Monday, 12 November 2012

Halo 4 Review


As we all know it is that time of the year where EA Games and Activision go head to head with their first person shooters, but this year their is a new entry and that is Microsoft Studio's game developer 343 Industries Halo 4, and it is next up to into the console and try to wow us all as this is part of the Master Chief. Yes they have done other Halo projects such as Halo: Reach and the redone Halo: Combat Evolved. Now with Halo: Reach I wasn't happy with I didn't like the game online, I didn't like the game play, I didn't like any of it at all. Does this mean that I don't like halo... well no. I like Halo to a extent as I have only played Halo 3 and upwards and only played Halo 2 with friends on split screen and link up, so I do like the game. Halo 3 is one of my favourite games. The game play is good, the online is awesome and the forge is something that took designing/editing your level to a new level when it was released and that idea of customising you level has been used in other games such as Trails HD being one of them, and how can I forget about Master Chief. A hero, a character that children want to be and adult geeks with to much money, that will spend a couple of thousand on the adult suit. So yes I like Halo... But only the games that stick to the Master Chief storyline.


After watching the cut scene I am impressed the graphics are awesome, the acting in the voice is also good. The graphics are just like Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, if not better. Even the in game graphics are good. The Warthog Car has been redone to make it look more real and life like, as well with all the other vehicles on Halo 4. The game play has been spiced up, and run has also been added. Cortana has been worked on and looks more believable.

I like the start of the campaign, yes it is a bit like the other Halo games but better detail but it does not even feel repetitive you get the feeling of awesomeness, all this feels good with the new enemies called Prometheans on their way.

The Prometheans are very good enemies they are aggressive, and will come at you fast, they are also annoying and their is one problem. They are like the Covenant in every way just in a different skins.

The Prometheans enemies;


  • Crawler
The most popular of the Prometheans on requiem. They are very agile and move in packs, they used bolt shot from a distance and when in swarm they can really put your shield down, but you can save bullets by melee.
  • Crawler Snipe 
These are like grunts, when it comes to a easy kill in smaller numbers you might as well save on ammo and melee them and move on, they are fast and in numbers will drain your health, they will go onto the walls and shoot you, bit of a tip wait till they stop as they will only stop to shoot when they on the walls.

  • Alpha Crawler
They are like the Snipe but will take 2/3 melee hits before they die, these are faster, better weapon and generally better and more cunning.


  • Knight Lancer
These are like scouts and marksman  they are also marksman and great at tracking when you are behind solid objects as well

  • Knight Commander
As the name says they command the other knight's they have good combat skills, they wield incineration cannons, have stronger armour and can deploy floating autossentry turrets
  • Knight Battlewagon
These enemies are very rare but the are also extremely dangerous, they are deploy when other knights have failed. They have heavy armour and a hard light shielding, they also can use the autossentry turrets. Getting close to these are not easy and can be a challenge, they use the scatter shot against enemy targets. 

What do I think Of The Campaign?

The Campaign wasn't that bad, I found it hard to understand but I am sure it is due to the amount that I rushed to complete it, I did watch all the cut scenes, but still it could not sink in. The graphics are at the top of the range, and game play is better than the other Halo's that I have played. I like that I can run and that you have think about when and where you have to move to. The thing that did annoy me was that if you realized and watch the Prometheans they have the same pattern and if you watch them you will be able to pick them off easy. 


I love the muti-player, it seems more fun that the last Halo's, it is great with friends as well as on your own. the online experience gives you a kick and want to play it more, normally with games the graphics lack abit as really no one care if your trying to kill someone, but they have maintain this and add a great scenery too. their is one thing that lets it down, as different  as Halo is to other shooters, it does not feel revolutionary, it is not fresh, but I suppose nowadays shooters have no new ideas to keep the games fresh online, apart from different naming of the games.


Halo 4 is not a bad game, nor is it great. A few new feature in game play that should of been added along time ago makes Halo a bit behind, but this does not effect the game. I think 343 Industries could of made more of the enemy, as they have a pattern that can be worked out and easy killed when you do, and with the technology available within the game engines now they could of made them more challenging, but the enemies look good and have their advantages. The online is good and for those that seek only to play the online this is a must by, with stunning graphics and game play mixed in with challenges this really is something you can stick your teeth into. The game modes are limited but their are other things to do, create your own level in the Forge and have a laugh with your friends, test out their levels as well them test out your skills.
I would recommend this. 

Overall rating 8.7