Thursday, 7 February 2013

Defiance Stress Test And Beat Test Two And Other Gaming News

Hi all,

I got got my invite for the second Beta test of Defiance and desided not to take it as it was 3 hours long and I had work so It wasn't really worth it... But on the bright side I have been given the opertuinity to do the second Beta test. Which they have called it "Advanced Mission Beta 2." This Beta test starts this Friday and ends monday probley the same time as the last beta test but hopefully it will be a bigger map area, and hopefully will start a different mission than the last one as I didn't get pass and didn't complete and was a bit of a dissapointment.

News And Small Reviews

As some of you may know about a game called "Tera" This a MMORPG. It is also a MMORPG that you can use your Xbox or PS3 controller. (really your better off with a Xbox controller with all drivers being on Microsoft website and windows will install it for you anyways) Anyways the game has now gone F2P (free to play) it does limit you to only to characters and a few slot bags tho unless you pay £8 per month I think, not really looked into it, as I already bought the game before it went F2P, because I bought the game game before it went free to play I can have up to 8 characters and more slot bags. One thing I do know is if you have the bought the game and still are paying the £8 per month you get a mount 280% speed. (not sure you get that if you got the game free and are just paying the monthly fee) This all seems good but I am looking in to it because I have been discussion this with some friends and they are saying that if you stop paying the monthly fee the mount may go, but their is one thing, if you bought the game as a collectors edition you get a %280 mount anyways so if you have that edition... why pay £8 pm for a mount with speed if you have one.

I do recommend the game as it is one for the light RPG players like myself... or if you like the freedom of using your controller... a change from World Of Warcraft etc. What I like about this RPG is that not only can you move your character, you can also dodge as well. The graphics are better than World Of Warcraft and many other RPG's on the market, but the onl;y thing is that the questing stuff for me is to repetitive and killing mobs is really the only thing you do. (well that is all I have done up to level 24)

Also in the rumor news, According to a Japanese Magazine/ Newspaper the PS4 (Playstation 4) will cost around $400, that is kind of a improvement from the PS3 price tag when it first got release but I am sure that it will cost more in Europe and Sony will pull a dirty and remove the chip that enable to play PS2 and PS1 games like they did when the ps3 came out and with the price tag hyped up for us in Europe.

Finally a game that I can recommend is Euro Truck Driving Simulator. The games sounds bad but it is not as bad as what alot of people think. It has had a lot a good reviews and one reviewer said it was a game well made. Well I would not put it like that to be honest. I am not a gamer that likes anything that does driving, as it is to boring and doing the same laps etc is not for me. Truck driver shows you what is like to be a driver...ish mainly when it comes to road rage that has to be the best thing it makes you do, the A.I (artificial intelligence) is way off. Some of it is good as other cars/coaches and other truck drivers will cut you up, pull out on you which is good as this happens in real life but if your trying to turn a corner/ be a rebel and turn on a lane going into the oncoming traffic they will not stop for you to get through. during the game you will pick up fines for not having your lights on, going through a red light, crashing into other cars (even tho they crash into you) not sleeping as your guy will get tired, driving in the oncoming lane, speeding etc. The best thing for me is that you have to fill up with petrol, and the price is similar to the price we pay today and can cost over £1000 to fill your tank.

The roads and motorways are nearly accurate but the distance is not as you do not want to travel to London and it really takes 4 hours from Manchester. I am not going to say anymore as I might do a review that goes in depth with the game, at the moment it is not a muti-player game but their will be a patch in the summer that will add this soon as that happens I will post the review... you really should buy this game and the best news is that the size of the game is only 2 gig so you weont be waiting hours for it.