Friday, 16 November 2012

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

Hello Gamers, we are at the last part of the gaming event of the year. (Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, Halo 4 and now Call Of Duty) these are the games with the biggest hype and that people mainly talk about, and for me the last review up to date review for the year. (meaning for the game that has just come out) Okay lets get down to business.

Call Of Duty is the biggest game that every or most of all gamers talk about. I have been to the last 3 (Modern Warfare 2, Black ops, Modern warfare 3) mid-night launches and they are just getting bigger and bigger. The Call Of Duty launch seems to be more of a celebration than just a launch of a game. The atmosphere is always getting better... But will this game be worth the wait for over 2 hours in the que?


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 does not have the graphics like Halo 4 and Medal Of Honor: Warfighter. In fact the graphics are just the same as the last black ops, no improvement... yes nothing... but I think that the game needs to take a break... why because it is nothing fresh, it is lacking things that the other games now have. the storyline is mainly all the same, and like wrestling it is good to watch and play but you just know what is going to happen, it is just so predictable and unless you just want the achievements of the game, it just is not worth playing if you want to to have a new experience that is.

So am I saying that the storyline is rubbish? No I am saying that it lacks new stuff and is nothing special. The storyline is good, and interesting when you get up to speed later on in the game. During the early stages of the campaign I found it hard to understand. One minute you are fighting a solider or are you playing a handy capped person in his story. which one is it? It is one to the other very quickly and is hard to follow at times. After that calms down you do find yourself in a epic storyline, and you just want to play more, I did not find a boring part in it, Treyarch do well to entice the player in this epic part of the campaign.

They have also added some side missions in the campaign and the only problem is that if you skip them you cannot return. Call Of Duty: Black Ops put in the vehicles mission in, which seems to tradition in first person shooter games have.. but their is one problem, driving has not changed since Call Of Duty: The Finest Hour. The Controls are flimsy and just again out dated and do not give you the driving experience of Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, and their is room to add a bit of a better experience of Forza or a driving game alike. This makes it hard to enjoy really as it is just to far behind than the other games.

The Strike Team Missions even lack depth, a great idea that fails to execute. This is missions that you control four different units from a over-view, which that becomes so mental you get over run easy and end up just picking up a gun and end up doing the job yourself.

This was the best video I could find

So the campaign sounds bad and it is bad but sometime bad is good, we take that bad games end up being the best. Corney seems the way to go with Call Of Duty because we are not interested in the Campaign. With Black Ops its all about online, with zombies and the other muti-player modes.


  • Zombies

This is a mode that people enjoy and love, some play nothing but zombies, it took off that good it was also made into a mobile app on the iphone, android and other mobile devices. In Black Ops 2 you have more than just the regular survival mode, just last as long as you can, wave after wave of zombies come to kick the hell out of you, Trearch have added some differant game modes which include TranZit, and a mode where you are in 2 different team and have to out last the other, the TranZit is a good map. It is fun and something new, after escaping the diner you have to jump on a bus and try to stop the zombies getting on the bus by boring up windows and ceilling of the bus, as it drops you off at deiffernt destination. Zombies are really a good edition to Black Ops making it better and more enjoyable to forget about the campaign.

  • PVP

Online is just like other Call Of Duty maps, But Black Ops has a bit of a different feel to it. It is more fun to play and some levels you have to climb ladders, one has a train that moves, door open also. The only thing that bothers me up to now is where players go round pack hunting (meaning more than one) mainly in pairs, and if you have a Remington your screwed and less the other person is that dumb, or the other play is stood within range to get the double kill. The shotgun can easy kill and seems to be a main weapon to use by most players on the game. One of the biggest problem that all Call Of Duty faces online is the cheaters with the modded xbox and controllers. after playing Call Of Duty since the very first Modern Warfare you can tell the difference between speeds on the perk rapid fire and and a control mod, which Activision never really do enough to stop it. Another thing is that it is very laggy and they really do need to get dedicated server into the game as host servers really do kill the game dead, if you have someone that has a service provider from Talk Talk or Plus Net you really are screwed.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 really is a game that is getting behind in times and gameplay is in need of a change, the driving is no difference from Call Of Duty: The Finest Hour and the storyline is the same turd but in a different toilet. Would I recommend this? Yes the levels and storyline is bad and that makes it fun and enjoyable cannot really explain it just does and all my xbox friends and friend that I know say the same thing, and online is all the same you just want to play more. My rating 7.9

Due to problems and the time to do this I was not able to upload my own gameplay videos.

The next review will be the PlayStation Vita version of Black Ops. This version was not made by Treyarch, the game is made by a company called nStigate Games, They also made Resistance: Burning skies.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

In The Black Ops Queue

The time has come to queue for the biggest game of the year, I joined the queue at 21:45 (9:45pm) and I am 21 out of 24 people in the queue.
The atmosphere is building with now 2 hours to go. Their is one business man that is being cleaver. He owns paper shop and is not missing out on the opportunity to make extra money.

22:15 (10:15 pm) There are now over 40 people in line all of us gamers waiting to get our hands on Call Of Duty: Black Ops game

22:42 (10:42 pm) Queue has just reached CEX queue is about 25 yard from me and is getting bigger and bigger

23:09 (11:09pm) The queue is now 50 yards long and is getting bigger and th atmosphere is getting better, a man has just walked past and was shocked and said "f**k sake this queue is f***king huge"

23:42 (11:42 pm) now in the shop very busy and going to be a hard night for the people working in at the store. The store is full on the inside and is their is still alot of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2.

23:42 (11:50 pm) Member of staff comes round with merchandise trolley

00:01 (12:01 am) They start serving

00:12 (12:12 am) I get served for Call Of Duty Black ops (for XBOX 360 and PS Vita) and got a goody bag (for the first 10 people that bought a season pass )

00:13 (12:13 am) Go out side after having a quick service and go out side to see the queue is still long (going to be a while before the last customer gets severed) and going to be a long night for the staff at game
This is why people queue up rather than go at the last minute... an less you go to HMV where their was people around 23:50 (11:50 pm)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Call Of Duty: Blac Ops Launch Night

On Monday 12th November is one of gamer most important night on the calander as it is the lanuch night of the new Call Of Duty, thousands of gamers will be queing up for the mid-night launch. this year is going to be one of the most for GAME Group stores as they has shut alot of them down when they went into administation, earlyier on this year. they have opened some stores on is in Watford. Where I will be sadly Gamestion got shut down, leaving only teh one GAME store, which is set to be bigger than ever. I love the Call Of Duty Launches at my GAME store, and I like the staff their as well. they are friendly and was willing to wait an extra 20 mins for me for the Halo 4 game  and they was about to close as well. but unfortunalaty due to the fog and finishing late at work ended me not going as taxi's would not come to where I live due to the fog, I did let them know that I couldn't make it

I will be going to the mid-night launch cannot wait for it, will be taking photos of the event and hopefully the awesome staff at the GAME store. I am sure that it will be a awesome night as it always is. Hope that all you traveling will have a save journey and have a awesome time.

Halo 4 Review


As we all know it is that time of the year where EA Games and Activision go head to head with their first person shooters, but this year their is a new entry and that is Microsoft Studio's game developer 343 Industries Halo 4, and it is next up to into the console and try to wow us all as this is part of the Master Chief. Yes they have done other Halo projects such as Halo: Reach and the redone Halo: Combat Evolved. Now with Halo: Reach I wasn't happy with I didn't like the game online, I didn't like the game play, I didn't like any of it at all. Does this mean that I don't like halo... well no. I like Halo to a extent as I have only played Halo 3 and upwards and only played Halo 2 with friends on split screen and link up, so I do like the game. Halo 3 is one of my favourite games. The game play is good, the online is awesome and the forge is something that took designing/editing your level to a new level when it was released and that idea of customising you level has been used in other games such as Trails HD being one of them, and how can I forget about Master Chief. A hero, a character that children want to be and adult geeks with to much money, that will spend a couple of thousand on the adult suit. So yes I like Halo... But only the games that stick to the Master Chief storyline.


After watching the cut scene I am impressed the graphics are awesome, the acting in the voice is also good. The graphics are just like Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, if not better. Even the in game graphics are good. The Warthog Car has been redone to make it look more real and life like, as well with all the other vehicles on Halo 4. The game play has been spiced up, and run has also been added. Cortana has been worked on and looks more believable.

I like the start of the campaign, yes it is a bit like the other Halo games but better detail but it does not even feel repetitive you get the feeling of awesomeness, all this feels good with the new enemies called Prometheans on their way.

The Prometheans are very good enemies they are aggressive, and will come at you fast, they are also annoying and their is one problem. They are like the Covenant in every way just in a different skins.

The Prometheans enemies;


  • Crawler
The most popular of the Prometheans on requiem. They are very agile and move in packs, they used bolt shot from a distance and when in swarm they can really put your shield down, but you can save bullets by melee.
  • Crawler Snipe 
These are like grunts, when it comes to a easy kill in smaller numbers you might as well save on ammo and melee them and move on, they are fast and in numbers will drain your health, they will go onto the walls and shoot you, bit of a tip wait till they stop as they will only stop to shoot when they on the walls.

  • Alpha Crawler
They are like the Snipe but will take 2/3 melee hits before they die, these are faster, better weapon and generally better and more cunning.


  • Knight Lancer
These are like scouts and marksman  they are also marksman and great at tracking when you are behind solid objects as well

  • Knight Commander
As the name says they command the other knight's they have good combat skills, they wield incineration cannons, have stronger armour and can deploy floating autossentry turrets
  • Knight Battlewagon
These enemies are very rare but the are also extremely dangerous, they are deploy when other knights have failed. They have heavy armour and a hard light shielding, they also can use the autossentry turrets. Getting close to these are not easy and can be a challenge, they use the scatter shot against enemy targets. 

What do I think Of The Campaign?

The Campaign wasn't that bad, I found it hard to understand but I am sure it is due to the amount that I rushed to complete it, I did watch all the cut scenes, but still it could not sink in. The graphics are at the top of the range, and game play is better than the other Halo's that I have played. I like that I can run and that you have think about when and where you have to move to. The thing that did annoy me was that if you realized and watch the Prometheans they have the same pattern and if you watch them you will be able to pick them off easy. 


I love the muti-player, it seems more fun that the last Halo's, it is great with friends as well as on your own. the online experience gives you a kick and want to play it more, normally with games the graphics lack abit as really no one care if your trying to kill someone, but they have maintain this and add a great scenery too. their is one thing that lets it down, as different  as Halo is to other shooters, it does not feel revolutionary, it is not fresh, but I suppose nowadays shooters have no new ideas to keep the games fresh online, apart from different naming of the games.


Halo 4 is not a bad game, nor is it great. A few new feature in game play that should of been added along time ago makes Halo a bit behind, but this does not effect the game. I think 343 Industries could of made more of the enemy, as they have a pattern that can be worked out and easy killed when you do, and with the technology available within the game engines now they could of made them more challenging, but the enemies look good and have their advantages. The online is good and for those that seek only to play the online this is a must by, with stunning graphics and game play mixed in with challenges this really is something you can stick your teeth into. The game modes are limited but their are other things to do, create your own level in the Forge and have a laugh with your friends, test out their levels as well them test out your skills.
I would recommend this. 

Overall rating 8.7

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Halo 4

As we all know Halo 4 is about to be released on the 6th November, at first I wasn't going to get the game before I played and reviewed Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 but due to e-mail and friends asking me to get and review it, and I am now happy to say that I will be reviewing it. I am not a huge Halo fan but I also don't despise it either, so it will be a fair review. I have played halo 3 and upwards and some experience with halo 2 messing around with friends on multi-screens and link ups but that is about it. My favourite Halo game is 3, due the storyline, graphics, game play and how good it was online. The bad thing is that I won't be in the line to collect the game as I am working a late shift at work. GAME (where I have pre-ordered it from) have ensured me that they will be open between 2-3 am as this game is big, and maybe one of the biggest games that is an exclusive. Hopefully I will make it and then let the fun begin.

Halo's hype begun in 2011's E3 when they had a little clip that announced Halo 4 will be coming our way and created loads of rumours since then, and then this year at E3 we go shown some awesome game play and  also made a mini series to promote which are on youtube and other sites that very up to 20 minutes in length. I have yet to watch them but will do before Halo comes out.