Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Call Of Duty: Ghost

As a lot of you know about the announcement of Call Of Duty: Ghost has finally come and thius is might end up being the fist Call Of Duty that people are not really arsed about it. IGN have posted about it but not really doing a massive thing like they do year in year out. All games store have put up their posters etc put their is not a vibe about it... This is even tho it is a new title and a supposed to be a new game all together, would be good if Soap return as a character in the game.

Even tho The new Call Of Duty has been announced I have not yet heard any of my friends or people I know talk about. Normally by now their is someone talking about how you can do this or how you can do this, kill streaks and other things that get you excited. The other problem is also that their is so many games that will be coming out, Grand Theft Auto 5, Saints Row (debateable), battlefiled 4 and for some reason the might be another Forza and many more, so with Call Of Duty being the same game pretty much every year, no game engine updates etc why would fans really keep the interest in Call Of Duty when even EA Games are tring woth the Frostbite engine? Call Of Duty is a game now where I feel that I don't have to go home after I finish work and play they the game like it used to.

I do suppose it is early days for Call Of Duty yet, but at the moment it is looking bleak.