Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Game Night (now called "GAME LOCK-INN")


Introduction of the "GAME "LOCK-INN"

Yes it is that time again where I went to the GAME "LOCK-INN" event which is happening up and down the country. (UK)  GAME are doing 3 sessions of the LOCK-INN and the last one want really well what ever you wanted to play... you could play it, and that is what I did. This LOCK-INN will be different as they have planned a FIFA tournament awesome... But that is if your good at the game.

With Fifa well lets say that I suck on a awesomely bad level, am a sore loser (only on FIFA) the reason is the players I lose alot to my player passing 50 yards to the wrong man hence give the ball to the other team that scores from it, also my players give to many penalties away when I am not in control of the player that so called committed the foul, but that is me on FIFA.

The Time Has Come

Finally the time has come for the next GAME LOCK-INN we all assembled in a line where we was the to choose a team out of a bag, (it was a world cup tournament) my team was Argentina, great a football team that loves to throw tempers and get their handbags out and hit each other with them. The draw work like it normally does, you pick a team then you go to another bag and then pick the group. I was in group D.

I am going to be honest as I can't remember the teams that was in the group nor which team won it all I know is that I came runner up in the group won two matches lost one and then lost in the quarter finals.
the lad that beat me came 2nd place.

The prizes was microsoft prizes 2100 for the winner, 1200 for the runner up and 700 for 3rd place oh yeah and a big bar of galaxy chocolate for 4th place.

I had a great time met some good and funny people and can't wait for the next one which I have been told that the girl staff at GAME my local store will be hosting it so it will be a great experience to see what the girls can offer us with how they do things and what games or what type of tournament we play.

cant wait for the next one

thanks for reading