Monday, 12 November 2012

Call Of Duty: Blac Ops Launch Night

On Monday 12th November is one of gamer most important night on the calander as it is the lanuch night of the new Call Of Duty, thousands of gamers will be queing up for the mid-night launch. this year is going to be one of the most for GAME Group stores as they has shut alot of them down when they went into administation, earlyier on this year. they have opened some stores on is in Watford. Where I will be sadly Gamestion got shut down, leaving only teh one GAME store, which is set to be bigger than ever. I love the Call Of Duty Launches at my GAME store, and I like the staff their as well. they are friendly and was willing to wait an extra 20 mins for me for the Halo 4 game  and they was about to close as well. but unfortunalaty due to the fog and finishing late at work ended me not going as taxi's would not come to where I live due to the fog, I did let them know that I couldn't make it

I will be going to the mid-night launch cannot wait for it, will be taking photos of the event and hopefully the awesome staff at the GAME store. I am sure that it will be a awesome night as it always is. Hope that all you traveling will have a save journey and have a awesome time.