snake and Big Boss. Instead it will be Kiefer Sutherland. 
Metal Gear Solid game info;
  • The Game starts in Afghanistan.
  • It is open world
  • Real Time weather
  • Modes of transport
  • Tactical way of getting around your enemies
  • Freedom on the game
  • Realistic passage of time
  • Deeper Stealth action
  • Dynamic QCQ
Metal Gear Solid 5 Really is Going to be awesome, the graphics is breathe taking, The game play seems just perfect... But my only problem is the MGS hardcore fans. It does not seem to be a game that MGS plays and fell but I am just looking at someone playing the game and for a short time.

After the video The conference Begins with Don Mattrick and Hideo Kojimka just to say a few words and a few words from Don also.
First they came out with the new Xbox 360 console that is smaller and quieter than the one on the market today, and is available from today, in the USA only and soon in the UK. Also from the 1st July free games for xbox live. Assassins Creed 2 or Halo 3. This seems like PlayStation Plus but like PlayStation Plus with the games we don't care about the old games that we have played and traded in.

Also their are a lot of games that will be becoming out but what was my problem was that they only showed 3 of them.

World Of Tanks, by WarGaming. This is an exclusive for Xbox coming soon. 
  • 15 vs 15 player matches
  • It is Free To Play
  • Will be out this summer
Max The Curse Of Brotherhood, they did not talk about this much but you can tell it will use Smart Glass. The graphics was okies but nothing awesome

Dark souls 2 was also announced, the graphics was awesome and had great game play and again they did not do much with this but I am sure it is a xbox 360 console game.

I am a bit disappointed with this as I know that the Xbox one is massive but for me they did not look at the audience that will still have the xbox 360 and will not be able to afford £429/$499. For that price Microsoft have put the best of the best, top of the range Ram, and processor etc into the system or Microsoft have just gone for all out profit like they have been known for.

Ryse: Son Of Rome.
This game was at E3 a couple of years ago but has been rebooted and redone. The graphics has been updated and the game play changed. It is a 3rd person  game that is based in Roman times. The game play reminds me of Batman: Arkham Asylum and City. The game is very Brutal and the game has a perfect battle engine that required you to use combo moves using the button on the controller. This is a game that will have the player lusting for blood and more. This is only available for Xbox One and is made using the CryEngine

Killer Instinct
Is another game that is a Street Fighter type game where you button bash till you destroy you controller... but they have thought of a controller for that. Its called the Fight Stick, and will be available on launch.

New partners with Microsoft Insomniac Games (they are not exclusively just tethered with Xbox they are working with Sony), have their new game called Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive
This was a video and is a open world and using the cloud to help it be a better game. Its messed up and silly, it has weapons that you would not even think of. In the video they had a gun that shoots out vinyls. and I looks like it will be a muti-player and hopefully a MMO.

Forza 5 
It is just pure awesome the chic design and I really love what I have seen and excited. The texture and the design is awesome and yes will be using the cloud to take advantage with their game. During the conformance they talk about the AI is on its way out, and with the cloud it saves they data on how you drive, and races for you online while you are not playing and out of the house. If you are a dirty player you avatar now called a Drivaitar (name might be spelt different) will play dirty for you, if you cut corners so will the your Drivatar. The game it self will be a massive seller and will attract a wider ordinance.

Also Indie games will still live on.

Minecraft Xbox One Edition. 
Will be coming out and I am sure it will be using the cloud and will be they same as the one for the pc.

Remedy games, was on the stage with
Quantum Break. This was showed at the Xbox Reveal, this had good graphics and bullet time will be in the game but no game play was shown.


Project Spark
I think that is only a working Title. You design it using your voice, using the kinect and the Xbox Smart Glass. After you have done the basic of creating the train which can be done in under a minute, and then you have a character that will walk around and put in the content and you can bring anything to life even a rock like they did in the show. The game builds up as you go along and you can share it and other people can build up on you level. anything goes and you can do what ever you want.

With the Xbox one you can record the games and edit them to look awesome, the software is called Upload Studio.

Microsoft has also got Partnership with Twitch for live game play stream. You can also participate and change everything that happens in the game.
Also Microsoft are ditching point and will be to your countries currency and for me that will be the British pound.

Crimson Dragon (this problem with sound during the video)

Dead Rising 3 was also premiered. This is;
  • Open World
  • Is set 72 hours after the out break.
  • No load time 
  • using the cloud
  • Free roaming
  • Smart Glass
  • will be available for the holidays 
  • now will include vehicles 
You are int he city and in a city you can be out numbered by zombies. Their is a way around it by finding a way to distract the zombies so they will leave you alone. Also you can use the Smart Glass to call in artillery strikes.

Battlefield 4
This was also shown using the Frostbite Engine based in 2020 and with the DLC first for Xbox and that is now battlefield and Call Of Duty locked down with first for DLC. Back to the Battlefield 4 The thing is that the game looks the same but better graphics. not only that EA had massive problems with live game play not happening
This was the part of the conference that the was a technical problem had to be with Xbox and EA games

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. 
  • Free Raoming
  • voice commands
  • Smart Glass
  • Direct 11
  • 60 FPS
This is a awesome game with greast graphics and  a great RPG feel will be good for the RPG fans.

One thing that shocked me was HALO. Yes they will be releasing a new Halo. Something that we did not think would happen. It was only a teaser but what we do know it will be at the next E3 and will be available in 2014. The video looked awesome and I will post the video of it when it is avilible and I wave finished typing all of the E3 conferences

The Conference Finished with a look at Respawn's first game ever. Titanfall.
Respawn Entertainment is made of some of Infinity Ward. Call Of Duty: Modern warfare and Modern Warfare 2.
Titanfall Trailer
Titanfall is a very Call Of Duty game 1st person shooter. You Can jump into a robot suit and kick ass. Not really I can post about it as it is just Call Of Duty but against a different species from what I saw anyways but I will sort this out as soon as I get more info, I will also Post the video when I have sort the other conferences out.
Titanfall game play