Monday, 10 June 2013

E3 EA Games Press Conference

EA apparently on of the most hated companies in the USA have massive pressure to show the gaming world what they are going to do this year. One massive plus for EA is the announcement of the scraping of the online game passes, and if you buy the game Pre-Owned you have to pay more money go play the game online... Rip off. Also they had a problem with their part of their presentation during the Xbox Press Conference.

First thing that was mentioned was the 11 games that they was being shown.

kicking off with plants verses zombies: Garden Warfare, by PopCap games.

  • 3rd person shooter 
  • 4 Player Co-Op  survival 
It is not a graphical game but fun. it looks funny. you have waves of enemies and then a boss wave where you boss after boss will come out and try and kill you.

Also it was just announced Peggle 2

I wrote about this in my xbox part. It is a muti-player game that has a feel of the single player story mode also. but it still seems like a call of duty game. Was shown off well better at the xbox Conference.

It was announced that EA have got the rights for Star Wars and today it has been revealed and is called " Star War Battlefront" it was a short video but nothing to comment about, just a teaser.

Need for speed: Rivals. The graphics look awesome and has awesome game play. A bit like Hot Pursuit.
It is between cops and racers like most of the game thay have done. It is mainly based online, where you can hook up a tablet but they did not really show off how it is used. 

Dragon Age:Inquisition. from what I saw it is from Bioware and it is an open world and Bioware have said that they are not rushing it and will be out fall of 2014. It was mainly a teaser.

EA Sports part of the presentation.

Powered by Ignite.

NBA live 14.

EA even stated that they have mainly concentrated on the dribbling of the player and the ball. The ball has it own physics and it is its own object and will do what a ball would do in real life. Also stats from the player in the games in real life will be loaded in to the game stats 1 hour after the player has played their game.

NFL 25 

They move like a real NFL play would in real life. The player in the game will scan the field for what will happen. The players will detect Blitzing and the attacking plays. Your player will dive if a defencesive player comes in for a tackle in some cases. The graphics are awesome but will we notice that when we are playing the game.


They have gone to the players and asked them how they play, and had added it to their games. They have added better feeling to the games when in the stadiums, they say you will feel it. The players will have better instincts. The players will make decisions on their own, brace for challenges.


 MMAI system is one of the features in this game and it will alter the way the fighter fight. It will change. They have a great intelligence and your character will react to how he gets hit.

Battlefield 4

  • 64 players in a game
  • Air, land, sea
A new game mode called Command Mode. This is where you will take a birds eye view of the battle. You can use a pc or use a tablet to play and command you teams and they are real players.  Theirs is more destruction on the game. They used the pc version, so I and some of them was using xbox controllers.
As a Commander you command your team and tell them to attack a flag/base.. also what is impressive is being able to call in artillery from you tablet to help your team and watch massive skyscrapers fall to the floor. This looks awesome.

Also Mirrors Edge 2 was played  looking good but was only a teaser.

Their was alot of problems and awkward moments during that conference as I was told about last years also  I am not sure if EA are awesome with Press Conferences but to be honest it was a solid performance by EA.