Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

This is the most important game for the PlayStation Vita console as at the moment it is not hitting the headlines, when it comes to games. the preloaded operated software that comes has also had problems that critics has hit at, but with Sony bringing out new update for the Vita to enhance some settings and also to able you sign into many e-mail addresses when checking e-mails which not even many smartphones can do... but critics hit out at that as you have to refresh the pages to see if you have new e-mails where as most smartphones and tablets will tell you if you have a new e-mail instantly. The PlayStation Vita is a good console but with no backers when it comes to software, and every games developer that has come to aid has made a badly designed game. EA Games with FIFA for example, the first one FIFA 12 was not so bad for the launch release but not much has happened to FIFA 13. Their was no new change, their was no intelligence added, so the players was still as dumb as FIFA 12, Really it was just a new skin and roster update... Really EA no one will by these games if you put no effort into these games.

Now it is for Activision to take its turn and bring one of the biggest games to the Vita, this game will attract people to buy this console and sales did nicely to improve it but will the be a waste of our money to buy the game or will it be a awesome investment?  find out and read on.

The Game

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is based on events that happen between Black ops 1 and the 2, you find out what Mason and the team got up to. Not only that you have the awesome muti-player that Call Of Duty has brought to us since Modern Warfare 4. (the first one) this all sounds awesome. The first Call Of duty on handheld with the muti-player most of us has played... It is the complete opposite, the game its self was not made by Treyarch, and at Gamescon in Germany a spokesman for Activision knew nothing about the game. The Developer's name is called nStigate Games.

What can I say about Black Ops Declassified?

Its awful... Just awful. The Gameplay has gone back in time, the graphics is worse than something on the PSP console if not worse. It is like no effort has put any effort into the game at all, plus for the zombie lovers out their that will not be included, The campaign has around 12 levels to go through and each last only a couple of minetes maybe up 5 mins, I manage to complete the game in 42 mins... okey it was on easy but still 42 mins and at the same price as the normal console (£44.99) really does put doubt in mind in why the hell have I bought something so bad, and really is hard for me to swallow.

The survival mode is not good aswell. The main things for me is one the gameplay, the over-sensitivity is way off, and way to much for when you want to look up turn round etc, it really is bad... we worse than bad. I have had to lower my sensitivity to 2 and that is to powerful, not only that  you cannot see many objects that you may end up running into unless you really look down, and when their are up to a dozen of enemies shooting you it is something you do not have time for, and you will die.

The online is same as survival mode just with other players 4v4, their are different modes, team death match, domination etc, I have played a few games and still seeing that other players are struggling to cope with the gameplay as you can go round with a shotgun and kick ass, that is if you have managed to get used to the gameplay. The game its self does not feel like a Call Of Duty we all know love and hate if anything it feels like counter strike (not saying that counter strike is bad because it is not) for the PC and handles like your on the PC.

My biggest problem with the game is the commercial that states you have pin point accuracy... that is a lie the whole advert is a lie, do I think Activision care... No, I think that they knew this was going to be bad but it is a test to see if the game sells and to see what it will be like. If I am not mistaken their is yet to be a dedicated Game engine that suits the Vita. Also why should companies put alot of effort in making the games to a high standard spending million when the console is not selling, but gamers can reverse that question if the quality is not their then why will people buy the console. My guess is that the Vita will only start doing well when the PlayStation 4 comes out and when the developmental kits get more advanced and when developers have a better understanding of how the Vita performs.

The conclusion

Call Of Duty Black Ops Declassified is awful and the best way to describe it is like something coming out of you back passage and also looks like it as well, so because of this I cannot give it a score. The gameplay is bad and with awesomely small campaign this game is just a waste of time and money. Offline is just as bad as the online play. I also think that £44.99 is a very high price for a unfinished game and I am sure this game is nothing but just a game to increase the Vita's sales as well as a test. the only good point will be when you trade this game in and also you do not have to have a code to play it online like other games.

Over the past year I have done some game news, been to the Playstation Vita Tour and done some reviews plus spoke about some games and now I am going on a little break to start new project that will be to do with this blog and Nicktronic Arts I will still be writing but not as much and will be doing the rare review im thinking over posting maybe one or two small things this month and I am looking into creating a new map for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and might be one for Dota 2... or maybe non of any them. I might go a design a level using the Unreal Engine or maybe the CryEngine we will see what path I come across I am hoping to get involved with what is happening at crytek with the Time Splitter project as they are needing people to sign a petition also they want over 100,000 people to like their page on facebook before they consider to create a new game. Here is the link please like and pass on to friends