Thursday, 31 January 2013

Defiance Beta Test 1

Fanilly the day has come to test the game, as soon as you load the game up you find that you are only beta testing a bit of the game, not the whole lot a you over step the boundaries you will get teleported back within the boundaries you have been given to play in.

First impression of character building 

When loading up the screen you are watching a video. The graphics are really not that impressive, for what is out the in the game engine, and what the engines have to offer for how the characters look. After the video you have to create a character and also lacking in graphics it also lacks in what you can do in creating a character to. I know this is a Beta and you may not include alot of content but still you want the player to come back. After creating a character you start the game, the graphics again don't look up to some modern day games. The physic that are in the game are good, but I suppose it will be saying that I have a GTX 670 in my pc and a 32" full HDTV to look at.

As it is a MMO (massive muti-player online) you do encounter some players, all are not interested in talking to you at this stage but I am sure in time they will. The game is very addictive and when with friends will be an awesome experiance, The game reminds me of Rage but better and in a open world MMO. Athother thing like all MMO Defiance has mounts (something that you ride on) the mount we saw was a quad bike. I did see alot of people on them and the quads are easy to aquire.

After every quest you had to write about the quest you was on and say what you liked about it and didn't like, their was one quest that wasn't easy for me and I got stuck and with no one answering my question kinda put the Beta test at the end for me.

I have been invited for another stress test. Hopefully I will beable to do this one with susses will report back soon

Friday, 18 January 2013

Defiance beta test fail for me

Yeap for me the test did not happen :( The server was not online for me, all the way through the beta test, I am a bit frustrated as I did not get through to the server and play the game for the three hours, but this has not lowered my attitude as it was only a stress test to see if the server could handle amount of people that wanted to log in, and the beta starts on the 18th Jan 9M Pacific time - 21 Jan 4AM pacific time , But I am not to bothered as I have been given the opportunity try the game out

I will keep you all updated on the goings on with Defiance hopefully I will end up getting into the game

Peace out

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Defiance Beta Test

Breaking News: Beta Testing Defiance

Defiance (company that is making the game is called Trion worlds) is a new game that is coming out soon, think it is April, but the game release date has not be set as what I know of. Defiance is also a television series (On channel SyFy) is a game that "interconnects with a global television series", and is claiming to be the first game that does this. The game will be available to play on the PC, XBOX and PS3. When I got the e-mail after signing up for the Beta, they want as many people to go on nd crash the servers... Some of you might be thinking... Why?
well I can see their point, the reason is so that they know what they are expecting, as when the game does launch they want it to be perfect... unlike Diablo 3 when that game launched

This is the video for if you wish to take part in the Beta (the link to join)

I wish I knew more about the game but I am not going to much into it as I do not want to ruin the beta for myself and will write about it after I have played it but it is hyping up as being a good MMO and a good game

The game is a MMOFPS (Massive mutiplayer online first person shooter)

Trion have done other games as well such as "Rift" and "End Of Nations" which is a free-to-play game

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

R.I.P PlayStation 2

As everyone knows Sony PlayStation has now stopped making the PlayStation 2 after 12 years. This is kinda sad for all gamers really because I can guess that over 90% of all gamers has had one of these. The console had some of the best games that people today still talk about one of them being Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It still gets compared to other games like the last GTA and Saints Row, and also the new GTA game, another game is Gran Turismo , the racing game brought a new thing and it was that new thing that shifted around 29.45 million over 4 games on the is console.

The PS2 has many memories for me as it was the first console that I completed a game on, that was on a game called Freedom Fighters. I have completed many games on the PS2 but that was the first? my question to you is what memories do you have on the games console?