Thursday, 18 October 2012

Call Of Duty News

Yes All of Call Of Duty Lovers, The elite service will be free for all of the Black Ops 2 owners for free. This is great news... But what about the map packs... Dont be daft Activsion will not be so stupid in giving away the map packs. They will be a new season pass will be introduced on the launch day. Hopefully the season pass will be realsed at least one week sooner as I'm won't have enough money for the pass on top of the £80/$80/80 euros plus the £40/$40/40 euros for the season pass.

Thier wasn't really a reason for why this is being done, all that activsion have said is that they have learned alot about the service and they think it is better that it is to be offered as a free service. The one thing on my mind is that people was complaining that they had to pay for the service. For me this didnt bother me as it came with the map packs anyway.

thanks for reading this brief news