Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Review


It comes to that time of year again where EA Games and Activison face off against each other and as usually EA Games are up first. I have played most of EA's Dice and Close Combat games before from the start of Battlefield: Bad Company all the way to this and I have to say after Bad Company it has just gone down hill. Tho the graphics are good and also the game play they lack to tell a good storyline that last or do they really make a change and make any new touches to the game modes online, and to me it seems like a monkey tries harder to itch its back passage than what EA do to a good game any more, last year they released a new game engine called Frostbite 2 and although it was a success the delivery of the designers lacked with school boy errors and misplacement of objects and lighting... Yes that has been fixed now but it is something that shouldn't have been done as they have gone to universities etc, but not even the game testers picked up on it to.

The Stroyline

The hype that has been built up by EA GAMES has been big as always but can they thrill, excite or like normal be a flop, I hope not as this is a game that I have been looking forward to since I heard of it, I just hope it is not going to be a disappointment like the last Medal Of Honor.
            (Cut Scene)(Your Game Character)

After about 1 hour I have up to now got a nice thing about the game, the graphics have been cleaned up and the more smother than on Battlefield 3, the cut scenes rival Resident Evil 5 and the acting is brilliant for a game and if you have a full 1080p Hi def screen then your really in for a treat. The characters really look next to real but that is really the main characters .. well lets say they don't look as good. their is parts where you look at the ceiling and it looks out of this world. If you work in a office or a place that has like a plastered tills etc you will know what I mean, but you can see the texture well. even the phone that your character uses looks like it is a real one and not some shabby lets try to convince you but does not. Your character throws his phone down on the bed again looks very life like when the phone hits the bed, the physics are really second to none. so up to now I am happy with the storyline.. I was till I got up to this bit in the story line where you call in some air support on a church and their is what I think a massive bug. you get in to the helicopter firing down on enemy targets and that is great but it is after when you have finished with the helicopter. the noise stays with you from the helicopter/mini gun firing and the helicopter is nowhere in view and one of the soldiers says "where is the air support?" so why do I still hear the helicopter/it's guns then???????   seems to me a bug in the system there, this bug went when I restarted the mission.
                         (Another Cut Scene)

This sounds good, awesome graphics, game play and physics along side of good cut scenes acting etc but heir are some bad things that are letting the game down, such as the A.I of team, they are dumb to the extreme, the worst that I have seen, unfortunately I have not played Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which got slated for it awful A.I but I am sure if you have you may be able to compare. Your team mates will jump out in front of the enemy and ignore them as if they was not there, as that enemy will shot you, they do a load of other daft stuff that will do your head in as well, they will jump in front of your line of sight and as soon as your about to shoot, it is like playing left 4 dead (the first one) with Francis (the coloured character) where he will some who come from nowhere and jump in front of you, this is really annoying, another thing that does my head in is that some of the stuff in the game is not a new idea, as some things you have to do is in previous Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare games mainly to but delivered poorly at that. Call Of Duty was just mad and intense when it came to the chase scenes, they was fast and made you think WTF, this game does not deliver in the mad in your face, but it is forgiven as you take in the awesomeness of the graphics, physics all rolled into one
                            (Game Play)

One thing that needs to be mentioned that I like is the humour that is in the game, it will make you giggle at least, one of the seems is where you have to breach through a wall and you use a breach charge and on the charge it has a funny face and the words "knock knock" that to me is funny, the game has many witty parts in it and does keep the game alive for me.
Here is one video of the high quality cut scene and it looks the same quality on the xbox

The Feel Of The Game.

It does not feel to much of a Battlefield but it does not feel like a Medal Of Honor, if anything I think it is kind of like Call Of Duty but in 3rd person and a bit closer in view. To be honest I do not think it really is important as it is such a good game to play, the game play is like I said before is slow even in the chase scenes it is not in your face.

Online Player.

I love the online player,I just wished people on my friends list felt the same way about the game, when I mean that I really mean by buying it. The muti-player feels like it you are back playing Medal Of Honor. It reminds me like I am playing Medal Of Honor: Airborne, which I loved and one of my first game I played online, which is late for the online gamer like myself. If you are a social gamer I recommend this for if you play with friends to keep it interesting, but I suppose most games now are better than what they are if you play online with the people you like. This game is enjoyable if you like playing alone, also if you are a Medal Of Honor fan in general. I would like to point out that this is not Battlefield nor was it intended to be part of it, so before you might be thinking that it will be the same you are wrong. I have seen helicopters and a couple if planes in the game shooting people but im not sure if they can be piloted yet as |I have not done that yet.

Is this as frustrating as Call Of Duty? Hmmmmm Hell yes, you can respawn and get killed just as quick as you would on Call Of Duty, and you can load nearly a clip into someone and they will not die. Sniping is another issue, you can kill other people in one shot but it might kill them all the time, but my advice is to aim for a head shot as up to now I have killed every time... So it is not all bad. Grenade happens more than Call Of Duty due to the the amount of corners, and with a harsher terrain to deal with. One of the big thing that I am looking in to is why you can see the enemy round the corner, (they light up in red around the body) I am not sure why, but makes me wonder if they have the spot system. In the previous games with EA Games, if you spot someone you press a button and it puts a marker on them or lights them up, so some thing I will look up and post, within the next couple of days.

The Conclusion

This a great game, and I know you might be thinking, how? It has glitches, the story is not long enough, The chase scenes are not intense enough, but for some reason it just is a good game. It is hard to explain really as you have to play it for yourself, and I recommend it. One of the strongest thing for me is the graphics and physics, they are the best up to date in the world of gaming, I played this on the xbox 360 and I can't imaging how it will be on a high powered pc with all the trimmings added to it. The story line is good along with the cut scenes are tohee to be admired, and has really put Medal Of Honor back on the map. Some of the story is also inspired by true events which makes it more interesting as they have to put in alot of facts to... Well so was the last Medal Of Honor but it still sucked, that game had no flair to it, the passion was nowhere to be seen and £40 for 9 missions just did not help, also the online play was a mess, but this game just showed what happens if you try, you get a good game with awesome graphics and great cut scenes that show how good the frostbite 2 Engine really is, so please try the game then speculate, rather than the other way around. I am not saying that this game is the awesome one I am just saying that it is a good  and better than the late Medal Of Honor and Battlefield 3. I would be happy to give this game a 8.5/10 rating