Tuesday, 13 November 2012

In The Black Ops Queue

The time has come to queue for the biggest game of the year, I joined the queue at 21:45 (9:45pm) and I am 21 out of 24 people in the queue.
The atmosphere is building with now 2 hours to go. Their is one business man that is being cleaver. He owns paper shop and is not missing out on the opportunity to make extra money.

22:15 (10:15 pm) There are now over 40 people in line all of us gamers waiting to get our hands on Call Of Duty: Black Ops game

22:42 (10:42 pm) Queue has just reached CEX queue is about 25 yard from me and is getting bigger and bigger

23:09 (11:09pm) The queue is now 50 yards long and is getting bigger and th atmosphere is getting better, a man has just walked past and was shocked and said "f**k sake this queue is f***king huge"

23:42 (11:42 pm) now in the shop very busy and going to be a hard night for the people working in at the store. The store is full on the inside and is their is still alot of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2.

23:42 (11:50 pm) Member of staff comes round with merchandise trolley

00:01 (12:01 am) They start serving

00:12 (12:12 am) I get served for Call Of Duty Black ops (for XBOX 360 and PS Vita) and got a goody bag (for the first 10 people that bought a season pass )

00:13 (12:13 am) Go out side after having a quick service and go out side to see the queue is still long (going to be a while before the last customer gets severed) and going to be a long night for the staff at game
This is why people queue up rather than go at the last minute... an less you go to HMV where their was people around 23:50 (11:50 pm)