Wednesday, 20 March 2013

IT's been awhile

It has been a while since I last posted but I have been busy with work and planning a summer of stuff to do.
At the moment I am working on a learning guitar using Rocksmith and that game claims it can help you play guitar even if you have have never touched a guitar in your life. So I am doing that, also I have Beta tested a few games. One was called Warfare and that is a  free to play web browser game which has been made by Trion (did Defiance game that I Beta tested a couple of month ago) and was created using the CryEngine. (games like crysis and farcry and many more) I will be talking more about it soon.

I did not forget about Defiance, when I went to try the second Beta test I could not even get to the log in screen, weather that was due to me having to uninstall the game and then reinstall it during the test or it was just a coincident but due to that I could not participate.

I will be doing the mid-night launch of Gears Of War: Judgement at game. Game are doing a specail lock-in for the lucky few who has time on their hands to que up extra early and play the game. Hopefully the line will no be long as it is only a xbox release and the que will not be to long when I get their around 10:30 pm... But it is a major game.

My tasks do not end their from next week due to work giving me the wrong week off I have two weeks off and the second one I have my good friend Ainsley that will be doing some stuff stupid and daft gaming which include the Slender challenge, this means that you play with two people (one controls the keyboard and one controls the mouse) both need headphones and needs to be at night. The question that needs to be answered is. Is slender one of the scariest game? Is it even scarier with two players?
Gears Of War the whole story challenge, this challenge involves playing from the first game in the storyline to the end (Judgement, 1, 2, 3. In that order)

Rocksmith: Yes the guitar game still goes on as you can not really think that I can learn the guitar over night, so I will be keeping doing that.
Also while Ainsley is around we will be hoping to do Nicktronic Arts first podcast, hopefully for the slender challenge.
I am also planning to do some stupid funny things on Euro Truck Simulator 2, where I hopefully will be introducing another friend mine and the blog, and the plan is that the update comes out for the game to do muti-player we will all meet up and undergo some challenges. The only problems is that it is rumored  but I can confirm that people are working on a mod that will send the game online, their might already be one out now but will only be searching for it within the next month or so, hopefully sooner
And much more.

Keep checking back from next week. Thanks for reading.