Tuesday, 8 January 2013

R.I.P PlayStation 2

As everyone knows Sony PlayStation has now stopped making the PlayStation 2 after 12 years. This is kinda sad for all gamers really because I can guess that over 90% of all gamers has had one of these. The console had some of the best games that people today still talk about one of them being Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It still gets compared to other games like the last GTA and Saints Row, and also the new GTA game, another game is Gran Turismo , the racing game brought a new thing and it was that new thing that shifted around 29.45 million over 4 games on the is console.

The PS2 has many memories for me as it was the first console that I completed a game on, that was on a game called Freedom Fighters. I have completed many games on the PS2 but that was the first? my question to you is what memories do you have on the games console?