Thursday, 10 January 2013

Defiance Beta Test

Breaking News: Beta Testing Defiance

Defiance (company that is making the game is called Trion worlds) is a new game that is coming out soon, think it is April, but the game release date has not be set as what I know of. Defiance is also a television series (On channel SyFy) is a game that "interconnects with a global television series", and is claiming to be the first game that does this. The game will be available to play on the PC, XBOX and PS3. When I got the e-mail after signing up for the Beta, they want as many people to go on nd crash the servers... Some of you might be thinking... Why?
well I can see their point, the reason is so that they know what they are expecting, as when the game does launch they want it to be perfect... unlike Diablo 3 when that game launched

This is the video for if you wish to take part in the Beta (the link to join)

I wish I knew more about the game but I am not going to much into it as I do not want to ruin the beta for myself and will write about it after I have played it but it is hyping up as being a good MMO and a good game

The game is a MMOFPS (Massive mutiplayer online first person shooter)

Trion have done other games as well such as "Rift" and "End Of Nations" which is a free-to-play game